Meet my new girlfriend, Omega

Some people say love at first sight is never real and it will never last, but thats not the case when I lay my eyes on Omega. At that instant, I knew its love at first sight and I've got to have to own her one day.

Being born is a rich and famous family that she is, getting up close and personal is not easy. During the early days all I could do was to take a peep at her through the glass display. My dream of getting her got closer when I was rewarded with a Watatime cash voucher from my company for outstanding performance and contribution to the company's business.

Courting her wasn't easy even when I have the cash voucher, because I still need to fork out a huge sum of cash just to own it(well to some people it maybe just peanut but its definitely a big deal for me). It took me slightly more than 2 month of shopping and thinking, thank god I'd an understand girlfriend that shopping with me again and again. Sometimes i feel that I'm worse than a girl when it come to shopping. hahah

On 28th February 2011, which is happen to be the last day of my voucher validity, I finally made up my mind to bring her home. I bought her from Watatime outlet at Mid Valley.

and here she is nicely packed and resting on my study table.

Before I continue, let me side track a bit; After I bought it from the store, I was carrying the Omega red paper bag on my left hand while my other hand held onto my girlfriend's hand. I remember clearly that while we were walking from Midvalley towards The Garden on the ground floor, one girl with a LV bag who is walking from the opposite direction gave us a stare with a jealous look on her face(bet she must be thinking that I bought my girlfriend an Omega).

The packaging itself is as impressive as the price tag put on her.

With the kind of price, Omega comes with an International Warranty and a unique serial no

It even comes with a super tick instruction manual

Out of 445 pages, I only understand 10% of it cause that's the only section in English. Honestly I didn't really bother reading, instead I asked the sales lady for to teach me how to operate it.

Love this embossed Omega logo on the red hot leather casing

And this is my new girlfriend, the Omega Speedmaster Day Date OA 32205000

Her vital stats are, Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal, 100 meters depth, and automatic chronometer movement.

Now that I've brought her back home, I realise that I have a big issue. She is so precious, I don't know when I should bring her out with me. Probably only on special occasion or when I have a major business meeting.

Frankly this is one of the most expensive item I've bought in my life thus far. What do you think of my new investment cum girlfriend?

MRCA Chinese New Year Dinner 2011

Just came back from a corporate Chinese New Year dinner which I attended on behalf of my company, DiGi Telecommunications. Hosted by the Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA) at One World Hotel., its attended by majority of the local retail chain owner. It's extremely tiring when you have to mingle with some 1,000 corporate figure, so I shall just upload 2 photo for the day.

Andy Goh, Managing Director of Fujihome Global Bhd

If you are shopping for Kitchen Appliances, let me know, I can get some good discount from him.

Henry Yip, founder of Dragon-I, Ms Law Hwee Ching, General Manager of Sushi King and her Marketing Manager

I'm dead tired and got an early meeting to catch tomorrow. Over and out...

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