Pages 1st Anniversary Celebration

The VIP having casual chats. The second person from the left is Kenny the COO of Key Elite Sdn Bhd. I don't know who the others are, so don't bother asking me.
The VIP's getting ready to officiate the event with a click of a mouse.

Today I attended's 1st Anniversary Dinner which was held at Cititel Hotel @ Mid Valley. Was actually introduce to this company by Koh Pek, who was once my colleague when we were working with Genting Group. She happen's to be with this company now and thus extending an invitation to me.

For your information is a locally founded e-commerce company which sell gifts online, a local version and smaller scale of Its managed by Key Elite Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of CNI Holdings Bhd. For more info, kindly visit
Some of the Merchandise were on display at the event. A percentage of the sales proceed will be donated to the 2 orphanages that were invited to join the event.

Though the event wasn't that great, the food were so so, the presentation was lack of professional touch, I find the event to be quite meaningful as the company practices Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) by inviting 2 Orphanages to join in the Dinner and presented some gifts to those cute little kids. I think this was one of the selling point which attracted a number of pressman do a coverage on this 1st Anniversary Party of this little start-up company. I guess these people are still pretty fresh to the world of technology or maybe they aren't that IT savvy as I notice the lack of video editing technology being used in its presentation. Anyway, I must still give credit to Key Elite Sdn Bhd team of people who share the same dream doing something different and work towards it.

Oobey's Birthday Cake. Happy Birthday Oobey
The VIP cutting Oobey's Birthday Cake

Life stops when you stop dreaming, so if you have a dream, try living up to it, no matter what people says about it, never ever give up. Happy 1st Anniversary Oobey.

Ex-Genting Group Staff: Myself, Koh Pek and Khian Sin

Digi's Christmas Party @ Souled Out

I was among the earliest to arrived at 5.30pm because I had an appointment earlier somewhere around the corner.

Picture of the Christmas Tress taken from above

The VIP Lounge at Souled Out

Barely 2 month joining the company, I've already been invited and participated in a couple of parties organised by DIGI, be it at the company level or departmental level.

Yesterday(18th Dec 2007), the Sales and Marketing Department hosted a Christmas Party at Souled Out @ Sri Hartamas.

Hypes of presents that were carefully arrange on the table, about 80 over presents of all shapes and sizes.

As it was a Christmas Party, the Department Head make it compulsory for everyone to bring a gift what is worth at least RM10 and above for the gift exchange session. I got a Compact Disc, Original Music that is and got it nicely wrap. Guess what I got in return for the gift exchange session, a set of 5 piece Chinese Tea Pot which is estimated to cost at least RM45 to RM60. Thanks May Wong for the gift.

This is the present which I got in the gift exchange session

Anyway, back to the party, it begun with slight delay it was raining earlier and the traffic in KL was rather bad. The event started with refreshment such as carbonated drinks and liquor being served while waiting for the arrival of the few rather important corporate figure in the department. That did not took long and everyone start getting into the buffet line to get their food. The food was great, but sadly certainly dish weren't enough as there were some greedy people among us which took more prawns and oyster.

Yam Seng session(toasting) to a better year in 2008 before dinner starts

Anyway, I guess everyone enjoy the night as there were plentiful of free flow liquor for those who love it. After everyone is done filling up their stomach, the MC of the day begun making several announcements and invited several Head of Department to give their speech and gives out token of appreciation to those who has worked hard and done well through out the year.

The gift exchange session took place right after and then people were moving around drinking and snapping pictures with all kinds of posed. They even had sculling where there were 2 team of 5 people and they were required take turns to drink a glass of liquor each. The team which finishes first will be the winner. Don't ask me who won, cause I did not participate, I just took some pictures when they were about to start and then settle down at a nice cozy corner mingling with my colleagues.
The Head of Department, briefing both team about the rules and regulations of the sculling game
The game has just begun

The night ended at about 1am with many getting them self drunk and we proceed to a mamak just behind Souled Out for some light supper where I chatted and got to know a few colleagues which happen to be in my department as well but in a different unit.

This picture was taken while everyone was drunk and chilling outside of Souled Out

DIGI Free Special Screening

Today, all Digi Sales & Marketing staffs was treated to a special screening at Cathay Cineplexes @ Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara. Its a night where the sales and marketing team chilled out, enjoy the free movie, popcorn and carbonated drinks.

Details are as below;
Movie: I am Legend
Date: 14th Dec 2007
Time: 9.30pm
Seat Arrangement: Free seating

Exclusive Free Movie Ticket with DIGI's name printed on it

Voucher for Popcorn and Drink redemption

Welcome to DIGI's Movie Hall @ Cathay Cineplexes

Digi's Famous Tai Lou Advertisement

Secret Recipe 10th Anniversary

10th of December 2007 is a rather auspicious day for Datuk Steven Sim the founder and CEO of Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe Sdn Bhd because its the day Secret Recipe celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

In conjunction with this auspicious day, the company has decides to reward its loyal customer with a promotion. So whats the promotion all about ??? Well its pretty straight forward, Secret Recipe decides to give a whole cake FREE for the purchase of 1 whole cake. Meaning you get 2 cake for the price of one.

And whats the term and conditions?

The promotion starts from 10am onward, on the 10th of December at 10 selected outlet within the Klang Valley.

I heard about the promotion while celebrating Sham's Birthday at Tony Romas at The Curve last 2 days before the promotion but didn't really pay much attention to it though. So coincidental I was visiting at client whose office is at TTDI and I happen to drive pass Secret Recipe's TTDI branch(one of the selected branch with the promo) and I saw a beeline of people queuing up. I didn't really pay much attention to it as I was rushing for an appointment with my client. After my appointment which is about an hour later, I got back to my car and notice that the queue was even longer now.
So I decided to check out whats the hype all about. When I reach the queuing, a nice auntie told me that everyone is queuing to get the buy 1 free 1 promotion by secret recipe and told me to join the the queue immediately, which I waste no time but join in the queue. After standing in the queue for about 20 minutes, the branch manager walk to the end of the queue and told the those people queuing behind that there wont be enough cakes for those behind and I was one of them. gosh.... after some 20 minutes in the queue, I'm being told that I wont be able to get any cakes. The branch manager was kind enough to us that the branch at SOGO has ran out of cakes even before noon and so I have 1 less outlet to try my luck(including the TTDI branch, that will be 2 less opportunity).

So I took out my phone and begin calling the Subang Parade Branch to check if the cakes promotion is still available. Unfortunately I was told that the cakes have been sold out. So I decided to call the Mr .... the Operation Manager of Secret Recipe and he kind enough to tell me that I could try the branch in Sunway Pyramid. I immediately get into my car and zoom away from TTDI to Sunway Pyramid.

Arrived there in about 20 minutes, didn't took much time to find a car park as there was ample car park at the Sunway Pyramid 2nd Phase. So wasted no time by running all the way from the car park to Secret Recipe Outlet which was located on the lower ground of Sunway Pyramid 1st Phase. When I reached there, the queue was even longer than the one they had at the TTDI branch. Anyway I decided to get into the queue and it took more than an hour before its my turn.

The Queue which took me more than an hour

It was finally my turn and I told the cashier that I wanted to buy 2 cakes to get 2 free cakes(4 cakes in total). She replied by saying that each person is entitle to only 1 purchase and 1 free cake only. I was like What the Hell??? I was waiting in the queue for more than an hour and now you are telling me I can only get 2 cakes. Lucky for me, there was a couple in front of me, and they only bought 1 cakes, so I kindly ask if they could help me to make another purchase another cake. To my surprise, they agreed to do so(god bless you) and I was so happy that I kept saying thank you to them but I forgot to get their name(if you are reading this now, drop me a message).
Finally I am in front of the store after a long queue.
The 4 pieces of cake which I bought
Chocolate Indulgence and Mango Delight

JJ's Cheese Choc

** I bought another Blue Berry Cheese which I forgot to take a picture of it before cut the cakes.

PC Fair 2007 with Digi Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF)

To many who knows me, I've always been a loyal fan of the annual PC Fair since 1998 when I first visit the fair. At that time it was held at the United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) Building a.k.a the Putra World Trade Center(PWTC) which is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It's an annual fair where people of all ages from various walks of life come together to get the best bargain in town (for information technology related gadget).

Organised by the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry Malaysia or better known as PIKOM. If my memory did not fail me, the first time PC Fair was held at KLCC Convention Center was in the year 2005.

Anyway, after being a loyal patron for the last 10 years or so, this time(8th -9th December 2007) I went there on a different role. As you guys know, I'm working with DIGI Telecommunications and thus my role to attend the event to make DIGI's presences felt. Actually I didn't know about this job until about 8.30pm on the 7th of December 2007(Friday) which also happen to the the first day of the PC Fair(III) 2007. Anyway, from what I know, one of DIGI's Distributor "Creative Century Management Sdn Bhd" told my boss that Maxis has a very huge presence at PC Fair. Thus my boss decided to dispatch the entire sales and marketing force from the HQ together with the Famous DIGI Yellow Coverage Fellow to the Fair and to make DIGI's presents felt.

So whats our role there? Many of us are just there to make our presents felt and also to answer any queries that the consumer may have. We weren't required to do any hard selling, as we specialised in the Corporate Market rather than the Consumer Market, which many of the visitors never fail to thought we were there to sell prepaid card. goshhhhh. It's a nice job as I'm being paid a handsome sum of money just to wear the DIGI T-Shirt and all my expenses such as petrol, parking charges and meal are all claimable. haha this is the first time i parked my car inside the KLCC Convention Center Car Park which cost my RM17 and RM24 for the 2 days.

During the 2 days that I was there, I played the role similar to Santa Claus, giving out DIGI's freebies, such at sun shades, pens, miniature footballs, notepad, key chain as well as goody bag to visitors walking past the booth.

Anyway, the 2 days were fun, as I see many Malaysian flocking to any booth that is giving out freebies. Well to my surprise, there were some that refused to accept any freebies. These people must be really rich that they don't even care about getting freebies, but wait a minute, if they are so rich, then why are they at the Fair to check out great bargains?

I didn't really took much photos as I was busy distributing freebies. =( But I definitely enjoy the company of the yellow coverage fellow who never fail to amuse people and makes people laugh despite not being able to utter a word.

Below are some photo's of yellow man in action, courtesy of Wong Hon and my self.

Yellow Man getting to work
Peace man
Again, lets try another pose
Hey there!!!
Maxis is being overshadowed by DIGI Yellow Man. YCF rocks...
Hey its time to pose

The Yellow Man taking a break
Its so packed in PC Fair that this boy has to do his business in the public
So what exactly is pendrive promoting? Open concept toilet?

Crazy Friday, Crazy Me

On Friday, 07th December, was a crazy Friday for me, cause I basically had a meeting in the morning at Batu Caves area, the it was raining almost the whole day. Right after the meeting , I was canvasing around the Batu Caves Industrial Area meeting with potential client until about 5pm when I decided to call it a day.

While using the MRR2 back to my house, I drove pass The Curve, and suddenly I thought of JJ and her favourite, BIG APPLE. So I made a detour and bought her half a dozen on Big Apple doughnut in 6 different flavour, name Original Recipe, Green Tea, Blue Berry, Cheezy, Choreo, and Dalmatian. I guess the Doughnut Fever has finally found its way into Malaysia, cause at the time when I arrived at the Big Apple Store at The Curve, there was a huge beeline of people queuing up to get those tasty looking doughnut. Well I mention TASTY LOOKING, cause personally, and seriously speaking I have not tried Big Apple before, I just hear Cheryl, Justin and few of my cousins giving favourable comment on its tasty doughnut. Anyway, those doughnut cost me RM9.50 for a box of 6. As I've not actually been the BIG Apple, I spend quite some time locating the store, and finally managed to find my way to it. Along the way I saw many canopies setup along The Street(the stretch of open air area where all the F&B outlet are located at The Curve) and there were big crowd gathering at each canopy. So I decided to check out what was happening at those canopies before buying BIG Apple.

Being the busybody Malaysian that I'm, I decided to check out what was happening at those canopies before buying those yummy doughnut from BiG APPLE. So I moved on closer to take a peek. As I moved closer to one of the canopy located right in front of The Apartment, I saw a young girl, standing inside a transparent glass box, which has a big fan spinning on top of it, and there were lots of paper flying inside it. I guess it was a game and as she was trying hard to catch those paper which were flying around crazily with the help of the big fan on top of the box.

Itinerary of the Day

Anyway, I later realised that there were other canopy setup along The Street, and it was actually a street party organised by Triumph International, please read properly, its TRIUMPH not Trump. If by now, you do not know what Triumph International is, or what business are they actually in, let me save you some time and headache by telling you what it does. In general, it is Europe's largest manufacturer of women's underwear, lingerie, sports bras, swimwear and night clothes. Hope that's brief enough for you guys to understand what they deals with.(notice I mention guys and not guys? its because Triumph is a girls thing, and thus I assume all girls would know, unless they are living in the jungle with Tarzan). Anyway, here are some pictures I took from the street party which has just kick off. They even have a concert planned to compliment the Street Party and a big stage was already up and readily located diagonally opposite Laundry Bar, at the open space between The Curve and Cineleisure.

The Money Chamber, how I wish I could have one filled with money.

A bar with something different on SALE, Panty BAR

One promoter standing infront of Bizzy Body

Spin it BABY, what a nice name for wheel of fortune

After having some photo shooting session, I headed to JJ's house to deliver those yummy doughnut that was freshly made just few minutes ago. As it was suppose to be a surprise for her, I drove right up to her house, put box of Big Apple doughnut on the porch and then left the place before I send her a message telling her that I drop her a surprise package at her doorstep.

While driving off, I witness a road accident where a car drove by an old auntie drove out from the housing area, and drove all the way from the left lane to the right lan(on a 3 lane city road) to make a u-turn which is less than 1km away. While doing so, the car hit an on coming motorcycle and the rider fell almost immediately. Then I saw a young malay chap parking his motorcycle aside and dash right away to aid the poor rider who has just became a victim of the accident. Again, being a busybody Malaysian, I stop my car immediately, got down my car to join the young Malay guy by diverting the traffic while the Malay chap assisted the Indian victim. An Indian guy has just became a victim of an accident, and one Malay guy and Chinese guy was there to help. Now these is the true spirit of living in a multiracial country and we have no discrimination of races or skin colour. Just after helping the poor guy to move his goods that he was delivering, his bike and the victim himself, I received call from JJ telling me how surprise she was to received the package and thank me for it of course. You're welcome JJ.

Anyway, after having a short chat. I proceeded to call 999 to get the police for assistant as the victim was injured and he couldn't possibly ride his bike home thought there wasn't any death threatening injury. So waited for the police to arrived, and the auntie which knock down the poor guy came back to check on the guy. Her daughter arrived not long after that. A big commotion took place after that with the auntie claiming that she is a very careful driver and would drive very slow even if another car were to blow their hon from behind. At that point, I was thinking, auntie, you drive so slow and yet you try to cut from left to right lane on a 3 lane road to make a U-turn, sure accident will happen lah. Anyway, the police arrived after some 20 minutes and did some investigation.

According to the police the both the auntie and the Indian Guy will be issues compound(Saman) of RM300 each because the auntie was trying to make an illegal U-turn(there was a NO U-Turn sign there) and the Indian guy for knocking the back of the Aunty's car. Upon investigation, the police found out that the Indian guy's licence has expired and thus he will be charge with the offend of driving without a valid licence if both parties choose to make a report. So they ended up settling the problem with the auntie paying RM90 to the poor Indian guy to compensate for the injury caused. Soon after that the police, the auntie, the young Malay chap, and my self left the scene and I headed to my DIGI's HQ at Shah Alam.

The reason I headed back to office at 8.30pm was to join in the Annual Wild & Wet Party where everyone @ DIGI is suppose to party like wild animal and get wet. There were 3 huge portable pool which is about 5ft deep setup at the compound of DIGI HQ and water pump gun was given out to people who participated in the games which comprise of 20 teams. Basically everyone had fun with the various games such as go Karting(they actually build a track at the compound and brought about 20 Karts and each team were to send a representative), we also have a huge paint ball fiesta, where one of my colleague got hurt from head to toe. hahaha, lucky i was back to office late thus not being drag into becoming a victim. There were prizes such as hand phones and RM5,000 for the team challenge as well as Rm5,000 individual cash prizes. Don't ask me who won, cause by the time I reach office it was almost 9pm and they have already done with the prize giving ceremony. I only manage to catch some performances by so Local Celebrities as well as DIGIzen(people who work in DIGI lah)

Anyway, there were plenty of food serve such as satay, roast lamb, and we also had Tony Roma's Catering their famous dishes such as the (To be updated soon)

There were also free flow of soda drinks such as Coke and Kickapoo Joy Juice. There were also free flow of Heineken and red wine for those who fancy them. However I had neither of both as I dont drink.

Anywhile while enjoying those delicious food, my first time tasting Tony Roma's, my team leader called my up to ask if I was at the party and request to meet up with me. We meet at the Lobby of D'house and he ask me if I would be free on Saturday and Sunday because there is a last minute order from the top that we had to do overtime with meal allowance given, parking and mileage claimable. I hesitated for a moment and ask what kind of overtime, and was told that we need to go to PC Fair to make DIGI presents felt. I hesitated yet again and then decided to say yes as this was the first time and besides I don't have any plan for the weekend(actually the monetary reward was what attracted me most as the pay was pretty attractive) And so I agreed and continue enjoying my food.

Then at about 10.30pm, after having filled my stomach with all the food and drinks, I made my way to the office and start checking my emails as I wasn't in the office for the whole day and then began preparing stuffs for the PC Fair road show.

While working, JJ called, asking me if I could help her copy some Cd's which her computer couldn't do it for some reason and that her grandma needed urgently. Well, I never said No to her before and would never plan to do so in the near future either, so I told her I am rather busy now preparing those stuffs for the weekend roadshow, but if she could put those Cd's at her porch, I will collect it after my work, get it copied and then send it back to her early in the morning before I go to KLCC Convention Center where PC Fair 2007 is held. I left office at about 1.30am, reached her house at 1.45am and back home at about 2am. It was really a crazy day where I did so many things in such a short time. Thinking back now, I really cant imagine me doing so many crazy stuffs in one day, or to be exact from 5pm to 2am.

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