Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

Did you hear anything about another party by Nuffnang? This time around they are using Wild and Animal as the theme for the Party. Details of the party are as below:

Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Powered by Maxis Broadband
Time – 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Date – 21st of June 2008
Venue –
Modesto’s/Rain, Desa Sri Hartamas

Dress code – Animal theme (Anything and everything animal will do. Come in your best impersonation of Catwoman, or be a bore in a T-shirt in animal prints. But surely, you’ll do more than that to win the Best Animal Costume prize.

Best Animal Costumes
Creativity and originality will be awarded. Nuffnang is giving away two (not one, but TWO) Dell XPS M1330 laptops to two winners : King of the Jungle & Queen of the Jungle

So I was told that I need to write an entry about this upcoming party to win myself a ticket to the event. So here it is. I've yet to figure out what I want to wear to the party, most probably I am gonna get something similar to this cute little animal.

Party at Luna Bar tomorow

AIESEC in Malaysia will be having a GoodBye Party tomorrow night at Luna Bar. And hell yeah, I'm gonna be there. Need to catch up with people I used to work with and also to relax and unwind. Hopefully I will be able to clear my work as early as possible and attend the party on time, cause I've been really busy lately meeting datelines.

Guys and girls who are considering to attend the party, lets meet there and have a fun night catching up. See you there....

For more info click this.

Let the party unite us

Over the weekend, I attended a party hosted by Kate, David & Yin Li. The private party was held at Bangsar. Being part ot AIESEC, as expected, the party was attended by lots of people from various races, religion, and countries. During the party, I made friends from Poland, Greece, Russia, India, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and much much more. Most of them are AIESEC interns working with company such as DHL.

Pick Julie up and headed to the party. She was the only representative from AIESEC TBS while I was the only representative from my LC. Anyway, it was a cool party, and the place was pack. The parted started at 10pm till about 5. But I left at about 4am. Anyway, I'm just writing this post to thank the 3 host for a great job. Check out this link for more info

Went for Indiana Jones the next day with about 10 interns and Alan from USM. Not my type of movie, so I will rate it a 1 over 5.

That's a short summary about my weekend, oh ya not forgetting lots of sleep during the weekend.

Driving on the LDP can be HOT & Happening

Well today I driving to work as usual. While on the LDP(Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong)highway from 1U heading to Sunway's direction.As I drive pass KDU(on my right) at about 8.16am, the traffic began to build up and I realise that there was thick black smoke ahead.
Took this while I was driving up the flyover after KDU
Curious Malaysian never fail to slow down whenever there is an accident. Speaking about this, I remember one local comedian once entertain the crowd at my company by telling us why Malaysian F1 Team and/or Alex Yoong always lose in an F1 race. The answer was because, Alex being Malaysian, slow down every time there is an accident on the track. lol Anyway, back to my story, as I drive closer to the sources of the thick black smoke, the traffic get worse.

Another photo after the flyover.

As all the cars were really slow, I'd to concentrate on driving thus couldn't take much photo. But guess what I saw when I got really close? I was this (Look at the photo below):

Barbecue Mercedes for breakfast anyone?

Its a Mercedes being grilled in front of a live audiences. This section of the LDP has 4 lanes, the Mercedes in on the left lane and I am on the furthers to the right(All the cars try to keep a distance from that hot car). As I was driving pass that grilled car, I could feel the heat from the fire. But After taking this shot, the traffic was smooth and I resume my journey as usual. Too bad, I didn't had the time to stop and kei poh(busybody in hokkien) a bit and maybe get the number plate to buy TOTO, Magnum and Da Ma Cai.

Anyone else witness this incident on the LDP this morning?

Happy Wesak Day

Wesak Days is celebrated by Buddhist all around the world. Its an festival which which commemorates 3 momentous events in Buddha's life, which is his birthday, enlightenment, and achievement of Nirvana. Anyway, my knowledge regarding this is rather shallow, so please bear with me. I would just like to take this opportunity to wishes everyone who celebrate Wesak Day a Happy Wesak Day. To those who don't celebrate, well enjoy your holiday.

This photo was taken at the Siamese Temple at Jalan Gasing[18th May 2008 @ 8.00pm].

Just too busy

I've not been blogging for almost a week due to my busy schedule. I'll try to post something really soon. Despite not being able to update my blog, I realise that there was a steady stream of traffic reading this blog. Thank you for being so loyal and patience. Thank You. once again.

Platinum Plus Membership Granted

Early last week i received a postal mail in my mail box. Its a mail from YTL Platinum Plus. I've finally got my Platinum Plus Membership which grant me exclusive brand offer, priority reservation(fine dining, hotel & resorts), free parking at Starhill Gallery, Elite Invitation to eexclusive events and the list goes on....
Mail from YTL Platinum Plus(Name and address has been removed)A Welcome letter from Steffanie Chua, Director - YTL Group Customer Service
Can wait to see my platinum card inside.....
My Platinum Card Holder
A closer look of my Platinum Plus Membership CardNow, I can finally join the elite's such as Jackie Chan, and Siti Nurhaliza

So anyone wanna go holiday together at one of YTL's Hotel & Resorts?

DIGI Network down - Nationwide

About 20 minutes ago, DIGI experience coverage problem with their network. The problem started with just Sabah & Sarawak Region, but the problem has since been spread to the whole of Malaysia. **Some DIGI number can still call and receive call as usual.

DIGI's engineer is currently working on this issue. It will take an estimated of 4 hours to restore the coverage for the entire nation. Your patience is very must appreciated. Please refrain from calling the DIGI call center, because its a nationwide problem and DIGI call center is experience heavy traffic due to this problem.

Yellow Man, where are you, please come out and save the day!!!

Secret to reach the top spot in innit!!!

To be honest, when I wrote a review on my recent visit to KLPAC and the AWESOME park surrounding it, I never thought that my post will make it to the top of innit. That came less than 24 hours after Joshuaongys entry on Being Number 1 in INNIT top 10 and PamSong entry on Why Do You Blog?.

I guess pamsong and the heaps of bloggers who left their comment were right, just blog what every you like and if people like it, they will nang it. Though I only manage to get 31 nangs, but like it or not, my entry made it to the top post of Nuffnang's Innit. Thanks to those who nangs. Hope you really like the post.

Unlike pamsong who never fail to get a top spot in innit, This is the 3rd of 4th time my entry ever made it to the top.

So the moral of blogging or rather the secret to blogging and earning from blogging is write what you like and do it with PASSION.

Best Place to Pak Toh in Kuala Lumpur and its FREE

If you've read my previous post, you would know that I was at KLPAC yesterday. Well the journey driving towards KLPAC was actually a breeze and refreshing experience. After driving past the guard house, there was a long stretch of long which soon lead to this building:

This building pre-war building was left untouch in the middle of a "round-a-bout", not very well maintain though.
Then I finally arrived at KLPAC. Taken this photo from my car. darn far.
As I walk closer towards the building.

KLPAC at last. Looking out from the building

The reception
Look at the the crowd.
KLPAC's open concept office. very different from DIGI as they incorporated lots of wood in the design

Display Lounge with the toilet behind(female's on the left and male's on the right)
KLPAC's Resource Centre

Educational banner on how to play a part in conserving the environment.

Gosh, too small to read.
The second banner i took was a failure too.

Kuala Lumpur's Secret Garden view from the 2nd floor of KLPAC
The view from the left angle
The building view from the right.

Another angle.
Yet another.

This bridge lead to a Private Park which is make specially for the Resident's only.
As I trespass the bridge.
Snap this while on the bridge.

KLPAC's view from the forbidden garden.
The angle from this side of the garden looks so much nicer.

A picture of the lake. The guard escorted me out of the forbidden garden soon after this shot.
My cousin trying out the iron sofa.

This is how the sofa look like.
Look, they even design the sofa with cushion. Interesting right?. That's my brother in the picture.
The iron sofa.

Look, they even have small cubic for couple/family to chill.
The park is called: Sentul Park

I'm in the so called cubic.
Look, look look, 5 duckies swimming
A closer look of the 5 duckies

This garden is just so nice because the moment saw it, I feel so relax after a stressful month meeting datelines for the month of April. I decided to call it Kuala Lumpur's Secret Garden because the park is hidden from the public unless you happen to be visiting KLPAC. The park is well design and maintained, very suitable for couple's or families to come and relax after a hectic week working in Kuala Lumpur.
Its a good place for those in love mode to go on a date, and best of all, its FREE of Charge. So if you are running out of budget and those of you who wants to impress your other half by trying to be more intellectual and artistic.

The 11th Hour

Was at KL Performing Arts Centre(KLPAC) yesterday for the Premiere of The 11th Hour. The movie is sponsored by YTL Group in conjunction with Climate Change Week 2008. This project is initiated by Ms Ruth Yeoh Pei Cheen (Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Francis Yeoh eldest daughter and granddaughter to Tan Sri Dato' Seri Yeoh Tiong Lay [simplified Chinese: 杨忠礼; traditional Chinese: 楊忠禮; pinyin: Yáng Zhōnglǐ], age 25) YTL Group's Director of Investment and Mr Jacob Yeoh (Ruth Yeoh's brother, age 24) Syarikat Pembinaan Yeoh Tiong Lay Sdn Bhd's Executive Director.

Arrived at KLPAC 15 minutes before the scheduled screening, the place was rather packed with cars, so I've to park quite far away. Anyway, here's some pictures:
The 11th Hour WALL
Someones Artwork with messages written on 3m PostIt paper.
Another artwork on display at the foyer.
The foyer KLPAC's Wall of Fame
The Entrance to Pentas 2, this I'm suppose to go.
This way to my seat.
Managed to get a nice seat at the top of the auditorium. The screen is rather small right?
Side view of the auditorium
Look at the colourful seats, feels like I'm back in kindergarden.
There goes the light and here come the movie. Too bad I was prohibited to snap any picture during the movie.

About the movie: The title "The 11th Hour" simply means we are running out of time and we have to act before it's too late. Its an educational mind provoking documentary on how the human race has endangered the world. One important message which I got from the movie was: Save the Environment should be called save the human race, because ultimately the human race is at risk when the environment is endangered.
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