Secret to reach the top spot in innit!!!

To be honest, when I wrote a review on my recent visit to KLPAC and the AWESOME park surrounding it, I never thought that my post will make it to the top of innit. That came less than 24 hours after Joshuaongys entry on Being Number 1 in INNIT top 10 and PamSong entry on Why Do You Blog?.

I guess pamsong and the heaps of bloggers who left their comment were right, just blog what every you like and if people like it, they will nang it. Though I only manage to get 31 nangs, but like it or not, my entry made it to the top post of Nuffnang's Innit. Thanks to those who nangs. Hope you really like the post.

Unlike pamsong who never fail to get a top spot in innit, This is the 3rd of 4th time my entry ever made it to the top.

So the moral of blogging or rather the secret to blogging and earning from blogging is write what you like and do it with PASSION.


joshuaongys said...

yeah THATS THE WAY MAN!!! Blog what you like with passion!! =) congrats being at top spot hehe good thing that now more ppl know about that place hahahaha

Simon Seow said...

I got a secret tip too =P

pamsong said...

Haha. Passion. That's right, man. =)

Charlie said...

Joshuaongys: yup yup, PASSION. thanks. yup, will be looking to see familiar faces the next time i go.

Simon Seow: got secret? share with us lah. Sharing is caring. =P

PamSong: cheers =)

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