BellyGood - Sunway Mentari, PJ

Alright, this is another delayed post which I was suppose to be written months ago. Simon Seow extend an invitation to participate in a food tasting session which is organised by Timothy Low. Check out their blog if you wanna know more about them This will be my first attempt to do a food review so please do bear with me ya, cause there will be lots of lousy photos(taken from bad angles) and camwhoring in the process.

Anyway here's how it goes, it was a Thursday and I was invited about 2 hours before the event. The Restaurant goes by the name BellyGood, which I think the owner intend to convey the message that the food is good for the belly(literally speaking), like the saying goes, the way to a men's heart is the stomach(stomach = belly lah). This place is strictly NON-HALAL because they serve pork(claimed to be their specialty).

The entrance of the outlet.

This place was formally known at Wendy, but was paid to change their name's by Tan Sri Vincent Tan of Berjaya Group when they decide to open Wendy's Fast Food Chain

Timothy(the guy standing in blue shirt) given his welcome speech & an introduction to the restaurant.

There were about 15 to 20 lifestyle bloggers and food bloggers. One thing I like about this restaurant, is the open concept kitchen, which is clearly visible to its diners. This is a good thing because it allow hygiene conscious people like me see how the food is being prepared. This is in fact a growing trend among restaurant operators to have a open concept kitchen.

The two chef preparing the order behind a thick glass panel.

Baked Portobello Mushroom with Bacon and Cheese (Cost: RM 12.50).

Nicole Tan striking a pose with a slice of Baked Portobello Mushroom

Sausage Platter

This dish consists of 4 types of sausages - pork chorizo, pork oriental, and spicy Hungarian served with fries and thai chilli sauce.

Tenderloin with Creamy Hot Sauce

According to the owner, this is one of the latest addition to their menu. they also have Pork Tenderloin with Creamy Mustard Sauce(for those who prefer non spicy food). Though some may say that its too spicy, but to me its good. Maybe because I love spicy stuff.

Mixed Platter (RM23.90)

This dish is a combination of grilled pork belly and grilled pork ribs served with mashed potato and coleslaw.

Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla IceCream.

Nicole & I

Casey & I

Sue Lynn & I

Both Sue Lynn & Nicole posing for the cameras. yeah there were lots of cameras that night.

And here's a little video which I recorded with my trusted Nokia E71. It basically introduces everyone that were there that night.

Personally out of 10, I would only rate this place at 6 because I'm not a big fan of pork, and there were too many variety of pork served. Besides that I think the 2 chef couldn't work well under pressure with more than 10 DSLR clicking away. I said that because I happen to meet a colleague of mine who was dining there at the same time and she told me that the food taste better 2 weeks ago.

If you really wanna give this place a try, my recommendation is go there on a weekday when there are lesser people, the chef will definitely be able to prepare tastier food with lesser pressure.

No. 20, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
T: 03-5630 1699
F: 03-5630 1360

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DiGi Yellow Man - In the mood for LOVE!

Well, this is DiGi's latest TVC featuring the famous Yellow Coverage Fellow(YCF) a.k.a Yellow Man. This time with a little LoVe to spice things up. This TVC will go live tomorow 15th June 2009. Enjoy the video below and dont forget to comment.

Facebook's new feature: Username Profile

If you haven't notice, Facebook has just launch a new feature which allow you to choose a username for your profile. This will make things easier when you want to direct people to your profile on facebook.

Previously when you want to search for someone's profile, you either search for it with the email address or name which very often could land you on the wrong profile as there is more than 200 million people reportedly using facebook.

With the launch of the unique username assigned to profile, you can now go directly to the profile you are looking for.

This new feature was launch at 12pm today(13th June 2008), and I got my reserved at 12.30pm. My brother who tries to get his register his username but it was already taken up. So better be quick or else you will risk loosing you ideal username. If you don't see the message from Facebook telling you about the username, kindly go to and get you username registered now.

You should be able to see the message in blue box just like the one I circle in red.

Now you can view my profile at

I love this new feature because my friends and family can now access my profile without any hassle of memorising the long URL which facebook previously adopt. I think this move is to counter Twitter's growing popularity as, a mircoblging tool has long adopted the username feature which make its extremely easy for netizen to navigate around the cyberspace. If you have not heard about Twitter or seen it, you may take a peep at mine profile at

Dining @ Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill Gallery

Couple of weeks back, I'd the opportunity to dine at Luk Yu Tea House, a restaurant in Starhill Gallery. Both the Restaurant and Stahill Gallery are own by one of Malaysia's conglomerate, YTL Group Bhd.

Located on the ground floor, the entire level goes by the name of FEAST, This is where all the Food and Beverage outlets are located. If you are stepping into Starhill Gallery for the very first time, you will notice that every single floor is given a very unique name and when you step into any lift, you will not see any numbers on the button but those unique names assigned to each floor.

Anyway, I shall share my experience dining at this luxurious restaurant.

Arrived at late in the morning together with my relatives from Australia.

The entrance to Luk Yu Tea House

The restaurant adopt an open concept design, allowing passerby to get a glimpse of what is being served.

The furniture and fittings are a combination of traditional and modern age.

Stained Glass are used to enhance the designed

Even the kitchen has an open concept, this is especially good for diners who are concern about how the food are being prepared.

The kitchen is very clean and well equipped.

I simply love the lines of teapot carefully arranged.

These clay dining ware are fully imported with fish motif, very common for the chinese.

The cover of the Menu is made of fine wood with the restaurant name engrave on it.

On the inside, its looks like typical menu that you can get at any restaurant.

They serve a range of tea ranging for medium class to premium tea that cost up tm RM1050.

The appetiser, taste alittle line abolone, not sure what it is.

Hokkien Fried Bee Hoon @ RM26++

Yee Mee @ RM26++

Hokkien Style Friend Rice @ Rm26++

Odinary Fried Rice @ RM26

I've also fancy fried rice when ever I dine out, especially at fine restaurant like this one. Though friend rice may seem to be just a simple ordinary dish, but the fire and wok used by these trained chef seems to make it taste so much better.

Chee Cheong Fun with prawn @ RM12

We even tried some dim sum. I was told that when ever you tried dim sum, the chee cheong fun and char siu pau is a must try. If they are good, then the rest of the dim sum variety should be alright.

Siew Mai @ RM13.50. Taste just as good though this place don't serve pork

Har Kau @ RM13.50. This is really good as the prawn were big and fresh, while the skin was soft yet firm.

A meal wouldn't be complete if you don't finish it off with dessert.

Chilled Durian pancake @ RM14.00. A must try for durian lover, as the durian used are fresh.

We also tried the Mango Sago with Pamela @ RM8.50. This is the best of all the dessert they offer because its cooling and made of fresh mango.

There were 9 of us all together dinning at Luk Yu Tea House and the total bill came up to about RM416.30 after tax. That's about RM46.26 per pax

Our Bill @ RM416.30

It may look expensive, but if you benchmark it with some of the buffet offer available in town, this place definitely offer value for money dining at this kind of classy place. Bearing in mind that minimum service are offered when you have buffet.

Over all, I would rate this place at 8/10
Environment: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 7/10

If you would like to give this place a try, here's the details of the restaurant:

LG5, Feast Village,Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2782 3850

Business Hours: 10am to 1am daily
**Note: This place is Halal.

Exclusive Invites to STANDOUT

WARNING: This is an alcohol related post, if you are under the legal age of 18, a Muslim or not comfortable with alcohol related post, kindly skip this post. Thank You.

If you have read my previous post entitled 'I'm a Standout in Life' which was posted on the 18th. You would have realise that I join write quite a bit about myself in a bid to STANDOUT of the crowd and win the invited to STANDOUT with Tiger & Nuffnang.

Basically it's an event organised by Tiger Beer in conjunction with the launch of Tiger limited edition beer bottles, namely Graphysics, Rise and Energy. The interesting part is that these bottles are designed by two internationally acclaimed Asian artistes Rostarr (Romon Yang) and Tomas Goh.

Anyway I managed to get two invite to the event and I've yet to decide what I should wear to the event. Actually I'm having a tough time deciding.

Summary of the event:
Date of Event : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout
There will be FREE FlOW of TIGER Beer (i think, or maybe just the limited edition bottle minus the beer), and loads of cool prizes such as HP notebook, COACH handbag, and XBox 360.

*NOTE: I've got 2 invites and no plan to bring anyone. It's gonna be a waste if I just keep the ticket right ? So what I'm going to do is, have a little small challenge for you guys out there. If you win, you get the extra ticket that I have.

If you are curious to know how to get the ticket, read on:
Requirement: You have got to be a Nuffnang Member (with ads on your blog) - If you don't event meet this requirement, I'm sorry, you are not entitle to join my little contest.
Whats the challenge: Write a blog post.
Title: Why you deserve the extra ticket?
Dateline: You may start now, and will be judge by 12pm (6th May 2009)

What the judging criteria:
Write as creative as possible and get as many nang as possible. If you are able to reach the top 10 position on Nuffnang innit, you will automatically win the ticket. If there are more than 1 person who achieve that, then the post with the most nang win.

Remarks: Your post don't have to be about me, but it will be nice if you give credit and put a link to my blog

Add On: To reward the winner, beside the ticket to the STANDOUT, I am gonna throw it some more freebies such as One Utama Shopping Voucher, 2 KFC Dining Voucher and RM100 dining voucher at any 7 selected Restaurant @ StarHill Gallery, Bukit Bintang, Kl.

So what are you waiting for, once posted your entry, and submit ed it to innit, just drop me a message in the comment below here.

Good Luck
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