Best Place to Pak Toh in Kuala Lumpur and its FREE

If you've read my previous post, you would know that I was at KLPAC yesterday. Well the journey driving towards KLPAC was actually a breeze and refreshing experience. After driving past the guard house, there was a long stretch of long which soon lead to this building:

This building pre-war building was left untouch in the middle of a "round-a-bout", not very well maintain though.
Then I finally arrived at KLPAC. Taken this photo from my car. darn far.
As I walk closer towards the building.

KLPAC at last. Looking out from the building

The reception
Look at the the crowd.
KLPAC's open concept office. very different from DIGI as they incorporated lots of wood in the design

Display Lounge with the toilet behind(female's on the left and male's on the right)
KLPAC's Resource Centre

Educational banner on how to play a part in conserving the environment.

Gosh, too small to read.
The second banner i took was a failure too.

Kuala Lumpur's Secret Garden view from the 2nd floor of KLPAC
The view from the left angle
The building view from the right.

Another angle.
Yet another.

This bridge lead to a Private Park which is make specially for the Resident's only.
As I trespass the bridge.
Snap this while on the bridge.

KLPAC's view from the forbidden garden.
The angle from this side of the garden looks so much nicer.

A picture of the lake. The guard escorted me out of the forbidden garden soon after this shot.
My cousin trying out the iron sofa.

This is how the sofa look like.
Look, they even design the sofa with cushion. Interesting right?. That's my brother in the picture.
The iron sofa.

Look, they even have small cubic for couple/family to chill.
The park is called: Sentul Park

I'm in the so called cubic.
Look, look look, 5 duckies swimming
A closer look of the 5 duckies

This garden is just so nice because the moment saw it, I feel so relax after a stressful month meeting datelines for the month of April. I decided to call it Kuala Lumpur's Secret Garden because the park is hidden from the public unless you happen to be visiting KLPAC. The park is well design and maintained, very suitable for couple's or families to come and relax after a hectic week working in Kuala Lumpur.
Its a good place for those in love mode to go on a date, and best of all, its FREE of Charge. So if you are running out of budget and those of you who wants to impress your other half by trying to be more intellectual and artistic.


joshuaongys said...

man i totally agree with u!!!! you wont know it through the looks of the entrance haha jalan ipoh is just lame lolx but once u get in then you'll go "WHOA!!!"

i brought my gf in once hehehe just let her see the place.. but cuz we're rushing out of time so we didn't stay long there.. the place is AWESOME!! =)

Charlie said...

AWESOME, yes yes thats the word. really nice place to hang out. must ask pam to arrange for an outing there.

QuaChee said...

hey looks good! but now that you leak out, there'll be a stream of lovers! haha

Simon Seow said...

Even though I stay quite near here but haven't been coming here since it's opening.

Charlie said...

Quachee:oops, never mind lah,then i will have live show to see.

Simon Seow: You should find some time to visit that place. like joshua says, its AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

I realized the place is really nice to visit, is it open at night btw?

Charlie said...

Yes its open at night but since there is no proper lighting during the night, you wont be able to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place.

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