DiGI's Broadband Rediscover

Its officially out, DiGi finaly launches its much awaited 3G Broadband. This launch only covers Klang Valley at the moment, however to those who are residing elsewhere, don't worry because plan to spread the love is underway.

For more details please login to:

There will be roadshow showcasing this new service from the 19th to 22nd March 2009 at Highstreet Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

See you guys there!!!

DiGi 3G Broadband is out to rock.

Shit Happens, all the time.

WARNING, This is an emo post!!!
Life was all great, I have a good career, friends, colleague, Best Buddy, family, and not forgetting someone that I really care and cherish. I've also just throw a party recently to celebrate my 24th birthday, and glad that everyone made an effort to come. Just when everything was sailing smooth, shit happens.

Today my best buddy tells me that he is sorry. He is sorry because he fell for the most important girl in my life. To make matter worse, he said he knew that this girl is going to ruin our friendship someday because he will have to make a choice. Today he made the choice to be with that girl, but at the same time he still want to keep the friendship with me. Dont you think that is too much to ask for? why are you so cruel to me?

I felt so betrayed, and regretted badly that I have introduce them during the food tasting session prior to my party. Just when my world was full with hopes and dream, he has to take it all away and leave me with nothing but a broken heart.

I really don't understand how can a guy, whom I call my best buddy could ever do this to me. As guys, we always have this unwritten rules not to go after another buddy's girl. But guess he didn't really appreciate our friendship in the first place. Cause if he really value the friendship we have build, he would have put a stop and prevent this from happening from the very beginning. What the use of apologising & seeking for forgiveness now that the damage is done? I don't think I can ever accept a friend again, especially someone who have done so much damage to my life, and abuse me emotionally.

I'm darn emo today, and will most probably be worse in the coming weeks. This shit happen to me once 3 years back, and now its coming back to me again. Why Why Why? is this a curse cast upon me. oh GOD, please help mend my broken heart. it really hurts badly.

Was out clubbing last night trying to forget everything, but i fail to get myself drunk, and I stayed awake till now. More than 36 hours without sleep, I'm not feeling darn fxxking tired, emo, sad, and most of all, my heart is dam pain.

Ever know what its like to cry without tears? It hurt much more than getting a cut on your hand. It hurts much more than losing your favourite phone. Its so dam fcuking pain. Now I know why people commit suicide, cause the pain is so unbearable.

Mr Tan, you have left a dent in my life, you have rewrite the story of my life, you have gave me more sorrowness, and thank you for all this cause you have put a very good foundation for me to be stronger person. You ask me to give you a call when i forgive you. Do you think that will happen? Yes it true that everyone deserve a second chance, but do you think I am so stupid to let you betray my trust again? NO, the answer is NO. Even if you leave her one day, or she leave you one day, I can never accept you as my best buddy again. Because I'm not gonna give you a second chance to hurt me again.

In the same incident that happen 3 years back, I never bother talking to the guy again. Though I still maintain a good friendship with that girl that was involved in the drama.

My heart is crying, its bleeding, and the doctor cannot do anything to stop it. No one will ever understand how I feel now, unless you have been in such similar scenario.

I just cant understand why must shit always happen to me? What have I done wrong? I'm very nice to all my friends, colleague, family and even strangers.

All i want now is to get a good night rest, yet my mind cant go to sleep. argggggggggg it hurt so much, so much that I feel like screaming out loud and crying out loudly. I'm one lonely soul. More emo post to come soon, please bear with me during this tough times.

My Private Party.

Last Monday I've throw a private party to celebrate my 24th birthday. The party was held at Frames @ TTDI Plaza. The turn out was fantastic despite having the party on a Monday as well as a heavy downpour in the evening.
I'm self was late to the party, really pai seh, host also come late. But I have a valid reason to that. I was stuck in the traffic from Subang to TTDI.

TTDI Plaza's Foyer


The interior of Frames

Bought these Milky Colour Pen's for my guess to sign on my autograph book.

My autograph book.

Birthday message from Cherie

JJ's Vodka

My birthday presents.

I'm really touch by the turn out. Despite having my party on a Monday, most of my friend made an effort to come and it really touches my heart. I received lots of presents and ang pau's worth more than a thousand in total.I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the gifts and ang pau's.

JJ & I

A group photo with some of my friends

Posing with the delicious dark chocolate mousse cake.

My bosses, JJ & Me.

Another group photos.

My surprise by JJ.

JJ prepared a wonderful surprise for me on that night. Halfway through the party, I was tricked by Chien Ping to meet someone at the car park which I subsequently found out soon after. About 20 minutes later, I was escort back to the restaurant with my eyes blind fold. Once inside the restaurant, I was asked to open my eyes and to my surprise, the lights were switch off and the entire restaurant was dark. As I get a clearer view, I notice that every had a glass a drink in their hand with red light blinking. Everyone started singing the birthday song and I was really caught by surprise. This was the surprise that JJ prepared along with some of my buddy Marcus and Chien Ping. They actually got plastic ice cube with red light in it, and these ice cube will light up when its place in water. That's so cool.

Good times really flies. Its now one week since my party and I cant help but look back at all the wonderful memories I had that night. Thanks everyone

Me finishing my cocktail sponsored by Xanthus, the owner of the Frames.

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