MRCA CEO Night 2011

Earlier last week I attended yet another MRCA (Malaysia Retailer Chains Association) event. The CEO Night is an annual event hosted by MRCA to honour all the CEO's in the retail industry. This year, The Special Guest of Honour and Speaker is Dato' Sri Nazir Razak, the CEO of CIMB Group. Past speakers were Tun Dr Mahathir former Prime Minister of Malaysia and Dato's Sri Tony Fernandes, founder of Tune Group and AirAsia.

Dato gave a very captivating speech on the story of CIMB with a sense of humour, particularly when it comes to his good friend Dato' Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO of Airasia. Dinner was okay until the waiter spill a glass of red wine on me and no apology. If it was a casual function I would have made a big fuss about out but since its a big corporate event, even Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah the CEO of Sunway Group was at the main table. So I've to give face a bit la.

The team and I.

Over the weekend, my photo was featured on a write up by China Press.

Full page coverage on the CEO Night. That's my picture ant the bottom centre.

A blow up copy of my photo. Sharing a joke with Mr Lee Hwa Cheng, founder of Sinma

Over all its an interesting night of networking and learning from all these successful CEOs.

Charlie Chia's Tweet on Airasia's Travel 3Sixty

On 2nd of April 2011, Airasia X maiden flight landed in Christchurch and pledged a six figure worth of donation which prompted me to send a congratulatory tweet to Tony Fernandes, Airasia and Azran (CEO of Airasia X) for the noble action. Little did I know, the tweet was picked up by the Airasia's team and subsequently featured in the Airasia's in flight magazine known as Travel 3Sixty (May 2011 issue).

I didn't know about this until @vin_ann twitpic a snapshot of the magazine on 30th May 2011. Thanks @vin_ann.
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