Melaka Satay Lok Lok @ Setapak

It's Christmas day and its so jam everywhere as everyone took advantage of the public holiday to travel in and out of town. Initially I wanted to go Malacca for some Chicken Rice Ball and authentic satay celup. However I change my mind and decided to try out a new place in town.

As my gf and I had this craving for satay celup for some time, we decided to try this place called Melaka Lok Lok. As far as I know, this is the only place that sells satay celup in Kuala Lumpur (if there are any, please share by commenting this post).

Locating this place isn't much of a problem if you are familiar with Setapak area or have a reliable GPS to rely on. However do take note that crime rate is rather high here, ladies, if you are going, please try not to bring your handbags(this was advice from the friendly boss, didn't manage to get his name thought).

To make its customer feels as thought they are actually in Melaka, the owner put up a gigantic portrait of Melaka landmark building such as the A Famosa Fort, the famous red colour Christ Church Melaka and the city centre clock tower.

Portrait with Melaka Landmark building

Just like any satay celup place you visit in Melaka, the assorted raw food prepare in sticks (known as satay sticks by local) are store in display fridge with glass panel to keep the food fresh while making it easy for you and me to see and choose.

A wide range of variety fresh food seafood to vegetables are available.

For those who fancy processed food, you will be spoil with choice too.

So which process food do you like ?

Satay celup would not be complete with the wide variety of raw food but without the hot boiling satay sauce. This place allow you to have 2 type of soup at the same time. So we had satay sauce and clear soup. Just in case you are not a local and totally clueless what is Satay sauce all about? Allow me to briefly explain, satay sauce is prepared with crushed peanut, tamarind juice and spice paste which gives the sauce a rich aroma and flavour.

Clear soup and Satay sauce.

If you asked me how the soup and satay sauce taste, of cause this is nothing close to both Capitol or Ban Lee Siang in Melaka. But when you have craving like me and too lazy to drive all the way down the Melaka, this could the best option available.

This is probably because they don't recycle the soup(satay sauce) unlike the 2 famous restaurant in Melaka where they top up fresh sauce on top of the used one. So yeah, if you are wondering why the sauce in Melaka taste so good, that's because the sauce is reused over and over again in the same pot. They probably only wash it once every day if they do actually wash it in the first place.

This is what I had for my first round.

The owner even gave us 4 sticks of grilled satay. Nothing to shout about. Guess its just part of their eat all you can package.

The grilled satay, marinated in 2 different variety.

Overall, this i a good place to be at when ever you have craving for satay celup and Melaka seems to be too far and time consuming. This place charges RM23.80 per head for its eat all you can package. Drinks however is chargeable based on the menu. I've spend a total of RM59.50 for 2 pax and 3 drinks.

Verdict: If compare, its definitely not as good as the authentic satay celup in Melaka. I know friends who are crazy enough to drive all the way to Melaka just for satay celup and then driving back to KL. If you are not as crazy as my friends then this place is probably the best place please your craving. Variety is also much lesser than what you have in Melaka, this could be due to the low traffic of guest which made it too costly to provide a wider variety of food selection.
This is just my humble opinion which you may choose to differ.

If you would like to give this place a try, here's the address:
Melaka Lok Lok,
A-G-7, Plaza Prima Setapak,
35, Jalan Prima Setapak 5,
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Al-Amar Express, Fahrenheit 88 @ Bukit Bintang

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Celebrated Christmas eve with a little twist this year. Started with dinner with someone special at The Ship, then followed by the screening of Gulliver's Travels @ GSC MidValley and then Christmas eve countdown at Bukit Bintang.

Everything went on well until me and my date arrived at Pavilion for the countdown celebration. It's was the most horrible countdown that we've been too, a handful of the crowd were terrorising all the innocents people like myself with fake snow spray sold by unscrupulous traders who took advantage of the celebration and make some handsome profit.
To avoid being a victim of the chemical made snow spray, me and my partner had to slip and hide among the crowd commando style. That's when we decides to make Al-Amar Express (Lebanese restaurant) our temporary hideout. Located in an aquarium style designed outlet at the entrance of Fahrenhiet 88, it seems to be the perfect place to hide out while being able to have glimpse of the situation outside, not to mentioned try out some of its menu.

Having had a heavy dinner early, we decided on something light to munch. So we ordered these:

Baked Potato @ RM12 ++

Nothing to shout about, just your regular baked potato stuffed with butter and cheese and served with sour cream. Still love making it myself with chicken mayo. For RM12 ++ its definatelly overrated and overpriced.

Cheese Roll @ RM2.50 ++ /piece

Nothing special, prepared with spring roll wrapper with cheese melted in it. Still prefer the traditional chinese spring roll served with savory seasonings and crisp texture of vegetables.

Bavaria Peach @ RM10 ++ / bottle

As for drinks, my date tried the non-alcholic beer, the Bavaria Peach which she like very much but I still prefer my all time favourite, the Hoegaarden. On the other hand, since this is a halal restaurant and no beer were served, I choose the conventional all time favourite, Ice Lemon Tea.

Ice Lemon Tea @ RM8 ++

Overall, the restaurant has one of of the most sough after location which is strategically located along Jalan Bukit Bintang, couple with its aquarium style design which enable its guest to enjoy the bustling life of Kuala Lumpur. When it come to food, I wasn't impressed at all but this is probably because I've not tried their authentic Lebanese recipe. Will make it a point to visit this place ago to do just that.

Pizza Uno @ Taipan, USJ

During meeting today, my boss decided to have a team lunch and suggested that we tried a new place called Pizza Uno. Formerly known as Pizza Italia, this Restaurant is located at Taipan, USJ, Subang.

The Entrance of Pizza Uno

Apparently this place was established since 1997 and has 2 branch other branch within Klang Valley, one in Centre Point, Bandar Utama and another at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Anyway the outlet we went to can be easily located as it's strategically located in the same row as DiGi Specialise Store in Taipan.

The Menu

Since there there were 5 of us, we decided to order a variety of dishes to be shared. Here's what we ordered:

(Left)Golden Crusted Mushrooms @ RM14 & (Right)Spicy Home-Smoke Chicken @ RM14

The Mushroom was well prepared to suit my taste bud as it's crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside while the Chicken cook have been better if it were more spicy.

Gambas Con ajo @ RM14 & Oven Baked Spinach with Cheese and Mushrooms @ RM16

Peeled prawn cooked with olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper and chili pepper, the Gambas Con ajo is a mouth watering dish not to be missed. No word could best express how much I liked it. A big thumb up!! For Cheese lover like one of my colleague, the Oven Baked Spinach is rich with melted cheese. If you don't fancy cheese, don't even bother ordering this as you might feel like puking.

Clam in white wine & garlic sauce @ RM16

The clam are among the dish we tried out of the 5 tapas we ordered. With the right amount of wine and garlic, the soup was really tasty. I'm sure it wasn't MSG as we didn't feel thirsty after the meal.

Enjoy Sangria @ RM10++ with any order of Tapas

If you happen to drop by, be sure to try out the special deal of RM50 for any 5 tapas or 4 tapas & 1 Sangria.

Sparkling Apple & Cranberry @ RM8 each

Since we are out to try something new, we decided to drink something different too. We ordered sparkling apple and cranberry to quench our thirst.

Pan-Seared Crispy Skin Salmon with Dill Sauce RM38.42 ++

If you prefer cooked salmon more than raw just like me, I strongly recommend this dish which is served with boiled potatoes and wilted spinach. However this dish is seasonal depending on the availability of fresh supply. If you wanna try it, be sure to call up and enquire first to avoid disappointment.

Seafood Paella @ RM36

This taste almost the same if not better than what I had at La Bodega 2 weeks back. But it's much more affordable at half the price of what I paid previously.

Spaghettini Crabmeat @ RM26++

This is my main course served with fresh crab meat, it was not too bad, seriously. it would have been perfect for me, if they prepare it a little creamier

This is the December Special

If you are looking for a presentable place to treat your guest, you should really consider this place as it has really nice setting and not to mention its value for money menu.

Restaurant Pizza Uno (Taipan Branch)
No.55, Jalan USJ 10/1A (Taipan),
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 603 - 5635 0205

Restaurant Pizza Uno (Bandar Utama)
Lot G6 & G7, Ground Floor Centrepoint,
No 3, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Bandar Utama, Selangor.
Tel: 603 - 7710 1325

Restaurant Pizza Uno (Bandar Puteri, Puchong)
No 18G, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.
Tel: 603 - 8062 2530

Business Hour:
Weekeday: 11.30am - 3.30pm & 5.30pm till late
Weekend: 10.00am till late.

YES!!!, It's finally launched.

Today YTL Communications Sdn Bhd the telecommunication arm of YTL Group has finally launched the much anticipate WIMAX service after some 2 years delay. It's marketing team did a fantastic job by cropping up the name YES, for its new service. YTL was also quick in marketing and positioning itself as the first nationwide 4G service provider, separating itself from existing big boys such as Celcom Axiata, DiGi (Telenor) and Maxis. Whether it is truly a 4G mobile operator, I shall leave that for another post.

A rather grand private launching event took place at the JW Marriot @ Kuala Lumpur which is also owned by the YTL Group of Companies. I was among one of the lucky people who got invited along a side with VVIP's such as MCA President, Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek, Malaysia Pop Queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, former judge of Malaysian Idol Paul Moss, and other local & foreign personalities. But make no mistake, I'm NO VVIPs or Celebrity, just a regular telco guy who blog for leisure.

The begin of the long awaited presentation

Opening speech by Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh Sock Ping (YTL Group's Managing Director)

Wing K. Lee (YTL Communications or YES's CEO)

A short & simple introduction to Mr Wing, born and raised in Hong Kong by his mother single, Wing graduated from University of Texas, Austin in 1989. Wing worked with Sprint and Cleawire in the United State before being given 2 offers, one is to join China Mobile to serve 500 million customers or YTL to change the way people live. After having a serious thought, he choose 27 million over 500 million.

Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Yeoh Tiong Lay, Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh Sock Ping, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (Deputy Prime Minister) and Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim (Information, Communications and Culture Minister)

After the private launch took place, all invited VVIPs & guest were usher to Lot 10 @ Bukit Bintang, an upscale shopping haven (also owned by YTL Group) to join in the public launching. The public launch was just as interesting as the private launch with Taiwanese Pop Star & Youtube sensation Jimmy Lin Yu Chun (aka Xiao Pang), mesmerising the crowd by singing popular ballads such as Amazing Grace & I will always love you by Mariah Carey.

Jimmy Lin Yu Chun also knows as the next Susan Boyle & Mariah Carey of the east.

After all the formality, the public were free to roam on the ground floor of Lot 10 which was turn into a huge display centre for YES products & service offering.

Datuk Sri Michael Yeoh Sock Siong, Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh Sock Ping,Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, Jimmy Lin Yu Chun, Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Yeoh Tiong Lay, Puan Sri Datin Seri Tan Kai Yong, Datuk Yeoh Seok Hong.

I'd the opportunity to meet Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and his brother Datuk Yeoh Seok Hong, Director of YTL Communications who repeatedly asked me and my colleague to join them after someone whisper to them that we were the cream of the crop in DiGi Corporate Sales team. All we have to do was say YES, now that's catchy. That's an interesting offer which I would consider but not at this point.

Tan Sri with my colleague: Oki Lai, Me, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, & Billy Wong

After almost 9 months since we first meet at Nikko Hotel, I meet Wing again and to my surprise he still remembers me.

Me, Wing K Lee, Oki Lai & Billy Wong

After browsing through the product offering, I did some catching up some of my friends in YTL Communications such as Jesse Ch'ng, Yuni and the Chief Marketing Officer, Yap Kok Leong. Before we head home, we had the Original Imbi Road Pork Noodle at Hutong @ Lot 10.

A catchy gigantic display cube at the entrance of Lot 10 @ Bukit Bintang. A good crowd on the busy inter section of Jalan Bukit Bintang & Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Shall write about the YES service in about 6 months when the service is much more mature and have garner some traction in term of subscriber based to give a more accurate review. After all, I'm a telco guy.

YES Fastest 4G Mobile Internet with Voice by YTL Group

In less than 24 hours, YTL Group will be launching the much talk about YES Mobile Service. YTL Group claims that it's the fastest 4G Mobile Internet with Voice. According to the press release by YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, the communication arm of YTL Group, the service will be marketed similar to any other utility service such as electricity and water where the end user pay for what they use. It is said to be cheaper that prepaid and much more affordable compare to any postpaid service.

Launch Party @ JW Marriot, Kuala Lumpur

For the public, there will be a showcase to commemorate the launch @ Lot 10. I've manage to check out the showcase venue as YTL's staff prepares the final masterpiece for the big show tomorrow.

Showcase @ Lot 10 Concourse area.

LED Display Screen will be lighting up the event tomorrow

I just love the way they uses photo of ordinary people

Wait a minute, does the photo above ring any bells? Well if you take note, you will notice that it capitalise on people's emotion to promote its service. This is pretty similar to Maxis's advertisement over the past one year. This is not a surprise, considering majority of the sales and marketing team were previously with Maxis.

After numerous delay and fine imposed by the authority. They are finally launching its service nationwide in 17 hours and 46 minutes.

The service will be officially roll out will be held at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang KL, at 5pm tomorrow (19th of November 2010). So if you have go no plans for tomorrow, head down to Lot 10 to check out what they have to offer. I'll be there for its private launch as well as public launch. So see you around if you plan to be there.

I've heard that they are gonna give Unifi a run for its money, if that true, we will be getting between 5mbps to 20mbps for a price cheaper than what Unifi is charging. The best part is, its gonna be mobile, which simply mean you can travel with it.

Terry Fox 2010 @ Titiwanga, Kuala Lumpur

After my first Terry Fox run last year at the Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden, I participated in my second Terry Fox run this year. This year, the race was held on the 7th of November 2010. Similar to the previous year, the race offers 2 route, 3.5km and 5km. As the venue has changed to Titiwangsa Lake Garden, which has a shorter route, those who opt for the 5KM will have to run 2 loop to make up for the distance.

List of Corporate Organisation Participating in Terry Fox KL 2010 run.

As the main aim of the race was to raise fund for cancer research as well as raising awareness among the public, the public were encourage to buy the Terry fox 2010 T-Shirt which comes in various sizes of 3XS to 3XL. There's also T-Shirt for kids. Each at RM25 and the proceed will be channel to Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF)

The crowd @ 8.50am

The is where the race would start and end.

and the race began...

Every year during Terry Fox run, the main highlight would always be the Milo Truck. Yes, you read it right, Milo Truck. Malaysian in general grew up with Milo being the household energy drink. As the saying goes, Minum Milo, Badan anda jadi sihat dan kuat (Drink Milo to keep your body healthy and strong)

The Milo truck.

Look at the crazy long queue for a small cup of Milo, that's how crazy Malaysian are whenever they spot a Milo truck dishing out free drinks.

Me with my cup of Milo and the Milo truck.

The weather was cloudy which make a great for a run like this, at least we don't get exhausted running under the tropical hot sun.

For more info of Cancer Research, you may contact:
Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF),
2nd Floor, Outpatient Centre, Sime Darby Medical Centre.
Tel: 603-5639 1874

No 1 Pork Burger @ D Legends Bar

Warning: This is a non-halal post. If you feel offended in anyway, please feel free to close this page or navigate away from this post.
After I've tried El Meson @ Bangsar in the previous #No1PorkBurger hunt with Eric & gang, we continue continue with out journey to hunt for the best pork burger in town. This time around the hunt bring us to yet another affluent neighborhood, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). We stomp D Legends Bar @ TTDI in a group of more than 15 people.

Unlike El Meson, Pork Burger is readily available of D Legends Bar Menu at a pretty affordable price too. Similar to all my previous pork burger review, I shall rate the burger based on the same 5 criteria, looks, taste, juiciness, portion(price over serving size and bonus point(depending on how happy I'm during and after the meal).

In term of presentation, D Legends Bar isn't too far away from El Meson's. For that, I will only rate it a 5 on a scale of 10. Among the few reviews that I've done, the burger was somewhat a little lacking in term of taste. That's probably due to D Legends Bar's unique spicy recipe which was a little too much for my taste bud, something I don't fancy when it comes to burger except for McD's Chicken Prosperity Burger. The spiciness actually cover up the flavour of the burger. As such I would reluctantly give it a 4 in term of taste.

As for juiciness, I would rate it at 6. I would have been given more if it weren't for the spiciness of the burger that ruin my taste bud. The portion was pretty average for most people. The portion wasn't really big but it manage to fill my empty stomach. For that, D Legends Bar earned it self a 7 from me.

As far as bonus point is concern, I'll rate with the higher point among the 5 criteria due to its friendly waiters who constantly stand by the table and put on a smile while serving me. That's an 8 for having a good customer service experience

In total this place gets a total score of (5 + 4 + 6 + 7 + 8) / 50 = 30/50 or 60% only. Though its only rated 60%, Personally I think they could have done better if its wasn't for the large amount of orders from our group. I mean, how often do you have 15 customer walking in as a group and order a pork burger each. If you like pork burger and love it spicy, then this is a must try.

D Legends Bar, TTDI (link)
Address: 24 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Contact: 012-2887871
BBM pin - 226238B4
Twitter Handle - @dLegendsBar

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