PappaRich Express @ TARC

Local University and College students are definitely luckier these days compare to my time.  They are not only pampered by lecturer with spoon feed lecture notes and tips for exam. These days they even have their favourite chilled out place right at their finger tips. 

Was at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC), Jalan Genting Klang Campus yesterday for an event. Since my event ended at about 6pm, my colleague and I decided to stay back a little the chill and avoid the jam back to PJ which is known to be horrible at these hour. So we chilled at PappaRich Express @ TARC which is located just outside the TARC Library (the Library is pretty impressive too, with more than a 100 units of Mac desktop, its also equip with more than 25Mbps of Internet connection powered by Unifi).

The business at PappaRich Express @ TARC is rather good. Not too sure about the profit, but I think this outlet has the best customer turnover rate. When we were there, the was a long queue at the entrance to the cafe. The concept of PappaRich Express is that you will have to queue up at the counter, orders your food and drinks, make payment and proceed to your assigned table. Your orders will be served in less than 10 minutes. 

The only drawback about PappaRich Express is that, if you are still hungry or thirsty and would like to make additional orders, you will have to get in the queue again and wait for your turn which a turnoff for me. However the price difference really made it worth while to queue if you are a student living on a shoe string budget. On average, the food and drinks on the menu is 30% to 50% off the price you find at the normal PappaRich outlet. Do 

Since this is an express outlet, do take note that the menu also has much less variety, but will will still find the famous Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa and Roti Bakat with Butter and Kaya on the menu. Barley Lime is only RM1 which is a super cheap. 

It's also a nice hangout spot with free WiFi. Now I wish I'm a student again studying at TARC.
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