Your opportunity to strike it rich.

Today is the 31st of January 2008. It marks the last day of January as well as the last day for you to strike it rich. What do I mean? Well if you want to be rich, then you will have to make a decision real fast over the next few hours. Why? Cause today is the last day of Mc Donald's prosperity meal. So if you want to have a taste of prosperity and be prosperous for the next one year, then you should seriously consider getting a bite of prosperty before 12am today.

Vouchers and Freebies Crazed

Whenever there is free stuff being distributed, there will be tons of people rushing to grab hold of it. Whether its vouchers or physical goods such as food, diaries, calender, pens, notepad, chinese new year red packets.

I consider myself pretty lucky as I always have tons of freebies and vouchers, be it hotel stay, food & beverage, fine dining, fashion, liquor and even electrical goods. Having this freebies and vouchers no doubt help me save some hard earn ringgit. Here I will give you a peek on some of the freebies and vouchers I had received so far;

RM10 cash vouchers to be spend @ either KFC or Pizza Hut

2 Piece Chicken Snack Plate

Snack Plate with Bun and Drink.

More Vouchers
And More Vouchers

and even more Vouchers...

Omg, so much vouchers, I'm officially sick of KFC.

Shopping Vouchers from Jusco, time to go CNY Shopping
Padini's Discount Voucher
Seed Cafe's Cash Voucher
More Vouchers from Padini Kenny Roger's RM10 Cash Voucher
More Vouchers from Kenny Roger

RM15 discount @ Borders Book Store
Anyone wanna go Tioman or Redang?
Special Rate at Berjaya Group's Hotel
Complimentary Drink from Starbuck

Starbuck's RM10 Cash Voucher

RM40 Fuel Card from Shell

Don't Cha wanna be Happy??

By now, I'm pretty sure many of you would have heard about HAPPY, or even seen the advertisement on the idiot box. Happy, the lastest prepaid package in town is a no frill prepaid plan aim at providing the user cheap local calls. You need not be worry about network coverage even though the Happy is a relatively new product in the market, cause its riding on DIGI's network. Yes, Happy is another product by DIGI, but runs on a low cost structure just like Airasia. So what's so special about this new prepaid plan you may ask.

Happy as I've said is a prepaid plan aimed at providing the user cheap local call rate, for as low as 1 cent per second, you make a simple short call for less than 5 second to say "Hi, I miss you!! Bye" and only be charged RM0.05 for that call. For the same call duration, conventional prepaid plan would cost you 18cent(both DIGI and Maxis). Thats 72.22% saving.

If you feel like talking, Happy charged you only RM0.99 to talk for 45 minutes(regardless of peak and off peak period). This is still cheaper than Hotlink's Extended Super Saver which charges RM3 for 60 minutes talk time(only valid from 12midnight till 9am). SMS will be charged 10 cent per SMS to any network.

The special thing about Happy is that you can reload any amount between RM5(minimum reload required) t0 RM200(maximum reload allowed). This simply means that you could reload RM19.78. And with any amount of reload between RM5 to RM200, you will get 60 days validity. Now thats really great, especially for people who uses a mobile mainly to receive call.

Because Happy runs of a no frill structure, every call to the Happy call center will be charged RM2 per call(its normally free for conventional prepaid). International Direct Dialing(IDD) is also very expensive, at RM5 per minute to any country. Current DIGI IDD call rate is as low as 18cent to countries such as US, Singapore and 28 other countries. I've attached a chart to give you a better understand of Happy's services and its rates.

If you make alot of calls locally, whether to mobile line or landlines, then should seriously consider using Happy. However please bare in mind that its a no-frill prepaid plan, thus you have to pay a premium for its other services, like calling the call center, making IDD call, sending SMS and MMS internationally. Those who makes lots of local call to mobile and fix line, its time to change and let the savings make you HapPy.

To know more about the product, kindly visit

**Please take note that this is not an advertorial and I am not being paid for this article. Everything mentioned here is merely my opinion and I shall not be held liable for any financial loses which might incur after using Happy.

Prosperity Meal is back

Yes, you wanna be wealthy, you got to eat. And its not just any food available at the any restaurants, F&B outlets, or the pisang goreng store by the roadside. To be wealthy you got to go to the nearest golden arches restaurant outlet to get yourself the Prosperity Meal, which comes with a prosperity burger (comes in either beef or chicken), a cup of prosperity green tea(to make you feel as if you are gonna be rich after drinking it, the green tea is gold in colour instead of green) and a pack of curly fries.

These are printscreen's from McD's website.

This promotion is only available at McDonalds and its for a limited time only(until 31st January 2008). Gee, I don't understand why they cant have the promotion till Chinese New Year which falls on the 7th of February of 2008. Maybe its their marketing strategies to make people rush like to their outlets.

My Prosperity Meal which cost me almost RM12.

Anyway, if you are a superstitious person and believe that consuming anything that is being promoted as prosperous could make you much more prosperous, then you wouldn't wanna miss this once in a year opportunity to do so. If you are not the superstitious type, you can still go ahead and try it, cause the burger taste good compare to the normal menu available all your round. Hope I will become more prosperious this year.

Finally the election.

After a year, the election was here again. Yes I mention was cause the election took place yesterday. This year, AIESEC Malaysia's Member Committee's Election was held at Taylor's University College. It was an intense event,with 2 candidates running for the President and 8 others candidates running for the Director's position.

I arrived there 10 minutes before the scheduled event starts. There were about 180 people attending the event, both with voting rights and without voting rights. The entire event was packed with energy, yes full of energy, thanks to the Chairperson of the day who flew in all the way from Indonesia(that's quite international to have a foreigner involved in an election). Mr Edwin, the Chairperson of the day politely requested the crowd to cheers energetically for the candidate's. Candidates were suppose to wait outside the election hall and are only allow to come in when they are being call in to give their speech to convince the crowd to vote for them. Each time a candidate walks in, the crowd would stand up, cheers and clap. And the same goes when a candidate walks out of the hall when the candidate finishes his/her speech.This was to support the candidates who have had sleepy night prior to this big day and also to calm their nerves.
The event, begun with a short multimedia presentation, short speech by the current President, then the introduction of the election's chairperson. The chairperson then took over and introduces all the candidates to the crowd before requesting for the candidates to proceed outside of the hall. This were done in two session, first being the presidential candidate and second for the director's candidates. Each candidate were call in one by one to give their election speech after which the candidate are required to make an orderly exit from the hall to make way for the next candidates. A question and answer session was open to the crowd after all the candidate for the session gave their speech.

To cut the entire event short on from 9am till about 6 plus when the election result was announce. Out of the 10 candidate, only 5 manage to garner 2/3 of the total votes to run the office for the term 2008/2009. The new team would be James, William, Sharon and Daryl with James being the President while the latter 3 being Directors. However all these 5 lucky people who have garner enough vote of confidence from the voting crowd would still be required to go for an interview session and pass it of cause before they could proceed on the transition process with the current board of AIESEC.

Sadly 5 candidates didn't managed to secure enough vote. And there were 8 spoiled votes, that otherwise could have change the fate of some candidates. Anyway, I believe that when you don't get something, it simply means that god have other plans for you. So to those who didn't make it, don't be sad and be alert for opportunities cause when one door closes, another door will be open.
Pictures will be up shortly
Names of all candidates were not mention so as to protect their identity. However if you are one of them, and are reading this now, and feel that you have what it takes to let people know who you are, you are most welcome to drop a comment here.

Will DIGI get its own 3G spectrum?

Well if you read the news paper tomorrow morning (26th Jan 2007), you will most likely read about DIGI and TimeDotCom(TDC) signing a partnership deal which will see the transfer of 3G ownership from TDC to DIGI and corporation in various aspect. However this is just the surface of the deal as this deal still require approval from 6 relevant party before it could start the transfer of the 3G spectrum or licence. The deal involved is DIGI issuing of new DIGI share to TDC as payment of the spectrum. The 6 approval needed are:

(a) the approval of the Securities Commission ("SC") for the issue of the Consideration Shares to TDSB or its Nominees and the listing of and quotation for the Consideration Shares on the Main Board of Bursa Securities;

(b) the approval of the SC, under the Guideline on the Acquisition of Interests, Mergers and Take-Overs by Local and Foreign Interests of the Foreign Investment Committee for the issue of the Consideration Shares to TDSB or its Nominees;

(c) the approval-in-principle of Bursa Securities for the listing of and quotation for the Consideration Shares on the Main Board of Bursa Securities;

(d) the approval of the MCMC for the Proposed Transfer, TDSB to be released from its obligations in relation to the Spectrum on DiGi Telecom’s receipt of the Spectrum and the release and return to TDSB the bank guarantee of RM50 million issued in favour of the MCMC in respect of the Spectrum on DiGi Telecom’s receipt of the Spectrum;

(e) the approval of DiGi’s shareholders for the Proposed Transfer;

(f) the approval of TdC’s shareholders for the Proposed Transfer;

Why does DIGI needs it so badly that they are willing to fork out such a huge investment to buy it from a company that is near bankruptcy? The main reason is to compete with existing telco(namely Celcom & Maxis) as well as new telco(UMobile) which owned a 3G spectrum each.
** For your information, UMobile is a newly establish telco company operating the 018 prefix. It's formerly know as MITV, a cable TV company owned by Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun.

It has been the talk of the town, especially among investors(both institutional and retail) and analysis that the main reason DIGI was deprived of a 3G Spectrum was because it is a foreign owned company. Yes, in case you do not know, DIGI is owned by Telenor, a Norwegian Telco Company. Even Malaysia's Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik was quoted by the media for making the statement that, the 3G Spectrum is a national asset and local company would be given priority to own and use this valuable national asset.

So do you think DIGI will get the 3G spectrum at the end of the day, considering that DIGI is a foreign company?

If you ask me, I think the likely hood will be very high because TDC is not doing very well financially, it did so badly that TDC had to sell Time Cell(017) to Maxis. TDC will also benefit from the issuing of new DIGI share to TDC as DIGI is making good profit and distributing good dividend. Being a DIGI shareholder with 10% stake after the completion of this deal and also with the purchase of DIGI's share from the open market, TDC's stake in DIGI will be generation a pretty handsome recurring income for TDC in years to come.

However it is still rather early to tell if DIGI will get the licence's for good because the Malaysian government never fail to surprise the Malaysian public by interfering in business deal within Malaysia. A recent example was the rejection of Volkswagen from forging a partnership with Proton(Proton Management and Majoring stakeholder Khazanah were keen on the partnership however our Pak Lah wants to keep his pride and rejected the partnership.). Another good example is the case between Gamuda-MMC and the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia. If you do not know about it, kindly click here to read about it.

So whats your opinion? Will the government intervene and stop the deal from going through because DIGI is owned by a foreign company? Lets hear what you have to say.

Malaysia PM say its unlikely to match 2004 Poll Win

According to Reuters news release on the 22th of January 2008, the Malaysia Prime Minister(PM) a.k.a Pak Lah was quoted saying that "Malaysia's ruling coalition is unlikely to repeat its record 2004 election victory in the coming polls". Pak Lah and his coalition who has a landslide victory of 199 seats out of 219 seats during the 2004 General Election also mention 2004 was an exceptional time.

With so many problems haunting the ruling coalition in recent months, ranging from scandals, corruption, poor leadership, and price hike of essential goods. By making such a statement proves that our PM is not a sleeping minister, but when will he show his leadership skill in steering our nation towards achieving vision 2020. At the rate that we are developing now, I've serious doubt that they might actually extend it by another 10 to 20 years. Over the last 18 months the PM has launch various development project such as the Iskandar Development Region (IDR), Northern Corridor Economic Region(NCER), and Eastern Coast Economic Region (ECER) which was reportedly worth billions of ringgit and create millions of job opportunity.

While those projects is said to be worth billions, it will only materialise if investors put their money into this project. With the rising uncertainty in the global economy, especially the fear the world biggest power house, America falling into a recession, investors has become more cautious about where they put their money. Besides the external factor, the piling number of internal factor such as the current poor leadership and the various problems surrounding the ruling coalition. Investors might choose not to come into Malaysia, especially with the ridiculous requirement such as bumiputra must have at least 30% stake in a company. I've nothing against the bumiputra, in fact I think the governments move to imposed such requirement actually underestimate the bumiputra true ability and make they lazy to fight for their own right.

Why should they be given 30% compulsory stake? Why cant they work their ass just like the non-bumiputra and enjoy the sweetness of success at the end of the day. I think its high time that the government wake up from having the bumi and non-bumi mentality. Malaysia being a multi racial country should practice the Malaysian spirit and gives everyone equal rights to ownership, education, financial aids and all the benefit that a Malaysian enjoy. They may say that its already written in the constitution and our forefather has agreed to it. But then again, we are living in the 21st century where the world is no longer like what it used to be, so we should be moving forward and not let the constitution tie us down. If we don't move forward, it will be like living in today's hi-tech world with a 486 computer.

Getting in the mood with flash drive

The Chinese New Year is coming and everyone busy preparing, especially businesses to take advantage of the festive season. This is the season which would normally temp us, the consumer to spend our hard earn money. I was a victim myself, I was at a computer hardware shop the other day, and I was attracted by a small little gadget. It was a Kingston 2GB USB Flash Drive. Its not any ordinary flash drive, its a Limited Edition Flash Drive, which is coated with red and gold colour. It even has a Rat picture engrave on it. I've took a photo of my new gadget for your viewing pleasure.

For RM48 which is rather expensive for a 2GB Flash Drive, but hell its worth it considering the nice design it comes with, a five year warranty, password protection(it has a factory installed security program in it which remain in the flash drive even after formating.) and best of all, its limited edition.

By the way, the year of the RAT is the 1st year out of twelve of the Chinese Calander. Thus it is very likely that Kingston might come up with a limited edition flash drive with an Ox engrave on it. If it does, it will definatelly be on my to buy list. If you think want to get this cool gadget for yourself, be sure you get it before they run out of stock. Several computer stores around KL and PJ has run out of stock. So good luck hunting.

Renewing your driving licence online

If you've read the today's paper, namely The Star newspaper, you would have notice the title "The best kept e-secret at JPJ" on the 3rd page. Well the article wrote about an e-service by JPJ a.ka Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan which enable Malaysian drivers to renew their licences online.

Huh, since when the Malaysian Transport Department became so advance? Well, despite having spend several million of tax payers ringgit into an advance online system to make licences renewal hassle free to the rakyat(citizen), little effort (or should I say no effort) has been taken to promote this advance service to the rakyat. That's the reason why the Malaysian Transport Department's front desk counter and the Pos Office is always crowded with people queuing to renew their licence so that they could save on the duit kopi(bribes given to police officers who are always seen roaming around Malaysia's road to catch traffic offender).

Anyway, let's get back to the main subject. After having read the news on the paper, I decided to check out the JPJ Portal. In case your driving licence is near expiry, I strongly advice you to try out this service to save you your precious time and hassle getting through the wild Malaysian Traffic Jam. If you want to renew your licence, you can do so by clicking here, which will take you directly to the licence renewal site.(Honestly, I don't get any commission for writing about this).

The website design is pretty clean with just a few column to be filled up. First of all, you need ID No(National Identification Card No), follow by selecting your category(whether you are a Citizen, non-citizen, Permanent Resident, Police Force or the Arm Forces). You will also need to provide your current licence's expiry date, Renewal Period(ranging from 1, 2, 3, or 5 years), follow by your contact such as Mobile No as well as email address. Then you will need to select your collection method, either its via Delivery (you will have to provide mailing address and pay for the delivery charges), Collecting at e-service center(you will have to select from the collection center from the drop down menu) or you may also choose the option Do not Require Renewal Slip (which require you to go to the JPJ State Branch Office to upload your licence data into your MyCard).

Now comes to the most important part, PAYMENT. The portal give you 3 alternative to make your payment for the renewal. You can choose to pay via Credit Card, MyEG Prepaid or FPX(Direct Debit). Don't ask me what the last 2 option is or how it works, cause no explanation were provided on the portal.

I will definitely try it out went my Driver's Licence expire end of this year. If you have tried it, kindly share your experience with me and my readers. Thanks.
**Please take note that this is not an advertorial and I shall not be liable for any losses which you may incur while trying out the service mentioned above. Try it at your own risk. lol

First major deal a success

Yes, yes, I went to meet the client yesterday morning and the meeting took 3 hours before I finally got the deal signed. Yes, its one of my most precious deal which I have been working my ass on for the past 2 and a half months and its finaly paying off. After all the hard work, determination and perseverance, this success is definatelly a sweet one, the best CNY gift I could have.

The conclusion of this deal would mean that I've successfully out performed my performance target by 100% for Jan 2008 and it surely motivates me to work even harder for the rest of 2008. Gosh, I'm so excited now, I cant wait to sign more deals.... lol

My first major deal in DIGI.

In less than 24 hours, I'll be going over to my clients place to close a major deal. A deal which I've been working on since the 2nd week I join the company. The conclusion of the deal tomorrow will be a major milestone for me. The deal will also help project my monthly performance level 100% above the expected level. Dam I cant wait to sign the deal tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that nothing funny happen at the very last minute or even second.

Why am I so eager to close this major deal? Well its been slightly more than 2 months since I join the organisation, and I have yet to prove my self worthy to company. Having close this deal will definitely help me stand out of the crowd, attract the attention of my superior and not to mention the superb monetary reward structure the organisation adopt. Oh ya, before I forgot, its not just about the money, being a typical china man that I'm, its not all about money, but rather the face value(reputation and fame).

So, please pray hard for me and wish me luck people.

5 reason why the Pak Lah should not call for an election.

These are the 5 reason why I think Pak Lah shouldn't call for an early election.

5.) Public confidence in the ruling government has eroded tremendously due exposure 2 highly profiled video, namely Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua and Lingam

4.) Should an election be called and the ruling party continue to win with majority, the PM will be expected to cut fuel subsidy further, resulting in at least 50sen to RM1 increase in pump price. (imagine paying RM2.97 per liter compared to RM1.97 per liter now)

3.) The bullrun on the Bursa Malaysia has just began, an election will bring an end to the bullrun. The general economy of a country will normally mirror the stock market thus putting the country's economy at risk.

2.) The value of ringgit has been rising against the dollar because foreign investors are pumping in cold hard cash into Malaysia. An early election might put investor off as government often make major changes after gaining fresh support from an election.

1.) Average wage earner like me and you will suffer from the increase in cost of living, due to the widely expected reduction of fuel subsidy which will turn into a domino effect, causing all fuel based product to increase in cost. Thus making life difficult as the cost of living rises more than the peanut our employers give us.

So do you think we should have an early election after reading the 5 reason which i wrote randomly?

The election to be called tonight?

Dear Readers,

Have you registered to vote ? The Malaysia's Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi might called for an early election tonight on national TV tonight. Yes it might just be true. As you are reading this blog now(7.20pm, 17 Jan 2008), the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) is having a Major Meeting at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur. This meeting is said to be called last minute, and the Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is also UMNO Chairman is expected discuss about the election with its senior member before making a public announcent at a press conference after the meeting. If the Prime Minister make the anouncement tonight, the current parliment will be dismissed and an election will be expected to take place in a month time. So be sure you turn on the TV and stay tune to the news.

So do you think we should have an early election or should the prime minister concentrate on much more important things like addressing the issues that the Barisan National Coalision is current facing and also rising inflation which is making life difficult for people like you and me?

The Finale - After all the Hoo Haa with Nuffnang

Well, since the hoo haa which was caused by my posting last Saturday evening, which made me into a hot topic, thanks to SC Bone's post which made it to the top of the chart in innit most popular post. The title of the post written was "Over-reacted guy on the Nuffnang innit" (refer to the previous).

After having my post removed from the innit system for at least 8 times, I was smack with a suspension notice via email from Nuffnang. In the email, I was told that I will be suspended for 7 days. I was also warn not to repeat what had happen or Nuffnang shall consider legal action against me. At that very moment, I was furious, cause my posting was taken down repeatedly, and the moderator did not even make an effort to communicate with me either via email or through my blogs. So I decided to drop Timothy Tiah, a comment on his blog. I also emailed Malaysia's high profiled blogger, Kenny Sia.

In less than 24 hours, Timothy tried to contact me via my mobile no, which turns into a miss call as the phone was mute and in my drawer over the weekend(yes, I normally use another mobile no during weekend, don't ask me why). Despite not being able to get in touch with me, Timothy did not give up. He left me a short note via his blog comment, asking me to ring him back.

So I decided to do that first thing on Monday. I called him from office and we managed to sort things out after having a short conversation. It turn out to be a peaceful talk without any party being held hostile. He also mentioned that he is sorry if his staff did anything wrong and wanted to understand the story from my point of view. After having sort out what was wrong and all the misunderstand, Timothy told me that he shall instruct his staff to removed my suspension from innit with immediate effect. I thank him for that and we ended the conversation. I resume working on a busy Monday.

About an hour later, my mobile rang again and it was Timothy again, just before I pick up the call, I was thinking to myself, Now What? Isn't it settled already?. Anyway I answered his call, and the soft spoken Timothy began talking to me politely again(yes, he was polite when I called him an hour ago.). Timothy told me that the reason he was was to inform me that the suspension has been removed and I can use Innit again as usual. He also told me to contact him directly either via mobile, email or his blog should I encounter any problems with Nuffnang in the near future.

That's basically how the who SAGA between me and Nuffnang ended. Its a happy ending for both me and Nuffnang I guess.

How I became a hot topic on Nuffnang Innit

If you were using Innit yesterday, you would have notice entitle "Over-reacted fella in the nuffnang innit" posted by a guy who goes by the nick SC Bone. Though no name were mentioned in his entry, because apparently the author forgot the URL of my blog and hence my name as well. To be honest, that person mentioned in that post written by that particular author is none other than Charlie Chia. Yes you read it right, its me.

Now the reason I was so furious with nuffnang innit the day earlier was because my post on innit was repeatedly removed for at least 9times from innit system and nuffnang staff did not even attempt to tell me politely or even warn me before removing the post. My first post was at 1pm on the 12th of Jan 2008. When I logon Innit again in the evening, I discover that my first post on innit was removed, I subsequently re-post it again and it was repeatedly removed for 8 time continuously. At about 10pm my login id was suspend and I received an email shortly after from nuffnang's staff called Samantha. According to the email, I will be my innit account will be suspend for 7 days with immediate effect on the 12th Jan 2008.

A day after my suspension, I became a hot topic, SC Bone's entry about me made its way to the top in the most popular section with 40 nang in less than 24 hours. Thanks a lot for the promotion man.

Snapshot of the suspension notice from Nuffnang (Part 1)

Snapshot of the suspension notice from Nuffnang (Part 2)

A message to Ms Stress

I was having dinner at Aman Suria late yesterday, and waiting for the food to be served took ages. Why? I found out that this particular blur waitress made a mistake and served the food my family ordered to another table. About 3 tables that come after we had ordered got their food ahead of us.

While waiting, I turn on my msn mobile and started to chat with a few friends of mine, namely Ms Stress(for her privacy sake, I decided to use a nickname) and Khian Sin. Ms Stress is so stress up cause her exam starts tomorrow until the 24th of January 2008. Being a typical Malaysia Chinese that I'm, started the conversation like this:

Me: Hey, had your dinner?
Ms Stress: ermm ate biskut (this is the exact spelling she use)
Me: Only ??
Ms Stress: ya,
..... i cant remember the rest of the conversation cause msn mobile doesn't have history. =(

I was like okay, you are kinda stress, and you should have proper meal for dinner. I totally understand why she is in such a stressful situation, firstly because life is giving her shit and she has being having some serious problem which causes her to breakdown emotionally. Worse of all is that she has to face all this shit like 2 weeks before her exam, while she was already busy and totally stress out preparing for it.
My message to Ms Stress is: Life is never easy, it's all the hardship that we go through that will make us a stronger person as we continue our journey in life. No matter how stress you are, always be sure to have proper diet and enough rest. Bear in mind that having good health equal to wealth and health can never be bought, no matter how rich or influential you maybe.
Okay, I may sound like I am crapping at almost 3am in the morning. But its sincere though from me.

Before I sign off, just wanna wish you good luck, try your best and god will do his part. CheErs =)

**To those who are wondering who Ms Stress is, let me give you a hint, I have a link to her blog on my right panel. Trying visit those blog and read the content. You should be able to identify who she is easily. Happy Hunting!!!

Love it or hate it ........

Charlie has just been tagged by BoBo with the Love Hate Meme!

Since I've got nothing better to do right now, I shall complete a list of my own.

1. I loves to eat: Chupa Chups
2. I hates to eat: pui bak(in Hokkien it means meat with fats)
3. I loves to go: Holiday in places I've not been
4. I hates to go: Doctor(I've get this weird feeling when I go to the clinic or hospital)
5. I loves it when: I get things done the way I want it
6. I hates it when: People fail to meet up to my expectation
7. I loves to see: People that are dear to me, my family and friends
8. I hates to see: Crazy people driving around KL like an F1 Driver
9. I loves to hear: Good News & Oldies Songs.
10. I hates to hear: People talking during a movie screening in the cinema

Yes, I'm finally done with my entry, and its mine turn to tag people and hear what you all got to say. May I have the attention of the following people:

Justin ~ Julie Kuan ~ Nick ~ Melvin ~ Pamsong ~ Paul Ooi ~ Esther Chin ~ Vvens ~ Philip

Entry Removed (Nuffnang got no .............)

I've no choice but to removed my earlier posting before this entry because someone by the name Samantha from Nuffnang who explained that they have to delete all my 10 entry in Nuffnang Innit because I wrote something negative about Nuffnang without evidences and also because it is a violation of Nuffnang Innit Terms and Conditions. In her email, she also did mentioned that my Title posted in Innit has mislead fellow nuffnanger. Wait a minute, did she say its misleading? Well yes, but I see a lot of nuffnanger posting misleading title to arouse curiosity, so why aren't their posting being deleted. Well, i dont really care if I ever gonna get a reply to this.
They even took a drastic action by suspending my innit account for 7 days and warn me not to repeat such an act or they shall consult their legal advisor and take necessary legal actions to defend Nuffnang.
So any legal experts out there or legal experts wannabe, kindly share your views.
Cheers =)

Nuffnang running out of ads??

Well this post is inspired by an online blogger friend of mine called BoBo, who writes the blog called BraiNyBiMbo. In her recent post she talks about not having receive any incoming ads campaign for the past 2 months and she was rather depressed with that. She also wrote about her complain on nuffnang with regards to her cheque payment which was not sign. Now, how on earth could someone be so naive to issue a cheque without a signature on it. That's like coming out of the toilet after doing your business without wearing back your pants, or giving a car to someone without giving the car key. Anyway glad she got that sorted out, after posting some nasty complaint. Don't ask me what she wrote in her complain cause you wouldn't wanna know how nasty she could be though cause when a woman get nasty, you could well regret it.

Anyway, on the issue where BoBo has not being receiving ads for quite some time, I would like to point out that I have been experiencing the same problem. From what I see and experience after using Nuffnang for about 4 months, when my blog's traffic increases the number of ads coming in seem to slow down and sometimes even stop. For example, since late December 2007, I have been receiving increasing traffic flow, and this week alone i received 4 times more traffic compare to the previous week, but still don't see any sign of any incoming ads. Previously when my traffic flow was rather low, I see 2 to 3 incoming ads campaign running in a week.
I'm just wondering, Is nuffnang running out of ads campaign ? Doest nuffnang discriminate and only puts ads campaign on blogs with low traffic so that they could well pay us less? Or is the economy getting so bad that advertisers cut their advertising budget tremendously, so much so that they have to deprived us our pocket money?

I hope someone from nuffnang, preferably nuffnang top management could enlighten us on this and give us bloggers some hope to continue using nuffnang.

I'm a Glitterati

Last night was a hell of a party, after leaving Avanti, I subsequently join Daryl, Victor, Nicholas, Suet May, Michelle, Jasper, James, Geralynn, Ka Wei, Ariff and an intern at Laundry (The Curve). We had a great night chilling out till about 12am when some of them decided to go for a karaoke session at Red Box. I opt to stay behind chilling with Ka Wai, Victor Suet May and Michelle. The night ended at about 1am and I go home at about 1.45 after dropping off my passenger which I had taken on a terror ride (lol just kidding, it was a smooth and safe journey).

I quickly get my laptop upon reaching home and start surfing to check on my Nuffnang Account. and guess what I found. Just earlier in the yesterday I was upgraded to Exclusive Membership Status and now the word has change to GLITTERATI(in gold colour) status.
My membership status was EXCLUSIVE when i check at 10.45am on 9th January 2008
The word exclusive turn into Glitterati(gold colour) when I check again after I came back from the party

** I guess I caught the attention from the majority of you who was curious with the picture I posted on Exclusive membership status granted and many had click and gave their comment as well as constructive feedback. To tell you guys the truth, the earning you see there isn't true. Actually if you are a loyal regular nuffnanger, you would have notice 2 flaws in the picture.

One is where the word HELLO, usually you will see your email address after the word HELLO. But for safety purpose, I have erase my email address, leaving behind my name only.

Two, the number of visitor is rather low, and thus is impossible to have achieve RM35,678 in less than 4 months after joining Nuffnang, bearing in mind that Nuffnang is less than a year old.

I was just trying out my Photoshop Skill and create some curiosity and get some constructive feedback. If you do have any comment, whether is good or bad, kindly leave you name and contact (email and blog url if you have one). If you wanna condemn, at least condemn bravely and don't be a coward..

Kate, you are the first one to question me both on KennySia's Cbox as well as on Msn Messenger. Shall add on 1 cup of Teh O Ice Limau on top of the movie tickets.


Yesterday was one hell of a great day. Why ? Because i woke up at 6.30am to have a nice cold shower before leaving my house for Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, for DIGI's Annual Sales Kick Off, an annual gathering for the whole DIGI Business Sales and Marketing Team nationwide. Its really a big gathering with lots of talented people and not to mention pretty girls from from the northern region and southern region.

Was there before 8.30am and breakfast was already prepared for us. And the event officially kick off at 9am where speeches by the bosses and invited guest was presented. Some flash back to 2007 was highlighted as well as what to expect for 2008, among other is the MNP ( Mobile Number Portability ). For your info, MNP is something that everyone will be looking forward to have sometime is June or July according to the local newspaper. When MNP comes into effect, you and I will be able to maintain our favourite mobile no, be it 012, 019 or 016 to any service provider which we like. For example, 012 user with be attached to Maxis under current scenario, however after MNP, the 012 user will be able to change to Celcom or DIGI or even U-Mobile (018 prefix) while maintaining the 012 number. In short you get to change your mobile service provider while keeping your mobile number. I cant really go into details telling all of you what I did in the meeting as the meeting covers lot of company strategies for the coming year(for fear that my competitor might be lurking around my blog).

Avanti's Main Enterance

Anyway, the entire meeting which runs to about 6pm was rather relaxing as there were 2 tea break and one lunch break in between. At 6pm when the meeting was adjourned, we proceeded to Avanti, an Italian-American Ristorante located at the lobby of Sunway Hotel, where dinner was served and the party begins. Great food were served in buffet style, and as usual, even before the buffet line is ready, free flow of liquor is served to more than 200 people that attended the meeting earlier.

Now, how cool is that? Avanti actually provides every table with colourful crayon for guest to draw on the table while waiting for food to be ready. Alvin trying to show his hidden talent

Jessie didnt want to let Alvin grap all the spotlight, so she tries to show off her talent

Jessie's art work

From left to right: Kevin, Vernessa and Hoong Yip (All 3 Trying to act cool)

The Senior Management Performing a song entitle "Stand By ME"

My Favourite: Fresh Salmon, before its being cooked

People will playing games, mingling around while enjoying the free flow of liquor. I decided to make a move at around 10pm. Overall the night at Avanti was a wild and enjoyable night.

The Crowd playing games after filling up their tummy
Avanti is a nice cosy restaurant with very dim lighting, a good place for candle light dinner I would say. I strongly recommend the place to people who wanna their anniversary, or any special occassion with their love one.

Do you need HELP? (Updated 2.0)

Does any of you remember my posting asking for HELP to raise fund for a cancer patient who was in need of financial aid. In conjunction with a fund raising charity event organise by HELP International Corporation Bhd, I managed to help raised fund from people around me, though the amount wasn't big at just RM2620 only. The money collected was subsequently handed over to Mrs Chan Kam Yoke, the CEO of HELP International Corporation Bhd to be included in the Chia Leng Yau fund collection initiated by HELP. I think its a great amount of money to be raised in just 2 days, bearing in mind that I just collected the money from people around me that I knew.

On the 5th of January 2008, I receive a reply from the cancer patient, Ms Chia Leng Yau in the form of a comment on my post Do you need HELP?. Its great to know that she is still fighting hard for a life, at least my effort didn't go down the drain. In her message, she mention that she strongly believe that she could go though it. For your information, she is currently still receiving treatment in the hospital while waiting for a suitable bone marrow. If you would like to read her reply, kindly click here.

A message to Chia Leng Yau, be brave and strong fighting this battle, and bear in mind that you are not fighting this battle alone, cause you got your parents, relatives, employees and students of HELP and not forgetting myself supporting you morally in this battle. God will hear your prayers if you have faith.

Exclusive membership status granted

I was browsing through Nuffnang to check on my account details while I was having a corporate meeting at sunway hotel earlier this morning. And I'm please to anounce that I've been granted exclusive membership for Nuffnang Gliterati, which simply means I have the privilage to higher payout of atleast 20% to 50% for ads payout. Since there was a long break time in between my meeting, i decided to make a printscreen of my nuffnang dashboard to show you my upgraded membership status.

A preview of my dashboard, with my membership status upgraded.

Though I've been granted the execlusive membership, the negative side is that I've not been getting any advertisement campaign running for the past 1 week. I wonder whats happening, could anyone enlighten me on this issue?

So have any of you been granted execlusive membership recently? Please post your comment...

Nuffnang Glitterati to take on Advertlets

Just 2 days ago, a South East Asia Ad Network was experiencing a major technical glitch which causes havoc to many blogger that uses its service. As a result many blogger begun to condemn advertlets with negative remarks on their blogs and planned to boycott it.

2 day after the problem, and Advertlets has finally have their system restored, Nuffnang made a suprise announcement by launching Nuffnang Glitterati. Glitterati is an Exclusive club for Nuffnangers that meets its minimum requirement.

So Whats so Great about Glitterati ?
It's a club which reward nuffnangers for being loyal with at least 20-50% Higher than current blog income, Minimum RM 0.25 per click(compared with RM0.15 currently), 30 days payment processing(compared to 60 days currently), advertorial opportunity and many other great benefit.

SO whats the requirement ?
Bloggers must not have any advertisements from any Ad Network which originate from South East Asia. To be specific, will be one of it. So to make things simple, if you wanna join Glitterati, you've got to remove advertlets completely.

So how can you join?
Well, you cant actually sign up for it, as nuffnang crawler will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours upon meeting the minimum requirement.

So whats your say? do share your views with me....

Advertlets formal apology

After being down for 2 days plus, is finally back to business. Yes Yes Yes, they finally manage to pull it through and thank god they did, else I would have lose my earning with them. Anyway, Josh Lim has written a formal apology to all its user/bloggers, you may read it by Clicking Here.

I understand that the issue has causes mush hassle to all bloggers including myself. As my traffic has just pick up over the last few days, the last thing I would want, is to have a technical glitch that would redirect my traffic. Anyway the man has admitted his mistake, and apologised for it. Whehter to forgive and forget, and whether to give him and advetlets another chance is entirely up to your personal preference.

As for me, I would wait for the announcement of the compensations term as stated in advertlets/Josh Lim's apology. The announcement is scheduled to be made on monday. So that compensation term better be good and rewarding for us blogger to continue using your service.

Is permanently down?

Dear Readers,

Please be inform that there was a slight technical glitch just now, and thus you might not be able to access my blog earlier today. Everyone who tries to access my blog was automatically diverted to

After running some check, the culprit of the problem seems to be advertising script on my blog. Though Josh, the founder and owner of is my friend, I was force subsequently remove those script from my blog, so that my reader can access it. Josh, you got to buck up or else people will start migrating to nuffnang. Th removal will only be temporary, I shall put it back once advertlets system has been fixed.

Note to Josh Lim, Please please please get the problem fixed asap and also take note that I've not receive my payment despite requesting for it 2 months back. The last I check, the payment status was still pending. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Josh for being featured on The Star today.

Welcome to 2008. Are you prepare for it?

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2008. So have you listed down your new year resolutions?

I'm always sceptical about new year resolution as I believe that, if we really want to do something in life, we don't have to wait until a new year to do it. Because, if that's the case, then we will be wasting lots of time waiting for new year to come by just to get things done. So if you really got something you think, sense and feel that it should be done, go ahead and do it, cause time and tide wait for no man.

For the ethnic Chinese who are generally superstitious, the number 8 (found in 2008) is believe to be a prosperous year, thus many Chinese businessman believe that good fortune is install for the year. Even the most prominent sporting event, Olympic 2008 which will be held in China is schedule to be officiated on the 8th of August 2008 (08.08.08) at 08.08pm. So is China gonna win 8 gold medal, 8 silver medal and 8 bronze medal?

Putting the superstitious stuff aside, just as we were about to step into the new year just few days ago, economic analysis around the world have been warning people to be take extra precaution as the year 2008 will be as bad as the 2007 roller coaster ride if not worse. Preliminary because because of the growing sub-prime issue in the United State, in which many top economic has raise concern that the world largest economic power house might slip into a recession which will in turn lead to a domino effect to the global economy.

Whether the United State is gonna slip into a recession, or if the world economies will be affected, life has to go on. So the golden question will be, are you prepared for 2008? If you are, I would like to congratulate you. If you are not, better start preparing for it. As the saying goes, Prevention is always better than cure. So start saving lots of money and avoid all risky investment, especially if you are not informed about those investment.

Before i sign off, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, may the year 2008 bring you, good health, fortune, friendship and happyness(its not spelling error nor typo error, just did it on purpose).

Warmest Regards,
Charlie Chia
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