Getting in the mood with flash drive

The Chinese New Year is coming and everyone busy preparing, especially businesses to take advantage of the festive season. This is the season which would normally temp us, the consumer to spend our hard earn money. I was a victim myself, I was at a computer hardware shop the other day, and I was attracted by a small little gadget. It was a Kingston 2GB USB Flash Drive. Its not any ordinary flash drive, its a Limited Edition Flash Drive, which is coated with red and gold colour. It even has a Rat picture engrave on it. I've took a photo of my new gadget for your viewing pleasure.

For RM48 which is rather expensive for a 2GB Flash Drive, but hell its worth it considering the nice design it comes with, a five year warranty, password protection(it has a factory installed security program in it which remain in the flash drive even after formating.) and best of all, its limited edition.

By the way, the year of the RAT is the 1st year out of twelve of the Chinese Calander. Thus it is very likely that Kingston might come up with a limited edition flash drive with an Ox engrave on it. If it does, it will definatelly be on my to buy list. If you think want to get this cool gadget for yourself, be sure you get it before they run out of stock. Several computer stores around KL and PJ has run out of stock. So good luck hunting.


ShuKuen7788 said...

But i manage to grab 6 pcs last week.
Hehe... who want? I can offer at RM80..
:p Joking lah....
But this pendrive is nice!!
See my post at

Charlie said...

I bought around 6 of it too. Apparently the shop ran out of stock 2 days after I made the purchase.

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