Nuffnang Pajama Party - The hottest auction event.

I never knew they were gonna have an auction could be so hot. Not until I attended Nuffnang Pajama Party last night. There lots of item being put on some really hot item that you don't get elsewhere except from Nuffnang Pajama Party. And the best part of all, you don't have to pay a single ringgit, because the auctioneer only accept Nuffnang Dollar. Nuffnang Dollars were being distributed to everyone by some hot Nuffnang officers a.k.a nuffies.(didn't manage to snap pictures of them being Choy San Yeh though.). Everyone were given 10 pieces of $10 Nuffnang Dollar as a start up capital and we are suppose to go around challenging people with Scissor Paper Stone, and placing a bet before the start of each challenge.

My left over Nuffnang Dollar. Tim can I still use it to redeem stuff?

The even began with the Emcees annoucing that a Panasonic Lumix Camera will be put on the bidding table and the initial bid will start from $500 Nuffnang Dollar. The bid eventually went up to $5000 Nuffnang Dollar. I never even get to bid with my pathetic $300 Nuffnang Dollar.

Japanese School Girl posing with the Lumix Camera on auction
This guy won the bid with $5000. He got more than be bargain for when she spanked him.

When the next Lumix was put on auction with a minimum bid of $1000 nuffnang dollar, KY from KYSpeaks who is holding a stack of Nuffnang Dollar decides to Sai Lang.

Thinking hard: Should I Sai lang all at one go.

KY raised his hand and say I bid with this stack of cash here. The Auctioneer ask him how much he was bidding. He says I dunno, this whole stack, too much to count.

The French Maid was posing with the camera that KY was bidding.

Then there was this bid for a link to be put on and the bid starts of with $1000. The auctioneer repeatedly saying that enjoys an average of 20,000 unique hits but there were no taker. The respond was so poor that kennysia has to go on stage and do a little hard selling for his own blog. He sweeten the deal with a 2 days link at the top of his blog and 1 month at the side panel, and still there were no taker.

Poor Kenny trying hard to sell himself. At just $1000 Nuffnang Dollar, yet there's no taker.

The organiser decides to help poor Kenny by adding another Lumix Camera to the deal. Immediately people starts raising hands challenging each other for the camera(and maybe the free publicity at forgot whats the final bid though.

Looks at the smile on kenny's face, people are finally starting to bid.

The most happening and hottest bid of the day has got to be this, a kiss from Dawn Yang. And the starting bid was $1000 Nuffnang Dollar.

Ming and Dawn standing on stage while Liang the Emcee announce how the bid goes.

The winner(Roshann) of the bid with $9000 Nuffnang Dollar. Dawn refuse to kiss to kiss him until he lose some clothes to match Dawn's nittie.

And so he striped. Lucky guy, the funny thing was he didn't know who Dawn Yang was until he reads PamSong's blog.


Annie said...

Why the heck was the guy shirtless? WTF. Yuck.

KY said...


Charlie said...

Annie: that guy has to strip cause Dawn Yang says his dressing does not match her's. So he has to lose some clothes.

KY: wanna share it with me ?

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