Have you fullfil your responsibility?

Have you fulfill your responsibility as a responsible citizen today? Today's its Malaysia's 12 General Election. It's where Malaysian from all walk of life come together, and vote for their future. As long as you are a Malaysian, and above the age of 21, you an entrusted with the power to vote for whoever you wish to lead the government.

Was at the voting center at 10.34am, there isn't much crowd at the center when I arrived. Everything was smooth and conducted in an orderly manner. No shouting, or chanting by either side of the political party involved unlike the previous election. Registered myself, and proceed to the polling room. A police officer is placed outside each polling room. Everyone will have to queue outside the room and wait for their turn patiently. Upon reaching my turn, I walk in calmly towards a long table with 3 officers seated there. I gave my IC and registration paper to the first officer and he read out my registration number as well as my full name as per IC loudly. Then I proceed walking towards the second officer to collect my polling paper and then walk towards the 3 officer so that he could stamp on my polling paper before returning it back to me.

I was then ask to walk toward the back of the room where there are 2 table with cover up partition for voters to hide them self while casting their vote. There is a another officer seated on another table which I assume is the head for each voting room and an observer seated right opposite the HEAD. I walked towards the back of the room where 2 designated table with cover up partition to draw the big X in one of the box on the polling paper. Then i fold the paper 2 times before dropping my polling paper into the ballot box(which is transparent for the first time).

The entire process was rather easy and fast, thus I urge all Malaysian to go out there and vote. Whether you are happy with the government or not, go out and vote, don't grumble later when certain political party wins and make policies which makes life tough for you. Its your right and responsibility to vote for a better Malaysia.
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