Ini bukan Tong Sampah!!!

After 50 years of independence, Malaysians mentality did not make much progress. Majority of us still little in public without thinking twice. Is this caused by the people's mentality or does Malaysia = Tong Sampah?

I remember reading a story on the local newspaper sometime ago, and the story goes like, Singaporeans obey the law when they are in Singapore, but once they drive across the Causeway, they will throw rubbish out from their car just like any other Malaysian would do. So is Singaporean really an obedient lot that follow the law, are are they just Kiasu? and Kiasi(scared to die)? Singapore law enforcement is quite strict, so its not surprising to see them being obedient while they are in the country. (No offence to Singaporean readers)

Anyway, lets not get to far. I spotted this flower pot in front of a shop at Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur. Whats interesting about the flower pot is that its being fence up. Yes the owner fence up the plant on the pot and put a piece of paper in it which says Ini bukan Tong Sampah! Tolong Jaga Kebersihan!!! (This is not a rubbish bin! Please Keep clean!!!). Here's a photo I took sometime ago where I was around that areas to meet my client:

I think this will only happen in Malaysia
I bet Malaysiakini dont have this kind of news


David Cheong said...

Lol this is just so true hahaha!!

I Am Fucker said...

Yes Fuck That People! Really need to fuck Them!

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