Malaysia 12th General Election, full of laughter.

Alright people, Malaysia's 12th General Election is just 2 days away, and we could see political party from both side of the fence all gear up and the battle intensifying. We also saw the Election Committee (EC) scrapping the use of indelible ink just 3 days before the General election. This move heat up the situation further. After spending RM2 million on those ink which was purportedly said to be able to help the EC contact a fair and orderly election, they decided the scrap the plan. No matter what their reason are, RM2 million has been spend, this are hard earn money of the RAKYAT, surely someone must be held accountable for it. So will be held accountable?

The golden question remain unanswered, Didn't the EC conduct feasibility study on potential threat from the use of indelible ink? The move by the EC and the reason given (some parties plan to sabotage), is certainly not acceptable, because this clearly shows that the EC is not efficient it conducting its duty entrusted by the Yang Dipertuan Agong. Since Malaysia has been adopting the looks east policy, like Japan and Korea, I believe that the EC Chairman should admit his negligent, and resigned from his position or pay for the RM2 million in his own personal capacity.

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