I'm going to Nuffnang's Pajama Party

Yes, you read it right, I'm gonna go to Nuffnang's Pajama Party.

Just in case some of you are wondering, Nuffnang's Pajama Party, is a party organised by Nuffnang to celebrate its 1st Aniversary. A total of 300 nuffnanger(200 from Malaysia and 100 from Singapore) will be attending this event, which is deem to be one of the largest gathering for bloggers.

Event: The Nuffnang Pajama Party
Date: 15th March 2008
Time: 6.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: Borneo Baruk Club, Kuala Lumpur
Dress Code: Pajamas! (Or anything you sleep in)

Tickets to this event is strictly by invitation only. Those who wants to get an invite will have to write a blog post onthe topic "I sleep better with Chipster". I did not receive an invite to the event, as I did not write an entry on ''I sleep better with Chipter" thats meet the requirement of nuffnang.
Introducing Esther Chin(you better pay for this publicity)

Depsite not getting an invitation, I'm still attending Nuffnang's Pajama Party. (you must be thinking, what Charlie so thick skin eh). Well I'm not gonna just force my way through the door, thats for sure. I'm going because Esther, a loyal reader of mine is bringing me along to the event(how nice of her). Yeah, she got an extra ticket for me and she is bringing me along. Dam I'm so looking forward to Friday. Another 4 days to go, and I haven't got any idea what I'm gonna wear for the party, cause I stop wearing pajamas to sleep since I was 12.

Any suggestion where I could get a really IN and COOL Pajamas? or do you have any to loan me?


Im[a]She said...

pjyama party..seems fun..actually i know about this party but i was kinda busy that i dont have the time to read about it...well, hope u have fun there and pls blog about it aight..

Charlie said...

yeah it sounds really fun, will be looking forward to go there. will definately enjoy it and blog about it.

3POINT8 said...

Oh got a free invite? By esther some more...
Lucky fella~~~

Why not try topless and boxers?
Its a legit sleeping garment for great men...

Esther Chin said...


Im[a]She said...

btw, do u need to wear pajama during the party..coz i went to this beach party before and i wore bikini..unfortunately, majority wears top and jeans..

shaun said...

my bedroom XD its all cool pajamas have better luck finding in your bro's drawers....or just wear your own la...wahlau....unless you sleep naked....KEKEKEKKE

Charlie said...

3point8: ya, i cant believe it too. Was actually expecting timothy to be inviting. Topless ? you want me to drive around KL topless?

Esther: Sorry Sorry, please accept my aplogy. dont be angry lah, I'm doing free publicity for you wei, somemore put link to your blog. you should be happy and thanks me.

im[a]she: haha, i bet you were the hottest during the beach party. Actually thats what I'm fearing too. But nevermind, I got Esther to teman me wear sleeping wear. I will also prepare a back up plan.

Shaun: erm is this shaun leong? since you got so many nice pajama, loan me one lah.

Esther Chin said...


Charlie said...

Esther: wah, so cruel wan. Your media planning's assignment giving you too much stress ka?

dweam said...

haha. good job? but looking forward to seeing u at the party! :)


pamsong said...

Wah! Why you liddat wan? She give you free ticket to an exclusive party already and then you summore wanna ask her to pay for publicity???


Esther Chin said...

hahaha! yeah, i am going crazy too.

*jumps off the window*

Charlie said...

Dweam: good job? what you mean? will be looking forward to see you too. LOL but wait, haven't seen you before and I dont have a clue how you look like too.

pamsong: was just playing with her lah. areyou going ??

Esther: its okay if you go crazy, but dont go jump off the window lah. I will be very sad if you do so, cause I wont be able to get the ticket to the party. LOL your assignmnet cant be that bad lah. enjoy the life of a student while you are one.

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