The EDGE Bursa KL Rat Race 2009

Last Tuesday 11th August 2009 mark the 10th Anniversary The KL Rat Race was organised. This years race saw a drop in participants with only 159 teams which comprise of 5 participants each from 67 companies. The race were divided into two categories, one called the CEO race which is a 1km dash run which the other is the executive race which cover a distant of 4.5km in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

A total of RM1.75 Million was collected and the amount is equally divided to 20 beneficiaries. DiGi Telecommunications, the yellow company which I represent for the 2nd time made record again with the most participant with a total of 35 teams and contributed a total of RM200,000. Thus making DiGi the largest corporate contributor.

Briefing session by the organiser with the Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF)

The CEO Race.

The team from the Yellow Company (To get a bigger version, Click Here)

That's me in action with the tag M287

This year I procrastinated again and failed to do any pre-training prior to the race. In fact I fell ill just 2 days before the race. However I still manage to set a new personal record. This year I manage to finish 4.5km in just 35.41 minutes compared to 37.05 minutes last year. That's an accomplishment considering that I've not done a single practice for the past 1 year.

We brought the yellow man along to make sure there is coverage.

The yellow man working hard, erm should I say ruining hard...

I'd the opportunity to meet one of my ex-boss Justin Leong, currently the Head of Strategic Investment of Genting Bhd. FYI he is the grandson of the late Tan Sri Dato' Sri (DR) Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting Highland and the Genting Group of Companies.

Dato' Justin Leong, Head of Strategic Investment, Genting Bhd

I don't have much photo this year as it was drizzling when the race started and I did not want to wet my camera. So I have to borrow most photo's from various sources. Please allow me to give these owners some credit for their hard work:

Jason Lee - Album 1, Album 2
The EDGE Malaysia for providing the DiGi Group Photo.

Malaysian Airline CEO

This is yet another backdated post since 2nd June 2009 where I've the opportunity to meet up with Dato Idris Jala, the CEO who roses to fame for his controversial decision at MAS when he first join and finally shows result by turning around the ailing company. Anyway I'd the opportunity to meet him thanks to Ng Khai Lee, the founder of YouthSay. This is has not only allow me to learn from one of the most respected CEO but also to discussed business.

Dato Idris Jala, CEO of Malaysian Airline System Bhd

Surprisingly he is very friendly and approachable. If you have to opportunity to know him better in person, you will realise that he is not the typical high flyer kind of CEO, he loves to play the guitar, singing to the tune of his self composed song. If given the opportunity, I would love to work for people like him.

Speaking about the CEO of Airline, I guess I need to start planning for my holiday soon. Any suggestion?

KL Rat Race 2009 is back

Yes, its back, Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2009 is back. This will be my second time running the race and I've not practice at all. In fact I was sick, down with fever and sore throat over the weekend, thus spending my weekend on my bed. This year the company which I'm representing for the second time has made a record even before the Race start, the company is sending 35 teams of people(each team consist of 5 people) or a total of 175 people to paint KL yellow.

The race will be on the 11th August 2009 which means tomorrow. Guest-of-Honour, Dato’ Wira Chor Chee Heung, Deputy Minister of Finance will flag of the race at 5.00pm for the CEO category and at 5.10pm for the other category. If you happen to be around KL on Tuesday, be sure to come cheer for me.

For more info, please log on to KL Rat Race 2009

Glitz & Glamour with the VVIP

Was invited to the MRCA (Malaysian Retail Chain Association) Night @ Sunway Resort Hotel about 2 months back where all the directors of company from some of the leading retain chain in Malaysia attend. It was a night of glitz and glamour where all the gentlemen come in their suit, bows and ties, while the ladies come in glittering evening gown. I'd the opportunity to meet some of the most successful entrepreneur running running homegrown franchise brand name such as like Sinma, Delcol, Redbox, Poh Kong, The Loaf, Nelson's and much more.

Didn't took much photo as I was busy mingling among the rich and famous. I only manage to snap a picture with one world most admirable leader, the honourable Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was the special guest for the night. Tun is also a member of MRCA with launch of his second bakery outlet The loaf @ Pavilion.

Tun Dr Mahathir, he maybe old, but he is still very vocal and alert.

Caught a glimpse of Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr Jeffery Cheah Fook Ling, the owner of Sunway Group (which includes Sunway Hotel, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway College and its surrounding development). Tan Sri heard about Tun Mahathir's present at his hotel and drop by just to welcome Tun Mahathir. Well to those who knows history of Corporate Malaysia well enough, you will know that the relationship between Tun and Tan Sri goes a long way back to the 90s. Anyway that another story to talk about in another post.

Emcee of the night, Hong Ju Khee, former newscaster of NTV7.

Dato' Eddie Choon, the founder of Poh Kong Jewellery.

Had the opportunity to meet up with Dato' Eddie Choon who is the founder and Managing Director of Poh Kong Holdings Bhd. This the first thing he does is to take out his business card holder and exchange a card with me. Well I must say that his business card is really one of a kind. It's made to look like credit card and best part it's gold in colour with his name embossed.

He also mentioned that I can get a discount when I flashes this card at any of his outlets. So anyone want to try together with me ?

I'm a Standout with Nuffnang and Tiger.

Okay, I must really say I'm really a standout when it comes to updating my blog these days. I've been caught up with tons of work, meetings, datelines after datelines, targets after targets, and was sick twice with H1N1 symptom, fortunately it a hoax and I eventually recover. Fast forward, its now 10th August and I'm writing a post for an event that was held on 6th Of June 2009, that's more than 2 months delay.

Anyway, I'm must say I'm quite surprise to see that I still have a steady flow of visitors dropping by despite having a dead blog without any update since end of June. Shall not continue my endless crapping and write about my experience at Nuffnang's Party called Standout with Tiger & Nuffnang. With the name TIGER associated, it is no doubt that this event was sponsored entirely by TIGER BEER. To summarise the event even before I start to talk about it, it was Awesomely Fun Filled Event with FREE Food, Freebies, Free flow of Tiger Beer in their latest bottle and some friendly celebrities to keep the crowd roaring.

If you miss my earlier post, the event was held at hQnine @ TTDI Plaza, which is quite near to my place and just right opposite the venue where I throw a private party earlier this year.

The crowd starts to mingle at the entrance.

Private Function eh? The outlet's management should have made the sign more classy and exclusive.

The Registration Counter

As I was there rather earlier, there was no need to queue up. Just walk up the counter, register myself, and get myself a goodie bag, with a Bottle of Tiger Beer in it(and its still lying in my room).

The tons of goodie bags which contain a bottle of beer, a t-shirt, and a deck of cards which will come in handy during Chinese New Year.

R to L: Me, Liang, Simon and some unidentified blogger(sorry dude I don't forgot your name)

Karena & I. Gosh the last I saw this girl was when I throw a BBQ party at my house.

Saw Kenny Sia there too, He has been a loyal supporter of Nuffnang and never fail to Standout in front of the crowd. This time around, he comes as Susan Boyle, complete with a dress and wick. Check out the photo below:

Susan Boyle aka Kenny Sia & I

Bernard who works with Kraft comes dress as a Cow.

Timothy's Birthday Cake

Timothy Tiah, the Co-Founder of Nuffnang.

Chris and myself.

Little Zoey. Erm aren't you a little underage to be drinking?

JoJo Struys

PinkPau aka Su Ann who comes dress as Cecelia Chung(if you have read about the scandal you would get it)

The 3 limited edition Tiger Beer Bottles. I have all 3 opened bottle.

I somehow like this shot, which was taken on the wall outside hQnine.

All of the photos above are taken from my trusted Nokia E71 which is do a rather poor job when it comes to photo taking. So I decided to borrow some photo from fellow blogger, ShaolinTiger who uses a SLR.

Liang & Jojo, the Emcees of the day.

Tiger's Brand Manager, Ms Eileen Teh given the opening speech. On right, the crowd helping them self with the Food.

Some of the lucky bloggers who won.

The Birthday Boy, Timothy Tiah. Happy Birthday Bro.

Timothy & ShaolinTiger right.

See the difference in photo quality? I think I need to seriously consider investing in a good and handy camera. Any recommendation?

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