I'm a Standout with Nuffnang and Tiger.

Okay, I must really say I'm really a standout when it comes to updating my blog these days. I've been caught up with tons of work, meetings, datelines after datelines, targets after targets, and was sick twice with H1N1 symptom, fortunately it a hoax and I eventually recover. Fast forward, its now 10th August and I'm writing a post for an event that was held on 6th Of June 2009, that's more than 2 months delay.

Anyway, I'm must say I'm quite surprise to see that I still have a steady flow of visitors dropping by despite having a dead blog without any update since end of June. Shall not continue my endless crapping and write about my experience at Nuffnang's Party called Standout with Tiger & Nuffnang. With the name TIGER associated, it is no doubt that this event was sponsored entirely by TIGER BEER. To summarise the event even before I start to talk about it, it was Awesomely Fun Filled Event with FREE Food, Freebies, Free flow of Tiger Beer in their latest bottle and some friendly celebrities to keep the crowd roaring.

If you miss my earlier post, the event was held at hQnine @ TTDI Plaza, which is quite near to my place and just right opposite the venue where I throw a private party earlier this year.

The crowd starts to mingle at the entrance.

Private Function eh? The outlet's management should have made the sign more classy and exclusive.

The Registration Counter

As I was there rather earlier, there was no need to queue up. Just walk up the counter, register myself, and get myself a goodie bag, with a Bottle of Tiger Beer in it(and its still lying in my room).

The tons of goodie bags which contain a bottle of beer, a t-shirt, and a deck of cards which will come in handy during Chinese New Year.

R to L: Me, Liang, Simon and some unidentified blogger(sorry dude I don't forgot your name)

Karena & I. Gosh the last I saw this girl was when I throw a BBQ party at my house.

Saw Kenny Sia there too, He has been a loyal supporter of Nuffnang and never fail to Standout in front of the crowd. This time around, he comes as Susan Boyle, complete with a dress and wick. Check out the photo below:

Susan Boyle aka Kenny Sia & I

Bernard who works with Kraft comes dress as a Cow.

Timothy's Birthday Cake

Timothy Tiah, the Co-Founder of Nuffnang.

Chris and myself.

Little Zoey. Erm aren't you a little underage to be drinking?

JoJo Struys

PinkPau aka Su Ann who comes dress as Cecelia Chung(if you have read about the scandal you would get it)

The 3 limited edition Tiger Beer Bottles. I have all 3 opened bottle.

I somehow like this shot, which was taken on the wall outside hQnine.

All of the photos above are taken from my trusted Nokia E71 which is do a rather poor job when it comes to photo taking. So I decided to borrow some photo from fellow blogger, ShaolinTiger who uses a SLR.

Liang & Jojo, the Emcees of the day.

Tiger's Brand Manager, Ms Eileen Teh given the opening speech. On right, the crowd helping them self with the Food.

Some of the lucky bloggers who won.

The Birthday Boy, Timothy Tiah. Happy Birthday Bro.

Timothy & ShaolinTiger right.

See the difference in photo quality? I think I need to seriously consider investing in a good and handy camera. Any recommendation?


Jacquelyn Ho said...

Fuah. Backdated entry lol! Didn't see u!

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