Another Sunday Outing with Cheryl & Chien Ping

Had dinner at Sushi Groove @ 1Utama with Cheryl and Chien Ping and here's what we had:

Seated right in front of me is Chien Ping, my Banker(he is loaded).
Cheryl Leong my future Business Ambassador
Dinner cost RM126.27. Sponsored by Chien Ping.(Thanks Man)

(L to R): Cheryl, Me, and Chien Ping

Right after dinner, we went for movie, REDLINE. A movie with fast cars, hot girls and high stakes. Overall the storyline was okay only. But there's lots of sexy girl in skimpy clothes. I bet most guys would love it. Surprising Cheryl loves it too. She told me that she had change her preference and that it runs in the family. I wonder should I try asking Uncle Leong if what Cheryl says is true?

The movie ended in less than 90 minutes which was rather early, so we went to Starbuck @ Centre Point. We each had a cup of Ice Blended Green Tea, while gossiping about guys and chics. As Cheryl had curfew, we left Starbuck at about 10pm and continue our session at her house till her parents came back. Arrived home at 11.40pm, wash up and begun blogging this crap which I had just finish typing.

Tadaaaaa.................. Hope you guys enjoy the food.. haha

Was Ikea's Truck Hijack ?

I just arrived at McDonalds @ Mutiara Damansara at about 10pm, and it was pack, so I parked my car by the roadside just opposite Ikea's loading bay. Got out of my car and I saw the gate and fence leading to Ikea's smashed. There was a few security guard, police officers and Ikea's officer standing around the scene and my first thought was, someone tried to hijack precious cargo from the warehouse. So i decided to take some picture's(you don't get to see this everyday). Then I overheard a crowd near by saying that there was a huge bang and the next they notice was a truck crashed directly into the gate(the driver must be sleeping or plain drunk).
Some officers inspecting the scene.

Why is Prosperity Meal still on Sale?

Was at McDonalds @ Mutiara Damansara just at about 10pm just now to have supper with my cousins. Was surprise that Prosperity Meal promo was still running. However they replace Prosperity Burger with Prosperity Foldover. I decided to give it a try and order Prosperity Chicken Foldover as I've not tried it before. Guess what, both the burger and foldover taste the same, the only difference was the bun and pita bread. Has McDonald lost count that Chinese New Year is only celebrated for 15 days or was the sales so good that they decided to pro-long the promo to cash in extra profit?

Some people believe that having prosperity meal will somewhat make them richer, but to me, its a marketing gimmick that makes McDonald(Golden Arches Restaurant Sdn Bhd) and its owner Tan Sri Vincent Tan prosper. What do you think?

**This is not an advertorial, just a peek into my life, a boring one.

Chocolate, I'm loving IT!!!

Dr Jean who recently came back from Ireland bought me a suprise, its a box of EXTRA Fine Swiss Chocolate. And I'm loving it, loving the box so much, I decided not to open it for atleast another week and its now on my study table. Puttin it there so that I can see it every morning before I go to work. Ahah I just love chocolate....

Its has Mark & Spencer's name printed on the box
*** Dr Jean is still a medical undergraduate until mid 2010. She is one of my best friend cum GodMother, a kei poh one that always ask me all sorts of questions till I'm speechless. Glad you're back from Ireland....

DiGi's D'House on fire alert

It happen about a week before the Chinese New Year celebration, work was as usual until the emergency bell rang. Everyone went panic, and begun running towards the nearest emergency stairway to make an orderly exit from D'House(the official name for DIGI's HQ). Orders were given for us to leave the building, get out of DiGi's compound and assemble at a nearby factory. Everything happen so fast, that many thought there was a real fire in D'House, until word got out that it was just a fire drill. Haiz, such a let down. Anyway, here are some pictures of DIGIzens running for their life:
Dont ask me why, but the guard close the gate leaving only a small gap for people to run through.
People making their way to the assembly point
This is the DIGI way, cant live without the notebook and mobile even during a fire alert
Getting back to office after the drill.
Some frustrated folks marching towards the office, cursing the emergency bell for wasting their precious time.

Avoid going to Kuala Lumpur at all cost

The parliment has just been dissolved this week and Hindraf has just launched another rally this morning. Called the rose rally, participants of the rally carry a rose each while marching towards Parliment demanding for release of the 5 Hindraf leader which was detain under Internal Security Act(ISA) following the street protest last year.

With the election fever intensify, the opposition party and anti government movement such as Hindraf and BERSIH will surely be organising more street protest.

So if you dont wanna be caught in the jam or be arrest by the police, be sure you keep yourself out from the heart of Kuala Lumpur until the general election. If not, you will risk being stuck in the jam for hours just like some city folks experience during the first Hindraf and BERSIH rally earlier in October 2007.
Read all about this morning rally's at Malaysiakini and New Straits Times

Who you should marry?

This is a hilarious sms which I received from a colleague of mine today. Here's how it goes:

Never marry a Hotlink Girl, she express herself!
Never marry a TMnet Girl, she has a connection all over Malaysia!
Never marry a Celcom Girl, she will never miss on opportunity!
If you marry a DiGi Girl, she will follow where ever you go!
Happy Valentine's Day

So guys out there, if you are looking for a girlfriend make sure she is using DiGi, preferably working with DiGi also. If you already have a girlfriend or wife, then make sure she is using DiGi or working for DiGi. If she isn't using or working for DiGi, then its TIME To CHANGE(either get her to change or change her)

Girls who are not using DiGi, you should seriously consider changing or risk being dump.

This is not an advertorial for DiGi, just something hilarious I would like to share while I am sick. Because laughter is the best medicine.

** This is just a joke, please dont get offended.**

Charlie Chia is down

Charlie Chia is down, not emotionally but physically down due to high fever. I worked half day on Tuesday, visited the Doctor during lunch break and was subsequently given medical certificate to take the day off from work. I had high fever, more than 100 degrees. Despite being a good boy, taking all the prescribe medicine by the doctor every 4 hours, I still feel sick.

So I went to pay the doctor another visit the next day at 8am, and the doctor says that my fever did not subside, so he gave me another medicate certificate to have the day off from work.

This clinic is RM90 richer because I come everyday for the past 3 days. The insurance company must be cursing, Why is there such stupid people that visit the doctor everyday. hahaha

Today, Thursday, my condition worsens and I can’t even drive. Lucky my mum wasn't working, so I got her to send me to the clinic. Again the doctor says that my fever is still above 100 degrees and gave me another medicate certificate. The doctor also advises me to drink plenty of water and have lots rest. If my condition doest not improve the next day, I will have to do a blood test and might have to get my self admitted into the hospital as the doctor suspect that I might have Denggi. OMG...

So I total I have got my self 3 medical certificates which grant me 3 days off from work and it cost RM90 in total for the doctor's consultation. Luckily my company provided all staffs with ING Medical Call which covers all the medical bill.

Malaysia's Parliament dissolved, 12th General Election on the way

Short Talk: Just yesterday, the PM spoke to the press saying that the parliment will not be dessolved on the 13th February. And today, he made the announcement. The PM lied to us.... The Star

At a hastily arranged press conference at 12.30 at the prime minister's office, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has announced that Parliament has been dissolved, paving the way for the 12th general election.

The date of the candidate nomination and election date will be announce tomorrow in an official announcement.

Fellow Malaysian, its time to go out and vote in full force. Vote wisely!!!!

Get Good Karma this Valentine's

Short Talk: Help the needy by getting some lovely chocolate muffins this valentine. All proceeds will go to charity. ~Another Advertorial~

Valentine's Day is just a day away. Have you decided what to do? or what to buy this valentine for your other half? Well, If you are still cracking your brains trying to look for a perfect gift. why dont get some chocolates muffins this valentine. It looks lovely, taste great. and most importantly it express your feeling...

I cant lie to you by saying that its tasty, but from the photo above, it sure look taste. And it come with a direct I Love U Message. How lovely is that?

If you are interested, Kindly contact Ms Fiona Marie Valerio at 016 251 6619
Payment method: Cash on Delivery
Delivery is applicaple to Klang Valley only.

Chinese New Year Gathering with AIESEC TBS

Attended a gathering at Daryl's House (in Kajang, Walau eh we have to go through 5 tolls costing some RM7 plus per way), formal LCP of AIESEC in TBS. Had lots of fun there meeting up a bunch of young, energetic and crazy people. Even AIESEC UKM and AIESEC Malaysia representative were there to gather and of course to grow our wealth through ang pow collection. Here's some photos arrange in sequence to give you a glimpse of what happened during the gathering.

Cecelia posing with some CNY snack
(L to R)Kevin, Suet May and Sook Theng looking serious watching Channel 551
(L to R) Kawei, Cecelia and Julie doing some random stuff
Our food, courtesy of Daryl's parent. Among others are rice, friend chicken, satay, Domino's Pizza
(L to R) Sook Theng and Suet May . Ermmm delicious.
These people surrounding the buffet line. Must be reall hungry eh? Han Yen getting drunk
These 2 were talking and laughing the whole night. Even in my car. Wonder what dirty jokes they are sharing.
What is kevin trying to do ?

(L to R) Chili, Shanny, Kevin, Daryl, KenHuei, Kawei and Suet May. Posing with the Yee Sang
A group photo without me (I had to be the photographer). Daryl, pls get an official photographer next time

Toasting the Yee Sang Together

Ladies Fashion goes virtual

Short Talk: This is an advertorial for Chiino Pieces, a newly launched Online Fashion Concept Store. There are 20 vouchers to be given out courtesy of Chiino Pieces, so be sure you read carefully and find out how you could get one.

In today's fast moving world, time is money. Imagine braving through the terrible traffic on Kuala Lumpur, getting a car park at the mall, the rising cost of fuel and countless of toll booth just to get a decent clothes for a party, anniversary, or functions. Life need not be that difficult, because a new local online store has just been launch recently. It's a modern and chic online ladies fashion store which sell simple, elegant yet affordable ladies fashion wear.

Conceptualized by Ms Jane Chia, who finds it difficult to shop as she is busy with her family and work schedule. Thus she decided to launch Chiino Pieces, an online fashion store which sells fashions from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong at an affordable price because they eliminate the physical store rental.

If you are wondering how affordable it is? Here's a peek, prices of Chiino Pieces product ranges from RM20 to RM100 only. It's good place to shop because it brings you fashion design all the way from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, and you can do all the shopping at the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks on the mouse.

It's an ideal place for girls to shop, whether it’s for your own use or to be used as a gift. Guys who are too shy to get a gift for girls could also buy online to avoid the embarrassment.

As a reward to my loyal readers, Chiino Pieces has decided to give out 20 vouchers which will entitle you to discounts which will make those pretty looking dress, skirts and jacket more affordable.

So you maybe wondering what you need to do in order to get it right?
Well it’s pretty simple and straight forward.

1.) You just got to write a post about Chiino Pieces on your own blog, and remember to provide a link to Chiino Pieces website (
2.) Once you have done that, just email me at with the subject, Chiino Pieces free Voucher.
3.) Do provide details like your blog address, and of course your email.
4.) The first 20 email I received and meet the condition of having a write up on the owner’s blog will be given an e-voucher.

End of holiday, but ang pow is getting bigger

Today mark the last day of holiday for many of us as we will be returning to work tomorrow having the usual Monday blues. Dam the good time flies pass really fast. The past few days of Chinese New Year Celebration has been awesome, cause I've got the opportunity to meet up with lots of family members, relatives and friends. I also got lots of ang pow(which I will write a post on it in a day or two). Chinese New Year is an annual opportunity to meet people that are close at heart, earn some money from collecting ang pow(my parents will not agree to this), playing cards and mahjong(I dont play any of this though, just sit and watch) and some plesant surprise which I am looking forward in the coming week.

oh ya, I'll be getting a RM388 ang pow from DIGI as well (its sort of a employees performance bonus, rewarding me for getting the big deal. Refer to First major deal a success ). Will be looking forward to receive that big big ang pow. It will be my biggest ang pow ever. Besides that, DIGI has also announce a dividend of 59cent per share(which means RM590 for every old lot of share owned) just days before the Chinese New Year. This is the best Chinese New Year ever, because DIGI is giving me tons of moo-lah.

To those poor little soul like me who is gonna start working again tomorrow, make sure you get enough rest and get fully recharged. I can sense more money coming in, during the year of Golden Rat. Once again I would like to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai.

got to run now, going for a Chinese New Year gathering at Daryl's House.

Surprise sms from my admirer?

1st day of Chinese New Year has always been busy as usual, as my family will be busy visiting orphanages as well as relatives. As the cost of sending an sms gets cheaper, some operator even gives free sms during this festive season, people tend to send a lot of forwarded sms greeting to greet their love ones, family, relatives, and friends. It’s so cheap and easy that sending a card or even e-card has become history for most people. Yesterday while on the way to the orphanage to share with them the joy of celebrating Chinese New Year, I received a surprise sms, a sms from a number is look pretty familiar but yet I couldn’t recall who it was. Here's a snap shot of the sms. **Take note that I have erased the last 3 digit of the sender's mobile number due to privacy issue.

I thought the sms was from a secret admirer of mine, maybe a stalker or someone playing a prank on me. I was really curious with the message as it was address to my and my family and the sender even knows my name. So I politely reply by saying thanks for the greeting and ask who the sender was? I received a reply shortly from the same number, with two words only. Guess what, it was Timothy Tiah, the founder of Nuffnang. Dam I was really surprised. I wonder if he did sms every nuffnanger....

Anyway, thank Timothy for the short sms which really caught m by surprise. It was really sweet of you.

Best dessert after reunion dinner.

Short Talk:
I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Chinese community, Gong Xi Fa Cai, may the year of the rat brings you good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.


It's Chinese New Year eve. As usual, everyone rushes home to have reunion dinner with their family members. This is the time that I often look forward to simple because this is when I get to meet my cousins, aunties, and uncles and have a nice dinner together. This year's reunion dinner session comes with something extra, a special dessert in the form of ang pau(red packet containing cash). I received 7 ang pow's on new year eve, with a few of them containing cash worth 3 digit in value. This is a great start into the year of the rat, and I can already feel god of prosperity (Choy San Yeh) blessing me...

Photo of my dessert right after having my reunion dinner.

Malaysia's Government finally Apologies

With the 12th General Election being rumored being around the corner, the ruling government is trying hard to please the general public hoping to win some votes in return. However, since the last 4 months, government officers have been offending the general public and made national headlines on all major dailies. Among the mistake done was the demolition of Maha Mariamman Temple in Padang Jawa, a Hindu temple in Klang which was build more than a 100 years ago. To make matters worse, the temple was demolish on the eve of Deepavali last year. The action taken by the officers spark national uproar, especially the Indian Community, leading to several street protest in the heart of Kuala Lumpur organised by BERSIH. At that time, not only did the ruling government fail to admit the mistake but condemn the street protest.

As the General Election heat gets hotter, the top gun of the Barisan National tries to calm down the public and win vote by stepping out and apologies for the mistake on the 4th of Feb 2008 as quoted by Bernama. I wonder what will happen if the national mosque was demolish by other community and then apologies for the mistake?


I shall blog about something different in this entry. I hope this entry would help boost your vocabulary. Today, I shall talk about about Kanasai, a word that has been Malaysian favourite, especially the chinese. So what is this word all about?

Origin: Hokkien Dialect
Direct Translation: Just Shit
Word Meaning: Like Shit
How to use?
Exp 1.) His new hairstyle is kanasai.

Alternate Use: **To curse
How to use?
Exp 1) Kanasai, you didnt buy me any souvenir from your holiday trip.

Hope you learn something new. If you already know how to use it, please do share how you make use of this word.

Chinese New Year & Ang Pow

Chinese New Year has always been associated with longevity, prosperity and good health. It is one of the prominent festival among the Chinese community and

Chinese New Year has always been my favourite ever since I was young, mainly because it is the only occasion where I get to meet all my cousins, uncles, aunties and relatives. It’s the only time when we get to catch up, eat, sleep and play with my cousins. I still remember those days when I was in primary school, Chinese New Year is always the best part of the schooling calendar because that’s when we usually have 2 weeks school holidays. Sadly all good things must come to an end, today those studying aren't as lucky to have such long holiday during Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year has been my childhood favourite mainly because I get to collect lots of red packet (also known as ang pow in hokkien) which contains money of course. Why am I so happy about collecting ang pow? Well, I come from an average family that struggle to live on a limited budget. Collecting ang pow has always become my main source of income as the money I collected yearly is always few times the total pocket money I get in a year. Thus I'm always happy when Chinese New Year arrived, because that’s when I get to fill my piggy with loads of moo lah. Its not a few million ringgit, but it’s was a lot to me when I was still a little child. Till today the money I usually get from ang pow is still a lot to me, because the cost of living has risen dramatically in recent years, so every single ringgit I manage to get in an ang pow will actually make a different.

Besides the money, this is when I get to eat, eat, eat and eat non stop, because relatives will be visiting and they usually brings lots of food stuff, like Chinese New Year biscuits, mandarin oranges, chocolates, soft drinks and etc.

Like any other year, I can’t wait to celebrate the Chinese New Year which is 4 days away. So whets do you like most about Chinese New Year??

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