Who you should marry?

This is a hilarious sms which I received from a colleague of mine today. Here's how it goes:

Never marry a Hotlink Girl, she express herself!
Never marry a TMnet Girl, she has a connection all over Malaysia!
Never marry a Celcom Girl, she will never miss on opportunity!
If you marry a DiGi Girl, she will follow where ever you go!
Happy Valentine's Day

So guys out there, if you are looking for a girlfriend make sure she is using DiGi, preferably working with DiGi also. If you already have a girlfriend or wife, then make sure she is using DiGi or working for DiGi. If she isn't using or working for DiGi, then its TIME To CHANGE(either get her to change or change her)

Girls who are not using DiGi, you should seriously consider changing or risk being dump.

This is not an advertorial for DiGi, just something hilarious I would like to share while I am sick. Because laughter is the best medicine.

** This is just a joke, please dont get offended.**


vhanded said...

Wow, I am Maxis user! Maxis rocks! but I love Digi too, ha.

blindtape said...

I just laughed.

Anyway, get well soon!

cyan said...

I thought you will say that the girls should marry charlie chia.

Esther Chin said...

not marry me ar?
but, i maxis user wo..

Charlie said...

vhanded: get a digi number lah, get HAPPY!!! its by DiGi and you only pay 99sen for 45 minutes call (nationwide, any fixed line and mobile line) refer to my previous post Don't Cha wanna be Happy??

cyan: hahaha good one, thanks for dropping by, its your first time right ?

esther: Change to DiGi loh, want me to get you a Happy!!! Pack??

Esther Chin said...

don't need thank you, i'm very happy with maxis already.

Charlie said...

Esther: haha, speaking about Maxis. I was a hotlink user too. But now I use Digi since its free and I've like unlimited calls, sms, mms and broadband access.

cyan said...

yes, my first time. you can visit my blog at
I view your blog from my coursemate.

Anonymous said...


Esther Chin said...

oh well, maxis has that too anyway.

Charlie said...

Cyan: alright, will visit when I have the time. Who is your coursemate?

Charlie said...

Esther: Maxis give you unlimited calls, sms, mms and broadband access for FREE? I dont pay a single sen using DIGI now lah, not even monthly rental.

Esther Chin said...

you are working for them of coz they give you benefits le... i dont see them giving EVERYONE free unlimited stuffs for free also.

Charlie said...

Esther: hahaha. thought you didnt know mah. hehehe. So how have you been? when are you free to go shoppinggggggg?

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