Was Ikea's Truck Hijack ?

I just arrived at McDonalds @ Mutiara Damansara at about 10pm, and it was pack, so I parked my car by the roadside just opposite Ikea's loading bay. Got out of my car and I saw the gate and fence leading to Ikea's smashed. There was a few security guard, police officers and Ikea's officer standing around the scene and my first thought was, someone tried to hijack precious cargo from the warehouse. So i decided to take some picture's(you don't get to see this everyday). Then I overheard a crowd near by saying that there was a huge bang and the next they notice was a truck crashed directly into the gate(the driver must be sleeping or plain drunk).
Some officers inspecting the scene.


Baby said...

drunk? so coincident? why not the curve's gate? or any other place? why ikea?

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