Avoid going to Kuala Lumpur at all cost

The parliment has just been dissolved this week and Hindraf has just launched another rally this morning. Called the rose rally, participants of the rally carry a rose each while marching towards Parliment demanding for release of the 5 Hindraf leader which was detain under Internal Security Act(ISA) following the street protest last year.

With the election fever intensify, the opposition party and anti government movement such as Hindraf and BERSIH will surely be organising more street protest.

So if you dont wanna be caught in the jam or be arrest by the police, be sure you keep yourself out from the heart of Kuala Lumpur until the general election. If not, you will risk being stuck in the jam for hours just like some city folks experience during the first Hindraf and BERSIH rally earlier in October 2007.
Read all about this morning rally's at Malaysiakini and New Straits Times


ipohchai said...

they're really so free la

Bob K said...

I'm sure if my father or my friends are incarcerated without trial for just having an opinion, I'd find some time too.

kianbung said...

see, the reason these rallies won't work is because not enough people go. the more the merrier - and with enough people, anyone can overpower whatever the government throws at us.

lol at the V avatar.

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