Charlie Chia is down

Charlie Chia is down, not emotionally but physically down due to high fever. I worked half day on Tuesday, visited the Doctor during lunch break and was subsequently given medical certificate to take the day off from work. I had high fever, more than 100 degrees. Despite being a good boy, taking all the prescribe medicine by the doctor every 4 hours, I still feel sick.

So I went to pay the doctor another visit the next day at 8am, and the doctor says that my fever did not subside, so he gave me another medicate certificate to have the day off from work.

This clinic is RM90 richer because I come everyday for the past 3 days. The insurance company must be cursing, Why is there such stupid people that visit the doctor everyday. hahaha

Today, Thursday, my condition worsens and I can’t even drive. Lucky my mum wasn't working, so I got her to send me to the clinic. Again the doctor says that my fever is still above 100 degrees and gave me another medicate certificate. The doctor also advises me to drink plenty of water and have lots rest. If my condition doest not improve the next day, I will have to do a blood test and might have to get my self admitted into the hospital as the doctor suspect that I might have Denggi. OMG...

So I total I have got my self 3 medical certificates which grant me 3 days off from work and it cost RM90 in total for the doctor's consultation. Luckily my company provided all staffs with ING Medical Call which covers all the medical bill.


3POINT8 said...

get well soon

Charlie said...

3point8: Thanks dude. Trying hard to get well.

ShuKuen7788 said...

wow, i having the same card you having.
No worry when going clinic.

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