I shall blog about something different in this entry. I hope this entry would help boost your vocabulary. Today, I shall talk about about Kanasai, a word that has been Malaysian favourite, especially the chinese. So what is this word all about?

Origin: Hokkien Dialect
Direct Translation: Just Shit
Word Meaning: Like Shit
How to use?
Exp 1.) His new hairstyle is kanasai.

Alternate Use: **To curse
How to use?
Exp 1) Kanasai, you didnt buy me any souvenir from your holiday trip.

Hope you learn something new. If you already know how to use it, please do share how you make use of this word.


pamsong said...

Kanasai, you dunno direct translation of kanasai why you come up with own kanasai dictionary?


Seriously, dude. It doesn't mean Just Shit. No kiddin. Do you speak Hokkien?

Charlie said...

Pam: hey, how have you been ? its ben a long time since you last drop by. Got you internet connection at home already ?

erm yeah I do speak hokkien, and that how me and my friends use it woh. anyway, why dont you enlighten me then? seeya. Happy Chinese New Year

pamsong said...

Yeah, it's been awhile since I've had time to blogsurf. Been so so busy. Chinese New Year workload is crazy. Plus, I've been sick over the past few days. My blog's been pretty much dead cos of that. Food poisoning. Today's my first day touching my comp again since Friday morning. -_-

And no, I still don't have internet connection at home. I'm back in my hometown... that's why. =)

And no lahhhhh. Kanasai means Like Shit. Kana is Like. KanIa is Just. Different leh. Different word in entirety. The meaning and the direct translation same same! The direct translation also means Like Shit.

Hope this helped! =)

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