End of holiday, but ang pow is getting bigger

Today mark the last day of holiday for many of us as we will be returning to work tomorrow having the usual Monday blues. Dam the good time flies pass really fast. The past few days of Chinese New Year Celebration has been awesome, cause I've got the opportunity to meet up with lots of family members, relatives and friends. I also got lots of ang pow(which I will write a post on it in a day or two). Chinese New Year is an annual opportunity to meet people that are close at heart, earn some money from collecting ang pow(my parents will not agree to this), playing cards and mahjong(I dont play any of this though, just sit and watch) and some plesant surprise which I am looking forward in the coming week.

oh ya, I'll be getting a RM388 ang pow from DIGI as well (its sort of a employees performance bonus, rewarding me for getting the big deal. Refer to First major deal a success ). Will be looking forward to receive that big big ang pow. It will be my biggest ang pow ever. Besides that, DIGI has also announce a dividend of 59cent per share(which means RM590 for every old lot of share owned) just days before the Chinese New Year. This is the best Chinese New Year ever, because DIGI is giving me tons of moo-lah.

To those poor little soul like me who is gonna start working again tomorrow, make sure you get enough rest and get fully recharged. I can sense more money coming in, during the year of Golden Rat. Once again I would like to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Chai.

got to run now, going for a Chinese New Year gathering at Daryl's House.


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