PJLA: Kuah Jen Han First Show

Got a pair of free tickets to attended Kuah Jen Han first comedy today courtesy of Revive Isotonic @revupwithrevive. Thanks for the complimentary tickets, you guys really revive my day.

It's my first time at PJ Live Arts and enjoy the show very much. My friend David Lai was a guess performer at the show too and he put on a impressive show as well. Good job to the both of you.

Energizer Night Race 2011: Refund at last

The organiser of this year Energizer Night race makes the biggest blunder by organising the a Nightmare run of the year which made all 10,000 participant furious.

The result? The organizer ran away and Energizer Malaysia has to take over and face the public.The situation became a National news after a senior CELCOM Executive started Boycott Energizer Night Race and I started(DiGi) started Energizer Night Race KL: We Want Justice. It was also rumoured Energizer incurred a loss of more than RM1.2 million in a bid to save its brand name from further destruction.

It has been a long wait. More than a month since the race was held but its better late than never. I receive my cheque last week and a parcel today complete with finishing medal, finisher shirt, USB battery charger, shaver, eco bag, and tampon(errmm i wonder why are they giving out tampon to racer? are we suppose to shove it under your ass before we run?).

The RM50 refund

The Parcel

These are in the parcel

Certificate of participation.

They should have printed our names on it since they are already sending personal parcel to all the participants.

The finisher Shirt

The finisher medal with Sepang Formula 1 Race Track on the background

The back of the Medal

The Headlamp, USB Charger,Shaver, tampon and eco bag on the background.

With the refund and delivery of goody bag to all participants, lets end this chapter of nightmare to an end. Hopefully Energizer can engage a better organizer and have a better event for 2012.

POCC Celebrate Life with your BFF Pink Party @ Zouk KL

Rush back from Malacca yesterday evening for the POCC's Celebrate Life with your Best Friend Forever Pink Party @ one of KL most happening club, Zouk KL. Jointly organised by the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) and Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC), the party is the finale of a series of event aim at raising awareness among women, their family and friends.

Arrived 30 minutes before the event together with Michelle to party as well as to support one of my good friend SueLynn aka BangsarBabe, who has pledge her support as a blogger ambassadors of POCC.

Sue Lynn's reserved table in front of the stage

The event started with Sarimah Ibrahim and Pietro introducing themselves as the emcees of the night followed by a little game to get the crowd warmed up. Then the opening speech by Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, Medical Director of National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Later token of appreciation was given out to all sponsors who has supported the event.
Group photo of the sponsors representative

The event was sponsored and supported by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Reebok, Anna Sui, L'OrĂ©al Pureology, Mell Basics, Nose, Cleo,  and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Up next, Genevieve Sambhi a Cervical Cancer Survival was invited to share her story before walking down the runway.
Genevieve (Cervical Cancer Survival) doing the catwalk

A group of selected celebrities and bloggers who has pledged their support also walked the runway with clothes and shoes by the sponsors.

The Celebrity and Blogger Ambassadors

There were more games and prizes throughout the night till 10pm.
Me and Pietro

Right after the event, Michelle, Me, SueLynn, Rif, and 2 of SueLynn's friend went for supper at Changkat followed by chicken wings at Wong Ah Wah.

Visa Signature by CIMB

If you have not notice, CIMB has been aggressively promoting the CIMB Visa Signature. Its not a totally new product but CIMB seems to have step up on its marketing effort lately. The marketing effort appear to have bear fruit as it has successfully convinced me to apply for one.

My card just arrived today, leas than 1 week since I submitted my application. Here's how the card looks like:

Here's some of the benefits:

  1. No Annual Fee (waived for life for principle and up to 3 supplementary card)

  2. 2X Bonus Point for oversea spending

  3. Instants Recognition with CIMB Premier Club Rewards

  4. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access (Plaza Premium Lounge)

  5. Complimentary Movie Tickets (enjoy complimentary ticket of the same class at GSC Cinemas)

  6. Dedicated CIMB Travel Desk

  7. CIMB Bank Smart Rewards

  8. 1 hour Card replacement

  9. CIMB Visa Signature HotelClub (enjoy up to 75% at 55,000 hotel worldwide)

  10. Visa Signature Exclusive Benefits

Personally i was attracted to 3 main benefit:

  • Complimentary Movie Tickets, this is extremely useful especially useful as my girlfriend and I loves to watch movie. With this benefit, I get to watch movie at all GSC Cinemas, be it Gold Class, Premiere Class or Normal Class together with my girlfriend for the price of ONE.

  • CIMB Visa Signature Hotel Club, while I'm not a travel addict, but I do travel and this offer could really help me save a lot when I go on holidays. For more info go to

  • CIMB Smart Reward, this would be the most important benefit of the 3 because CIMB cards offer pretty good discounts at over 500 dining, retail and lifestyle outlets.

My complimentary tickets for Plaza Premium Lounge

With the rising inflation rate and weak economy outlook, its certainly good to be able to enjoy some discount be it wen we dine out, go for movies or even when we go for a holiday.

If you would like to enjoy some great savings just like me, do check out on the CIMB Visa Signature. I've done some comparison with several Visa Signature offering from other local and overseas bank and still find CIMB's offering to be the best.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all mothers out there!!!

My siblings and I would usually treat our mum to a nice dinner during Mother's Day. This year, we plan to do it differently. Yesterday we got up at 3am and was at Sunway Pyramid at 4am. No, the shops doesn't open until 10am and we were not there for freebies. We were there to queue up at Machines to get the much talk about iPad2. Yes we are getting an iPad2 for Mother's Day and we love our mum so much that we got up that early on a Saturday just to make sure that we get one.

By 6am, there were more than 100 people in the queue and by 9am, there's more than 300 people. We were lucky to be the top 30 in the queue. God knows when the first guy in line started queuing up. These people would probably be getting one for Mother's Day too. Yes, its not cheap but the price is Malaysia is still among the cheapest in the world. 

Anyway decided to get the White(its a must to get white cause its the Apple official colour) 64GB iPad2 WiFi version. We decided not to get the 3G version because 3G service in Malaysia is still lacking in terms of speed and coverage, trust me after all I've been doing Enterprise Sales with the local telco for almost 4 years. The WiFi only version cost RM2099, RM400 cheaper than the 3G version.

Love the minimalist and simplistic packaging.

Right after we got our hands on the iPad2 with screen protector and casing of cause, we headed over to Lot 10, where YES flagship store is located. Yes, we decided to say YES to YTL's new communication service. We got a YES Huddle for RM1199, which comes with a FREE Huddle(Worth RM399), RM800 credit, RM400 rebate, Yes Life Account, and Yes email. Shall explain in details on why we decided to say YES in my next post.

The YES Huddle

Essentially the YES Huddle is a portable Broadband(Wimax) Modem with a WiFi hub build in that support up to 5 devices at any one time. We headed over to Lot 10's Hutong for brunch after getting our YES account registered.

Setting up is a breeze just like any Apply Products

My brother did the setup before keeping it back in the box and presented to our beloved mum today. Our mum was beaming with joy when she saw the iPad2. I could tell that she was excited with her new toy as she can now check her emails, Facebook, recipes and her research while on the move. That's our little way of showing our love for you mummy. It may not be a million dollar house or car, but its gift worth getting and we hope it will help you in your everyday life. On behalf of my siblings, Mummy we would like to tell you that we are grateful that you brought us to this world and we LOVE you very much. Happy Mother's Day.
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