Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all mothers out there!!!

My siblings and I would usually treat our mum to a nice dinner during Mother's Day. This year, we plan to do it differently. Yesterday we got up at 3am and was at Sunway Pyramid at 4am. No, the shops doesn't open until 10am and we were not there for freebies. We were there to queue up at Machines to get the much talk about iPad2. Yes we are getting an iPad2 for Mother's Day and we love our mum so much that we got up that early on a Saturday just to make sure that we get one.

By 6am, there were more than 100 people in the queue and by 9am, there's more than 300 people. We were lucky to be the top 30 in the queue. God knows when the first guy in line started queuing up. These people would probably be getting one for Mother's Day too. Yes, its not cheap but the price is Malaysia is still among the cheapest in the world. 

Anyway decided to get the White(its a must to get white cause its the Apple official colour) 64GB iPad2 WiFi version. We decided not to get the 3G version because 3G service in Malaysia is still lacking in terms of speed and coverage, trust me after all I've been doing Enterprise Sales with the local telco for almost 4 years. The WiFi only version cost RM2099, RM400 cheaper than the 3G version.

Love the minimalist and simplistic packaging.

Right after we got our hands on the iPad2 with screen protector and casing of cause, we headed over to Lot 10, where YES flagship store is located. Yes, we decided to say YES to YTL's new communication service. We got a YES Huddle for RM1199, which comes with a FREE Huddle(Worth RM399), RM800 credit, RM400 rebate, Yes Life Account, and Yes email. Shall explain in details on why we decided to say YES in my next post.

The YES Huddle

Essentially the YES Huddle is a portable Broadband(Wimax) Modem with a WiFi hub build in that support up to 5 devices at any one time. We headed over to Lot 10's Hutong for brunch after getting our YES account registered.

Setting up is a breeze just like any Apply Products

My brother did the setup before keeping it back in the box and presented to our beloved mum today. Our mum was beaming with joy when she saw the iPad2. I could tell that she was excited with her new toy as she can now check her emails, Facebook, recipes and her research while on the move. That's our little way of showing our love for you mummy. It may not be a million dollar house or car, but its gift worth getting and we hope it will help you in your everyday life. On behalf of my siblings, Mummy we would like to tell you that we are grateful that you brought us to this world and we LOVE you very much. Happy Mother's Day.


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