World Bloggers & Social Media Summit 2011 - Soft Launch

Well I've been blogging for several years now ever since late 2007. Started out more as a diary to keep track of events that happen around me. Soon I was invited to events, parties, launches, reviews and so on. I must admit that I enjoy every single bit of attention and recognition given to me. yes I'm an attention seeker.

While its not easy to find the free time to attend events, edit pictures and write while juggling with my busy schedule in the corporate world, I guess the 2 second of fame outweigh and rule. I may not be the top blogger in the country or as famous as Kennysia but I guess I've achieve some level of fame. If not, why on earth would I be invited to attend the Soft Launch of the World Bloggers & Social Media Summit.

The event which was held at Luna Bar, Menara Pan Global is organised by MyEvents International, a subsidiary of Dawoo Holdings Sdn Bhd. It's essentially a preview of what to expect in the upcoming summit which will be held on the 15th & 16th of June 2011 @ PWTC(Putra World Trade Centre) Kuala Lumpur.

The VVIP launching the event

MrMr Shahul Hameed Dawood(CEO of My Events), Datuk Badlisham Ghazali(CEO of Multimedia Development Corporation(MDEC)) , Terence Fernandez, Senior Editor of The Sun.

I bump into my friend Katherine and her boss, Azran the CEO of AirAsia X. Had a short chat with them and not forgetting a photo session for this blog post.
Azran, me and Kathrine

Interestingly I also met my long long distance cousin, Amber Chia. Okok I was just pulling your legs, she may have the same surname as mine but as far as I know we are totally not related

Amber Chia & Charlie Chia


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