Have you got a POKEN?

A new craze is about to hit the World soon. An it comes in the from of POKEN!!!

When I ask my friends: Have you got a POKEN? Most of them will say excuse me what did you just said ? It's as though I've just utter a vulgar word. Well please allow me to have the please of introducing POKEN, the name for a new electronic gadget that allows you to share all your social network information as well as personal information just by touching your POKEN with your friends POKEN.

It's around the size of a Pendrive (or some call it thumb drive) and it comes in various cute cartoon shape. All the designs come with a big hand with just four finger.

Aren't they cute?

If you still don't understand how it work, let me share with you a step by step guide on how to use it:
1.) Get a POKEN yourself.
2.)When you first purchase it, plug into your computer and then go to to register your POKEN.

3.) Create your own profile and you may include the following details:
  • Personal Information - Name, Mobile No., Photos, Email, Blog
  • Social Networks - Flickr, facebook, Flickr, Hi5, linked in, friendster, myspace, bebo, etc
  • Instant Messenger - MSN, GoogleTalk, Skype, ICQ (no YM for now)
4) You can then touch your POKEN’s hand to another POKEN to ‘high four’ (it's call high four because unlike human hand, POKEN only has four fingers) and You will feel a magnetic pull between the hands when they are properly aligned: palm-to-palm. The data communication lasts about one second, so you can pull them apart after 1 or 2 seconds. The POKEN's palms glow green if the connection is successful. If they glow red, then there has been an error. In that case, simply high-four them again for a few seconds. Touch your POKENto as many friends as you'd like to share your online social network profile(s).Even if you've already connected with someone, it's worth high-fouring your friends every time you hang out with them. You'll be able to view all your social interactions in a timeline. The POKEN high-four can become your new greeting. You can then keep track of when and how often you and your friends hang out.

5) Plug the POKEN in your PC/Laptop and it will load the contacts in your POKEN to your POKEN page where you can decide to store or delete your contacts.

Some of the various design available.

This is how it looks like when the hand is remove from the body.

The nicely packed POKEN.

Quick Facts you should know:
1.)Each POKEN can store up to 64 contacts

2.)Each time you successfully POKEN the little palm will glow green.

3.)It will blink red if you did not POKEN successfully, in which case, just wait a few seconds for the glowing to disappear and try again. .
4.)When you have four or less contacts left to store on your POKEN the palm will glow orange after you've POKENed.

5.)Once you exceed 64 contacts, the POKEN palm will glow red each time you POKEN (note: this is different from when it blinks red to let you know that you did not connect successfully).

6.)Each POKEN contact after the 64th will be saved, but it replaces the first contact stored on your POKEN.

I've made some orders last Tuesday and it has reach Malaysia today. According to the latest information from the Courier Company, the custom department has given clearance. Thus I will be expecting to receive it in a day or two.

Since this product is rather new in Malaysia, it is not available at any of the IT store at the moment, thus if you would like to get one, you can message me via Facebook.

Alternatively, if you plan to make bulk purchase directly from POKEN, you may use this promo code to enjoy some discount: PUOAEUD36PWH8LWCCLOO

Coca Cola Limited Edition Glasses 2009 - Only from Mc Donalds

Was tuning in to Hitz.FM listening to the gotcha programme, and then suddenly a radio advert was played saying that McDonald's will be launching a The Coca Cola Limited Edition Coloured Contour Glasses today 23 September 2009 and there will be 7 colours all together.

Immediately I called my Coke Fanatic Friends and we arrange to storm McDonald's Outlet during lunch to catch the promo.

This time around the Coca Cola Limited Edition Contour Glasses is given out absolutely FREE with no extra charges. The only catch is that you got a purchase any Large Value Meal plus a Sundae. When I arrive at the counter, I immediately enquire about the promo and how much it would cost me. The cashier then told my friends and I that it will cost us RM7 plus for a Large Value Meal and its comes with the Limited Edition Glass and a Sundae. So we thought that it was a great deal, after all, it the same price I pay on my regular visit to McDonald's.

So I ordered a Mc Chicken Large Set and the bill come close to RM12 inclusive of tax, in which I was taken by surprise. Only after awhile I realise that I have to pay for the Large Set as well as the Sundae. My immediate thought was, damn got con by the bloody cashier who most probably didn't even understand my question in the first place. McDonald's in Malaysia will need to adopt much more stringent recruitment policy man.

Anyway, I was in a good mood and didn't wanna wrack havoc, so I played Mr Nice guy and just pay the bill. Anyway after my lunch, I did a check on the website which clearly state that you will need to order a large value meal and a sundae to get the FREE limited edition Glass.

I've got so excited with my latest collection that I forgot to snap picture. Thus I'm using all the picture I can find online.

I grabbed a Light PINK Coca Cola Limited Edition Contour Glass as it was the only option available today. I was told by the Branch Manager In Kota Kemuning that after the PINK is sold off, they will start giving out the next colour which is Cool Blue. They will introduce a new colour after finish selling existing colour on promo. And this will go until until the 7th colour. The colour sequence are Pink, Cool Blue, Fortune Green, Ironic Grey, Royal Purple, Fresh Lime and Sparkly Clear.

This is mine, Coca Cola Limited Edition Pinky Coloured Contour Glass

So what are you waiting for ? Visit your nearest McDonald's Outlet today and grab yours today before they run out of stock. For more info, visit

DiGi's Wireless Broadband - Broadband Done Right

Finally I manage to get my hand on DiGi's Wireless 3G Broadband, one of the new kids on the block in term of wireless broadband service offering.

DiGi is one of last 3G Broadband service provider in town to roll out it's service because it has just obtained license about a year ago through Bhd. Since then it has been reported that DiGi embarked on an aggressive network expansion to support 3G technology on its network. The Broadband service has been launched in 3 strategic location, namely Klang Valley, Penang and Kuching.

The Broadband package is currently bundle with a HuaWei Wireless USB Modem. I took the Discover Package for RM58/month plus another RM15/month installment for the modem(12 months). That worked out to be RM180 for the modem which is still relatively cheap compare to what is available in the market today. Anyway, shall talk in details on the packages later. Lets start off with the packaging.

The Broadband Modem is compactly packed in a nice lunch box size package just like the picture below.

Features includes:
- HSPA/UMTS 2100 MHz and EDGE/GPRS/GSM900/1800/1900MHz
- Support up to 7.2Mbps high speed downlink packet access(HSDPA) and 4.5Mbps high speed uplink packet access (HSUPA)
- MicroSD Slot, supporting up to 8GB Memory size
- Plug and Play (Installation Software embedded in the modem)

System Requirement:
- Standard USB Interface
- Microsoft (R) Windows(R) 2000, XP, Vista and MAC.
- 50MB free disk space
- 128 MB Ram

What's in the package?

Well the package which I got comes with a HuaWei E230 HSPA USB Modem, a sim card(3G data enabled), 3 types of USB data cable (to connect the modem and your pc/laptop), modem clip(to clip the modem on your notebook screen), and a user guide book.

The 3G Data Service runs on IMSI 69 Sim Card

A closer look on the modem. its about 6cm long.

Step 1: Open the Sim card slot

Step 2: Insert your DiGi 3G Data Sim Card

Step 3: Connect any of the 3 USB Data Cable provided(depending on your preference)

Step 4: Connect the other end of the modem to your pc/laptop's USB Slot

Step 5: You will see a new drive(DiGi Internet) appear in My Computer(similar to plugging in your USB thumb drive)

Step 6: When you double click on the DiGi Internet Drive, you will see these files. Click on AutoRun.exe (program application)

Step 7: You will see these step by step installation guide. Just click next, next, next and wait for installation to complete. Then click finish.

Next double click on the DiGi Internet Icon on your desktop and you will see the interface below:

Step 9: Click on Connect..

Step 10: Tadaa. You are connected.

I've tried using the modem for the pass 1 month in several location, and I must say that I'm very impressed by the connection. I've tried using it at several location around SS2, TTDI, Subang, Bangsar Village, Bandar Utama and the connection I got were impressive. I've tried connecting at ComputerWars (a IT shop at SS2) and the download speed were as fast as 2Mbps with a minimum of 1.2Mbps. You can ask the 2 employees at ComputerWars, James and Yoong. They too were as impressed as I'm. I've also tried at TTDI and was amaze that the download speed were at 4Mbps to 5Mbps. The connection is stable during my trial and I didn't experience any interruption/disconnection. DiGi really did live up to it's claim Broadband Done Right!!!

This is one of the snap shot while trying at SS2.

When it comes to Broadband Connection, users will always have 2 main concern:

1.) Connectivity (Speed, Connection time, Stability)
In term on connection time, its really fast, as the modem gets a connection in less than 15 second after clicking on the Connect Button, The connection was stable and speed was above acceptable level, much faster compared to my Streamyx connection which cost me RM66 /month and still give me downtime once every 2 month.

2.) Price
The entry level plan is the discovery which is good enough for more user who needs a fast and stable connection to check emails, news, chats, stocks, blogging, YouTube and music download. However please bear in mind that all Wireless Broadband provider place a cap on the download. Once you hit the maximum data download for the particular month, your speed will be throttled to a lower speed.

Nevertheless, at RM58 its consider cheap compared to Streamyx. If you opt to get a modem outside, you will be a discount of RM5 off your monthly subscription, which means you only pay RM53/month. Plus you get another Rm5 discount if you sign up for Autobilling using your credit card. This will bring the price down to RM48 a month. Now at that price, its even cheaper than my Astro subscription and i certainly use the Internet more than my Astro Service.

If you would like to purchase your own modem, I would personally recommend that you purchase a Prolink HSPA Wireless Modem + Router. With that device, you will be able to plug in the DiGi 3G Data Sim Card into the Modem, follow the simple step to setup and you will have you very own WiFi hot spot running on DiGi Broadband. I've personally tried the Prolink modem with the DiGi Sim card and it works well. ** Take note that not all sim card based modem/router are compatible. Thus I advice you to try it out before buying or risk losing your hard earn cash.

3.) Coverage
This will be the only draw back using DiGi Wireless Broadband at the moment. At this point in time, the connection is only available in certain parts of Klang Valley, Penang and Kuching. Please take note that all Wireless Broadband provider are not able to guarantee that you 3G connection everywhere you go, as the connectivity depends very much on the geographical location. I'll suggest you check the coverage area before subscribing to the service. You may read more at the official website:

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