Nuffnang Pajama Party - The Bachelor Party

Esther, Kate and I arrived at the event at about 7pm (1 hour behind time, a Malaysian style). When I first arrive at Borneo Baruk Club, I thought I was at the wrong place, cause I saw 3 hot young ladies dress in naughty costume, a french maid, a nurse and a police women. I 'was thinking to myself, this cant be the right place, cause I'm suppose to be a pajama party and not a bachelor sex party. Anyway Esther who was once working with Nuffnang confirm that its the right place when she spotted some familiar faces. In a split of a second, Esther was missing, leaving Kate and I alone and lost.

And so I began to register myself and then started snapping pictures with those sexy girls which I later learn that they are known as Nuffies.

Notti French Maid, Hot Police Women, Me and Sexy Nurse
L To R: Ginny Yap, Emily Chai, Me and Natalie Fong.

The Nuffies striking another pose with Me

Ginny the french maid & I(Isn't she cute?)

I spotted yet another Nuffie as I was about to enter the Club. Its a young girl dress as a Japanese Student


KY said...

those costume girls are all younggg

Charlie said...

yes they are. and they help make the night much more fun.

Esther Chin said...

sorry la, didnt mean to leave you guys along :(

Charlie said...

Esther: its okay lah, its the past. =P

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