The miniest Blogger's gathering

Short Talk: This is just a short update of what i've been up to. Cheers =)
Meet up with Kate, Nick, Emily, Yoei, Charmayne and her friend(cant remember her name though, sorree!!). It was sort of a mini gahtering where we chill out at Laundry @ The Curve. Yoei leave us after the second session at William @ Taman SEA Megah. We had our first session at Taipan, Subang Jaya.

So its just the 6 of us, chilling out at Laundry. Feels kind of weird cause the we barely know each other, meet kate and emily during the Pajama Party, Nick during movie few days ago and Charmyne for the first time. And not the mention the music was kinda loud. My fault for getting such a nice table near the speaker. Though it feels kinda weird, we manage to play some age guessing game and we have like people from the range of 15 to 28 at the gathering. haha, go ahead and guess how old each any everyone is?

Emily cam-raping herself!!!

Took this while we were stuck in a jam, traffic was bad.

Dont really have photo cause the lighting sucks and my camera phone is outdated. Anyone wann donate a SLR to Me? I dont mind second hand, as long as its working.


Esther Chin said...

I merajuk dy!


Charlie said...

Esther: Dont merajuk lah, Sayang back k?

You were at Pavilion for movie and fish spa mah. Cant be at 2 place at one time right? and you didnt call me too? So I'm gonna merajuk too. =(

Copykate said...

yer no pic of me? X(

Charlie said...

Copykate: all the pics is in your cam lah. Unless you want me to put a turtle's picture. lol

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