Exclusive Sale: Get an invite Now

Short Talk: This is not a paid advertorial by TopShop, TopMan, Diva, Pumpkin Patch, Reiss, Principles, Miss Selfidge, Dorothy Perkins, Karen Millen, Warehouse and Maxstudio.Com or its owner. Just wanna share this opportunity with 4 of my friends. Cheers =P
Do love shopping? Do you adore fashion label such as TopShop, TopMan, Diva, Pumpkin Patch, Reiss, Principles, Miss Selfidge, Dorothy Perkins, Karen Millen, Warehouse and Maxstudio.Com?

Well I've been given a exclusive invitation by my client who own and manages all these brand in Malaysia. This is an exclusive sale where you cannot find at the retail outlet. I'm and will be bringing 4 person along with me. So if you love this brands and would not wanna miss out this exclusive sale, write email me asap.

The Sale will be held on 1st of April 2008. The location and time will be email to you if you are chosen.

I'm planning to bring RM200 to get whatever bargain I can get during the sale. If you are not free on that day, I can always help you to get some good bargain, but be sure to pay in advance. LOL


pamsong said...

Wah! So geng? But all these sales sure on weekday wan right? Very suey wan they all.

Hlynn said...

I would LOVE to go!!!

[but apparently and obviously i don't have your email lol...]

can I? =)

* say yes PLEASE(: *

p/s: I hvn't shop for a decade! lol, so yeah, i need retail therapy *grins*

[ok my message might sound so weird... but yeah, just trying to grab this not-to-be-miss-opportunity lol.]

[please tell me if i'm given the chance by replying my message here or in my blog yeah.]

ribuan terima kasih ^^

GOD bless(:


Kutu Cat said...

Ooh! Sale??!! I'd like to go please. Hope you have space for me.

Copykate said...

cool. i wanna go!

*off to kl*


Charlie said...

Pamsong: yea you ar right, its on a weekday. But this time its a close door sales for their staff, staff's family member and business associates.

hlynn: i have reserved a place for you. Please confirm by saturday 29th March 2008

Kutu Cat: same thing, confirm by saturday.

CopyKate: okay, reserved one for you. Confirm with me on saturday ya.

All: For your info, they only accept cash and all the proceeds will go to charity.

ying said...

Nice deal!
but why it is on April Fool.
DUn be kidding when u place all the entire on the cashier counter, then they say,,eeehah~~hapi apr fool day~


hlynn said...

OH... thanks a lot a lot(:
can you leave your email add here?

Charlie said...

ying: =)

Charlie said...


Simon Seow said...

This is to attract ppl to go on weekdays mah. Weekend too many ppl alredy.

Kutu Cat said...

*Sob* I totally forgot about the sale!!!! :`(

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