What does a blogger actually do?

During an outing to 1U with Emily. We hang out, chilling at Robert Harris Cafe, opposite of Topman. We then decided to go for a movie, and Nick join us. We watch Horton, a hilarious whacky cartoon. Then We proceed to Secret Recipe @ 1Uama New Wing. These is the blogger in us gets working:

Brownies with Walnut. It taste good with warm chocolate sauce

Emily posing with a heart made of straw

Dam!! We ordered a pot of Jasmine Tea and 3 cups for Nick, Emily and Me. And the waiter bring us 2 set of these. Dam it was RM6 per pot, so we assume that its a big pot meant to be shared. We even double confirm with the waiter when he took our order. But with end up with 3 small pot costing us a whopping RM18 for Jasmine Tea.

Always working, even during dinner. These is what a typical blogger usually do.

Emily's Vegetarian Soba, Its pretty big for a petite girl like her.
After 15 minutes, She barely finish half of it.
We made an agreement the kids way. Forgot what the agreement was though. After 30 minutes, She manage to finish the entire bowl. I'm so surprise.


Copykate said...

oh man, u should have edited those pimples off! LOL.

and she actually finished that? all by herself??? wtfreak

N!ck said...

I know what u did last nite..hehe..

Charlie said...

Copykate: pimples ? did you see properly ? LOL

n!ck: ermm keep that to yourself. =P. I know what you did too.

The Bimbo said...

:) Emily is so sweet!! :)

Charlie said...

The Bimbo: What about me ? You dont think I'm sweet or cute?

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