Compounds & Summons waived

Yes Summons are waived, meaning you don't have to pay for summons you earn. But wait, before you start cheering, the waiver of summons was announce by Penang's new Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng. This simply means that the waiver is only applicable for Penangnite only.

Just hours after he was sworn in as the new chief minister, he immediately get down to work by announcing that Penang Municipal Council and Seberang Perai Municipal Council will waive all summonses involving hawker licences and parking offences issued before March 11. So if any of you happen to have a summon from Penang, you will not need to pay.

Since the opposition won KL and Selangor too, I will certainly be looking forward and welcome such move in KL and Selangor, cause I have got unpaid summons in both territory. Pray hard *cross my finger* it will happen.

Looks like the opposition is desperately trying to win the heart of the rakyat and has started off on a right note by making that announcement today. A waiver doest not actually cause the local government any cost because its uncollected money from the rakyat. Will certainly look forward to more positive news and hopefully the opposition dont let us down. If they do, we are gonna suffer for the next 5 years before the next general election is called.

What's your comment on the waiver?


3POINT8 said...

I wonder what happens if they impose another fine for those who haven't pay to compensate for the waiver fee in penang

Damien said...

If pay oredi can ask for refund ah?

Charlie said...

3point8: erm, haven't thought of that. LOL

damien: You could give it a try.

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