Singapore F1 - Asia's First Street Race & First Night Race in F1 history.

In less than 18 hours, Singapore will be hosting its first Formula One Race. Singapore will be creating history because this F1 is gonna be Asia's First Street Race and it first night race in F1 history. A check on the Singapore F1 official website shows that most of the tickets are sold out except for some luxurious seats which is selling for SG$5000 to SG$6500 (plus 7% GST).

As flying down to Singapore to witness the F1 race is a costly affair, I've decided to either watch it live on Astro Sports or head to FHM's Singapore F1 night-GP viewing party which will be held at Breeze Cafe & Bambo9, TTDI Plaza, Jalan Wan Kadir 3 from 7.oopm to 11.00pm. The event is sponsor by FHM (MediaCorp Singapore). Erm guess I'll be expecting some celebrities gracing the event.
Anyway, I wrote this post because I wanted to share something with you guys here, I've actually seen the Singapore F1 Championship Trophy. Mike, Simon & I was one of the first few who see the actual product last month during the media preview at Royal Selangor Pewter. So here is a picture of the Championship Trophy: See it before the general public does.

The Singapore F1 Trophy

For more info on Singapore F1, kindly refer to the website below:

Catherine McQueen @ DiGi's D'House

I'd the opportunity to catch Ms Catherine McQueen live in action just 2 weeks ago during the internal soft launch of the DiGi 3G Broadband. Cathrine McQueen is an international renown celebrity deejay, and model was once a BOND Girl staring in one of James Bond's movie.

Anyway, the once in a life time chance to meet here at the DiGi's D'House was priceless. McQueen was simply stunning. Though her deejaying skills didnt really meet up to my expectation, but her looks definately helps made it worth while to catch her live in action.

damn, she is tall!! actually its her heels that made her taller than me.

Catherine autographing my t-shirt

Love from Catherine....

Another picture of Cathrine & I, just outside my office

I must say I was rather disappointed when I saw her live, simply because of all the hype which runs for a week promoting appearance at DiGi. Take a look at the sample poster below, she was supposed to look like the poster but when she turn up, she was all wrapped up. sigh. what a disappointment.

She was supposed to dress like this.

Accidental Meeting with former DPM

Was at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) last night to pick up someone flying in from Sydney. While waiting for the flight to arrive, I spotted a huge crowd right in front of the arrival hall and decided to take a closer look, this is when I saw the infamous Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim who just flew back from Jakarta. He was greeted by tons of supporters and the security was tight. However members of the public still manage to walk up to him for a photo shoot together. I just walk up close and snap a picture, didnt bother queuing up for my turn as the queue was rather long.

The guy in red admiring his picture with Anwar. Anwar jokingly ask him to make sure he email him the photo.

The former Deputy Prime Minister was said to be having an important meeting in preparing for the big day 16th September. With just 9 days before the 16th of September 2008, everyone is waiting eagerly to see his the former Deputy Prime Minister's Claim that he will seize power from the current government will materialise. The Local Stock Exchange (KLSE) has been in dilemma as investors do not know what to expect. Whether the claim will come through or not, only time will tell.

If the claim materialise, it will mark a new chapter in the Malaysian History, if it doesn't then life will just goes on and the government will have another 4 years messing up with the country administration.

DiGi 3G broadband soft launch

Well much have been said about the highly anticipated 3G broadband service from DiGi but nothing constructive has been release to the public till date. Last Friday, DiGi Telecommunication Bhd the 3rd largest mobile operator in Malaysia had an internal soft launch for its 3G broadband service in conjunction with the Company Level Merdeka celebration. It's not made available to the general public but 100 Digizen will get a feel of it this week and its is expected to be out in the market first half of 2009.

Will not exposed much on the offering and pricing just in case some competitor is lurking on this site. But a new mascot has been designed for the launch of the DiGi 3G broadband service. Take a peek at these few pictures;

This is the new mascot i am talking about: Whats New?? well you will find out soon in a few weeks time

Another mascot holding on the the What's Cool place card. On the backdrop is the Malaysia Flag

The mock 3G USB modem

So if you are thinking of signing up for 3g broadband or even Wimax, hold on and have a little patience. Cause you wont want to tie down yourself with a contract before you see what DiGi has to offer. Its gonna be a mouth watering offer when the service is launch in 2009.

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