Singapore F1 - Asia's First Street Race & First Night Race in F1 history.

In less than 18 hours, Singapore will be hosting its first Formula One Race. Singapore will be creating history because this F1 is gonna be Asia's First Street Race and it first night race in F1 history. A check on the Singapore F1 official website shows that most of the tickets are sold out except for some luxurious seats which is selling for SG$5000 to SG$6500 (plus 7% GST).

As flying down to Singapore to witness the F1 race is a costly affair, I've decided to either watch it live on Astro Sports or head to FHM's Singapore F1 night-GP viewing party which will be held at Breeze Cafe & Bambo9, TTDI Plaza, Jalan Wan Kadir 3 from 7.oopm to 11.00pm. The event is sponsor by FHM (MediaCorp Singapore). Erm guess I'll be expecting some celebrities gracing the event.
Anyway, I wrote this post because I wanted to share something with you guys here, I've actually seen the Singapore F1 Championship Trophy. Mike, Simon & I was one of the first few who see the actual product last month during the media preview at Royal Selangor Pewter. So here is a picture of the Championship Trophy: See it before the general public does.

The Singapore F1 Trophy

For more info on Singapore F1, kindly refer to the website below:


Simon Seow said...

Aiya. I also wanted to post something like this one. Sigh, never mind I'll do the visit to the factory post.

kchan said...

i can't wait to go to Singapore to witness the historical moment! this will be the most excited race ever as it is on the street and during the night!


Charlie said...

Simon: hahaha, thats visit has been sometime loh. you should have post it earlier mah. looking forward to your factory visit post though.

KChan: you are on your way there to witness it ?

Anonymous said...

Love your work.

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