DiGi 3G broadband soft launch

Well much have been said about the highly anticipated 3G broadband service from DiGi but nothing constructive has been release to the public till date. Last Friday, DiGi Telecommunication Bhd the 3rd largest mobile operator in Malaysia had an internal soft launch for its 3G broadband service in conjunction with the Company Level Merdeka celebration. It's not made available to the general public but 100 Digizen will get a feel of it this week and its is expected to be out in the market first half of 2009.

Will not exposed much on the offering and pricing just in case some competitor is lurking on this site. But a new mascot has been designed for the launch of the DiGi 3G broadband service. Take a peek at these few pictures;

This is the new mascot i am talking about: Whats New?? well you will find out soon in a few weeks time

Another mascot holding on the the What's Cool place card. On the backdrop is the Malaysia Flag

The mock 3G USB modem

So if you are thinking of signing up for 3g broadband or even Wimax, hold on and have a little patience. Cause you wont want to tie down yourself with a contract before you see what DiGi has to offer. Its gonna be a mouth watering offer when the service is launch in 2009.


Falcon said...

true..i agree with you

uner said...

oh, i missed the soft launch! better catch up tomorrow morning

Simon Seow said...

Ah, things are getting interesting.

AsX said...

Damn, i am going to miss this! Will it be available in Penang?

Charlie said...

falcon: LOL

uner: erm the soft launch is just for internal only.

Simon seow: yeap, its getting fUn

axs: why are you gonna miss? yes ofcause there are plans to expand the service up north.

Anonymous said...

when to launch arrr? to long...

Beautiful Tonight said...

digi broadband plan price is sucked big time!!!!!

pay Rm158 for that speed that not even guarantee but best effort and ith 10G throttle? Forget it digi... diGi you are loser!

aidighazi said...

The big question is: when are they going to launch it?

I've been asking around a few Digi centres & none can give me an answer yet.

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