Catherine McQueen @ DiGi's D'House

I'd the opportunity to catch Ms Catherine McQueen live in action just 2 weeks ago during the internal soft launch of the DiGi 3G Broadband. Cathrine McQueen is an international renown celebrity deejay, and model was once a BOND Girl staring in one of James Bond's movie.

Anyway, the once in a life time chance to meet here at the DiGi's D'House was priceless. McQueen was simply stunning. Though her deejaying skills didnt really meet up to my expectation, but her looks definately helps made it worth while to catch her live in action.

damn, she is tall!! actually its her heels that made her taller than me.

Catherine autographing my t-shirt

Love from Catherine....

Another picture of Cathrine & I, just outside my office

I must say I was rather disappointed when I saw her live, simply because of all the hype which runs for a week promoting appearance at DiGi. Take a look at the sample poster below, she was supposed to look like the poster but when she turn up, she was all wrapped up. sigh. what a disappointment.

She was supposed to dress like this.


Simon Seow said...

Cannot lah dress like the poster. Later PAS Youth make noise again.

Fumoffu said...

Hahaha! I am really speechless! Ahaha! XD

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