CEO of YTL Communications

Thank's to Young Corporate Malaysian(YCM) for organising the CEO Series where I had the opportunity to meet yet another down to earth CEO, he is non other than Mr Wing K Lee, the CEO of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd. The telecommunication arm of YTL Group, which will be launching the world first nationwide 4G network somewhere end of this year. Coincidentally Apple will also be launching the iPhone 4G towards end of this year. I suspect a partnership might take place soon between these two conglomerate.

Anyway, the opportunity to meet Mr Wing was really was really an honour and fun filled experience. He was able to make the crowd listen attentively while he share his experiences and addresses the various questions that the crowd throws at him. Apart from Tony Fernandes(CEO of Airasia) and Morten Ludal(former CEO of DiGi), not many other CEO has the ability to do that, especially when you are addressing the group of youth and social media enthusiast gathered in the function room @ Nikko Hotel.

Mr. Wing K Lee & myself

I was also introduce to Mr Jacob Yeoh, the Executive Director of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd(he is also the son of Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Francis Yeoh and son to Tan Sri Dato' Seri Yeoh Tiong Lay the founder of YTL Empire). I first knew about Jacob when they organise the Climate Change Week 2008 with the premier of The 11th Hour.

Jacob Yeoh & myself

For those who miss Wing's talk, you may read about it here. If you've got a reliable broadband connection, watch the videos below:

Garden Makeover

I don't know about you guys, but after having a long and tiring day @ Work, I always wish that I could relax and unwind in my home sweet sanctuary. But having a garden that's left in a horrible state to greet me really spoil my mood. After have endure with it for years, I've finally decided to give my garden a brand new Look & Feel with a simple DIY makeover . All this happens just 2 weeks ago. But before I continue, this is how my old garden looks like:

My Old Garden that's lack of maintenance.

Grass don't even grow in certain parts of my garden as the soil has harden.

Wild grass and cow grass were growing all over.

As I've said, the crazy idea of re-designing my garden started 2 weeks ago, and it all started by digging out the entire garden.

The starting point

Trust me its not an easy job to dig out all the wild grass and cow grass that have been growing for ages and the roots has already tighten it's grip as years goes by. But I knew there is no turning back and was determined to finish the work with the help of my brother.

This is the result after one week of intense digging.

Soon after all the wild grass were cleared off, it's time to to plant some nice carpet grass on the empty land. I started by visiting the nursery to buy some brown sand, black soil, garden tiles, pieces of 2ft x 1ft carpet grass.

The carpet grass, sand and soil.

The Garden Tiles, I've actually bought it before I finish clearing all the grass.

Having bought all the required materials, the real work to put everything in place began. It's like playing jig saw puzzle, arranging the garden tiles and pieces of garden grass together.

Work In Progress (WIP)

Though it may look or sound easy, its actually quite tough too as proper planning is required. Despite working on the garden off and on after work hours, My brother and I managed to put all the pieces together and complete the task right before the eve of Chinese New Year. Something that I'm proud off because we get to show off our new brand new garden to relatives and friends who will be coming to our house.

The Final Product

It still looks patchy because its going to take sometime for the newly planted carpet grass to grow and close those gaps you see in the picture. At the end of the project, we are truly satisfied with the work well done. At least I will always be looking forward to come back and relax in the garden after a hard day at work or even play with my dog in the garden.

My dog, 'Lucky' loves to play on the newly planted carpet grass.

So anyone want to try playing golf in my new garden?

Just in case you are wondering, I invested almost RM600 on materials for the makeover and here are the things I've invested on:
35 Pieces of Carpet Grass (2ft x 1ft) @ RM2.50 each
20 packs of Brown Sand @ RM1.50 each
20 packs of Black Soil @ RM1.50 each
Garden Tools @ RM40
5 Garden Tiles (2ft x 1ft) @ RM30 each
15 Garden Tiles (1ft x 1ft) @ RM15 each
1 Pack of Giant Pebbles @ RM30 each

Xpress Band @ Zeta Bar, KL Hilton

Last Night, I'd the privilege of being invited to Xpress Band Launching @ Zeta Bar, KL.

Only a small group of bloggers were invited so its kinda exclusive.

A little about Zeta Bar; Strategically located right beside KL Sentral, it is easily accessible via car, bus, Monorial, LRT and even Plane(well you will have to take the ERL from the Airport).
Zeta Bar is commonly known as the hive of the rich and famous. So you will expect pricier food and beverages but it worthwhile with the kind of environment and crowd in it.

An empty bar before the partee begins.

I was seated @ the Media Table with a bunch of cool people.

Jean Ho, Eric Yong, Haze, someone, Haze's BF, myself and Wei Bel

Yummy little drumstick were served.

The Xpress Band in action

I was really surprise when I first hear them sing, cause they can really move the crowd. Bear in mind, this is event to launch the band at Zeta, so everyone that attend this event are VVIPS and Datuks. So when a band can make these VVIPS move, they are really good.

Xpress Band basically made up of 7 members ( 4 american and 3 canadian), Marc Lajoie, (Band Leader/Drummer, Canada), Kris Bradley(Lead Vocalist, California), Patrick McLanglin(Lead Vocalist, San Diaego), Alan Simms(Lead Vocalist, Miami Florida), Caulder Nash(Keyboardist, Montreal), Joseph Filipow(Guitarist, Indiana) and Marc Veillette(Bassist ).
All its group members has been playing for several year before the group was form. So they are consider veteran in the music industry. According to the media kit, they specialized in today's top hitz as well at the early 90s music genre.

The band has perform at a string of 5 Star Hotels around Asia and the Middle East. The band is represented by El-Live Productions, a production house based in Hong Kong. (

Up close and personal with the band

(L to R) Marc Lajoie, Joseph Filipow, Patrick McLauglin, Kris Bradley, Marc Veillette, Alan Simms, Caulder Nash,

Thank Guys, for the pose.

So who wants to go Zeta Bar together to catch the band?

The Band will be performing until 30th April 2010. Be sure to catch them while they are still around.

Here's their schedule:
Mondays: 10.15pm – 1.15am
Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 9.30pm – 1.15am
Thursdays: 9.30pm – 2.00am
Fridays & Saturdays: 10.15pm – 1.15am
Sundays: Closed

For reservations, please contact Hilton Kuala Lumpur at 03 – 2264 2592So

New Year 2010 Surprise!!!

Last week, DiGi.Com Bhd aka DiGi Telecommunications quarterly result was announced in the usual quarterly town hall event. This is an internal company affair which is held once every 3 months, where the management team share with all the employees on the company past performances and direction moving forward. Anyway shall not talk about that, since the result has been widely reported on all major business daily. Apart from the bonus payout, all the employees were given a surprise treat by the management team.

Guess what's the surprise .............

Yes, custom made CupCakes, for each and every employees.

I believe this is the only company in Malaysia that does random stuff like this for its employees and it never fail to put a smile on everyone's face.

I got a smily face cupcake

Say Cheesss

That's not all, employees were also given a box of surprise.

Guess what's in this box made of recycle material

Let's take a peek to see what's inside...

A greeting card from DiGi Management Team

This is a excerpt of the message:
Another year has passed,
And a new one has just begun,
Time to shake off the dust,
Let's hit the ground in a run,
We welcome you back,
It's nice to have you near,
But before you start to unpack,
A little something for you here...

Happy New Year.

(ClockWise)DiGi Pen, 4GB Pen Drive, Notepad, and a Solar Charger.

Enviromental Friendly Design PenDrive.

Isn't this cool?

I know 4GB isn't that big, as I'm using a 32GB now, but its free and the cool design really made up for it.

Solar Charger

This feels like LEGO, detaching it part by part.

The solar panel when its attached.

The Solar Charger comes in 2 detachable solar panel.

The 2 solar panel and the lithium battery(The one with DiGi Logo on it)

Once the solar panels are attached, it will start charging the lithium battery.

The set also comes with cables and adaptors

To charge any of your electronic gadget when it run flay, the cables and adaptor are use to connect the lithium battery to mobile phones, mp3 player, Ipod and other compatible electronic product.

This charger certainly comes in handy when I travel.

Shall write another post on how the solar charger works.

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