BlackBerry Playbook Exclusive Launch in Malaysia by Maxis

This is hot news coming right from the oven, few hours ago Maxis made history by being the first telco to launch the much anticipated BlackBerry Playbook at an exclusive event. Only 300 or so people were invited to the event which includes VIPs, local celebrities, Maxis exclusive dealers, and members of the press. 

The Launch was held at View, Level 29, Gtower KL.

Jean Pascal Van Overbeke, Maxis COO playing with the Playbook while Dany Bolduc RIM Regional Director speaks to the press.

Sorry forgot her name. If you happen to know the name of this singer, do email me her name so that I can update this here.

Me & Ruby Mohamed, (ex-colleague) Senior Manager @ Maxis

Henry Golding, Me and Julie Woon

Julie was first lucky person to walk away with a new BlackBerry Torch in the lucky draw.

Naz was the emcee of the night which he did very well.

Kevin from RIM, YS Tam (Senior Country Manager of RIM) and Ruby Mohamed.

The night was filled with glitz and glitter, free flow of beer, wines and food. The crowd was also entertained with performance by local celebrities and 20 lucky guests walk away with either a BlackBerry Playbook or a BlackBerry Torch. I didn't win but still have lots of fun catching up with friends and ex-colleagues who were involved in the launched.

Shall not dive down to the plan details as it will be available on Maxis's website and there will be a launch for the public later today at KLCC Convention Centre as well. So if you are an avid fan of BlackBerry Devices, do make your way to KLCC early in the morning to beat the jam and crowd.
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