Got a free T-Shirt from the COOL Team

Today is what I call Monday blues because I had a great weekend and I'm not ready for work. But since I'm still slaving myself, I've got to pull myself together to report for duty. I love my company, cause they really know how to give us slave surprises and keep us excited all the time.

Today in conjuction with the launch of DIGI's CSR Programme which revolved around the topic Climate Change. This programme which was officially launch today and starting tomorrow, all DIGI staffs will be required to carpool in order to get a parking space within DIGI's HQ. Those who drives to work alone will have to parked their car at designated parking space outside of DIGI. This move is to reduce the number of cars on the road and ultimately reduce the ommission of CO2.

Anyway today the suprise I got was in the form of Free T-Shirt. Its a cool T-Shirt. Take a look:
Now here's a cool statement:" As the earth gets warmer, DIGI gets cooler"
Feel the Heat, Time to Change is tagline for this programme.
DIGI famous logo on the left sleeve, Always the smarter choice.

DIGI is not only a HAPPY TEAM, but also a cool team. So what are you waiting for now? If got what it takes, try your career with DIGI. Watch out for more posting on the climate change program soon.

PMS Store Found!!!!

Guess what? While driving last week, I stumble upon a shop with a signboard which read PMS or Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd. Cool right, I wonder if they have any pms medication supplies. Oh well this is just a random picture I took.

Calling all Happy People Only

**This is a community message brought to you by Charlie Chia.

DIGI is hiring HaPpY People Now. If you are happy, read the advert below(grumpy people can forget about applying)

If you are looking for a job, do give it a try.

In memory of a good friend.... Mr Chia Cheong Keat

This is just a short posting in memory of a good friend whom I refer to as Uncle though he isn't genetically related to me. Mr Chia Cheong Keat who is 5 years my senior passed away peacefully last week. He is a soft spoken, nice and helpful guy. When I received the news 3 days ago, I felt lost and sad that no words in the dictionary could well describe the feeling. He is after all a cheerful and energetic young man, who would have thought that fate would end our friendship in such an early stage. I regretted for not inviting him to the mini barbecue party which i organised at my place 2 weeks ago. Maybe if i did, at least I would get to see him one last time.

Actually my friends and I were shock when we got the news, cause he hide the news about his illness and I never got a chance to tell him how much I appreciate the friendship with him and most importantly to say goodbye. I will never forget all the good times we had together, may you rest in peace.

Life is so fragile, and death can haunt us any second, so appreciate everyone around you, especially your family and friends . If you want to say something or do something for them, don't procrastinate, cause you will never know when the final moment will come.

**As a mark of respect, this post will not be publish on Nuffnang's Innit and

Anything, Whatever and Dunno!!!

After a long day at work, I pick CP up from his house then proceeded to Cheryl's place before going to Mien Tien @ Taman Megah for dinner. The food was bad, but it was a good get together. We chat about various topic ranging about our personal life, love life, family, work, studies, and what not, gossips of cause. I had Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun while CP had Fried Chicken Rice. Cheryl on the other hand had Ice Kacang.

While chatting suddenly we came to the topic about how we sometimes answer anything or whatever when ever people ask us what we want. That's when I told them about the blog i read on nuffnang which writes about the recent launch of the two new product called Anything and Whatever. At first they both didn't believe me, but after trying to convince them, they finally gave in. As soon as we finish our dinner, we decided to drop by at 7-Eleven to get Anything and Whatever. I went right to the fridge area where all the drinks are stocked up but fail to find what i was looking for. CP suggested that we ask the cashier, which I oppose because I don't want to get that weird look from the cashier. Cheryl eye were pretty sharp, and she sported anything and whatever being place at the top corner of the fridge.

So I took out each of the can and start snapping away, while CP suggested that Cheryl do a few pose for me which she refuse. sigh.... Maybe she is scared that her friends would see her posing.

The next time people say Anything, get them this.

And get them this if they say Whatever!

Anything & Whatever, what a cool way to market these new drinks
Lets take a closer look.

According to nuffnang's blog “Anything” is carbonated and is made in six flavours: Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer. On the other hand “Whatever” is non-carbonated and is made in six flavours as iced tea: Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea. We decided to get a can of anything and whatever for each of us and it costs us RM1.80 for each can. I wonder what flavour does my can contain??? Cheryl gave a good suggestion that the manufacturer should add another product called Dunno!!! because that's what most Malaysian like to say too.
The 6 cans of drink that we bought, 3 cans of Anything and 3 can of Whatever

As Taman Megah was near to CP's place, I send him back first. Nothing much happen in between as it was a short ride. Drop him and then continue sending Cheryl home. Out of no where, Cheryl ask me: Why don't we go to OU to get movie tickets for tomorrow night? I was like, erm okay. And so we went OU. In case you are blur, OU basically means One Utama(OU). Park at the highest floor where the cinema(GSC) is located and went straight to the counter to get our tickets. And so we got our movie date tomorrow at 9.00pm. The last I watch a movie at the cinema was Iron Man. Damn that was pretty long.

We were given 3 pieces of GET SMART's magnet. Which I told the cashier it wasn't enough. The cashier took a stack and give it to me and told me that he is the boss. Cross finger they CCTV did not capture his actions.

Some random picture that we took at the car park on the way to take my car.

Got into my car, and send her home safely to her daddy's arm. Then proceeded to Old Town @ Uptown for a second session. Need to help my friend with his project.

**Important notice, this post doest endorsed the new beverage called anything and whatever and I shall not take responsibility if you attempt to try it. So try it at your own RISK!!! I'm just blogging for the fun of it as I find the manufacturer's marketing idea to be quite cool

Congratulation Ms Jane

Short Talk: Gosh, tomorrow is Monday and I still wanna party. Currently at Black Canyon (Center Point, Bandar Utama) Blogging while waiting for my friend who is currently chatting with a chic on the next table. I wonder if he want to work or just trying to show off his skill in charming girls. This guy actually ask me out to help him with his project. Damn~
Last Friday Morning, I receive a surprise sms from non other than my beloved ex-lecturer, Ms Jane Chia. In her short message, she thank me for visiting her new store at Sunway Piramid(though she wasn't around when I visit) and also inform me that she has just give birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 2.66kg. That's quite huge for a for a new born baby, especially when its 1 month premature.

Anyway, congratulation Jane & hubby. Will be paying a visit to you soon.
For more info on the Boutique at Sunway Piramid, click on her Online Shop or Blog.

Reason(s) why I didnt attend Nuffnang Wild Live Party

If you have read my earlier post dated 27 May 2008, you would know that I was one of the earliest to put up a post, hoping that I would get an invite to Nuffnang Wild Live Party. Here are the details of the event:

Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Powered by Maxis Broadband
Time – 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Date – 21st of June 2008
Venue – Modesto’s/Rain, Desa Sri Hartamas

Apparently some bloggers told me that they put up their post few days after mine and they receive the invite. So why didn't I get it? I really don't know the answer, but it would be great if someone close to Nuffnang could tell me. I'm not complaining here, but just alittle disappointed cause I wrote a post so much earlier compared to some of the bloggers I know. Either they did send me an invite and the email went into the SPAM box or Nuffnang accidentally misplaced my name. Anyway, hope those who attended enjoy the event and please share photos and videos with me. At least I don't feel so left out lah... =)

Life will never be the same

The recent petrol price hike of 41% on 5th June had turned most of our life's from terrible to miserable. This is especially true if your company doesn't give you a boost in your monthly salary. I recently had Char Kuey Teow at a cost of RM4 a plate(normal price only RM3.50 for small plate). That's a whopping 50cent or 14.29% increase. The price of Chicken on the other hand has risen from around RM5 plus per Kg earlier this year to about RM8 /Kg now. Undeniably the cost of living has rising.

I paid for the Cup of Milo with RM10 and was given RM8.30 back.

When my char kuey teow comes, it cost me RM4, leaving me with a balance of RM4.3

The government has repeatedly told the public that its high time that we change our lifestyle to suit the current economical situation. But hey, aren't leaders suppose to lead by example? Maybe the all the minister should start joining the public by taking the public transport. If that's too much to ask, then maybe they can try taking the public transport once a week on a designated day. This will also enable them to experience the Rakyat's dilemma. I'm very sure our public transport system will see tremendous improvement if that were to happen, maybe they might even come up with the idea of having VIP coach on the LRT or monorail.

For those that drives, I am pretty sure the 41% extra cost for fuel has already started to burn a hole in your pocket, because mine has already been burn up. On an average I filled up my car atleast 3 times a week and spend about RM30 to RM40 each time(i have the habit of filling my fuel tank every few days). Now I still maintain the minimum routine of 3 visit to the petrol station and I have to spend atleast RM50 to RM60 each time. Its not like I wouldn't want to change my life style but my jobs requires me to move around.

The recent change in has certainly impacted my life and I'm still finding it hard to adapt. However being a versatile person that I always am, I shall survive. Will share with your guys some drastic measures as well as solutions which I've plan to use. Meanwhile, feel free to share if you have any suggestion or any measures which you have taken.

Another new Datuk in Town

Last week during the King’s birthday(07 June), a new Datuk was born. My good old friend who was also my lecturer Dr Paul Chan Tuck Hoong was conferred the Panglima Jasa Negara (PJN) which carries the title Datuk.

So now I've to refer to him as Datuk Dr Paul Chan Tuck Hoong.

The Datuk & Datin

Datuk Dr Paul Chan is another good example of rags to riches which started with a humble begining 22 years ago. He always emphasizes on the importance of education, life long learning and always encourages people to improve themself via education. If you wants to pursue your studies, but doest not have the financial capability to do so, try ask him, he will always be more than happy to help those poor and needy student.

For more info, visit HELP University College and HELP International Corporation Bhd

Starbucking Day

It has been a hell of a week and thank God its Friday. Yes, just in case you just came out of the cave, Today is FRIDAY, and its officially a Starbucking Day. After a long week at work, this is one of the best place to relax, cause its has nice sofa, weird oldies music, free wifi, free air-condition and Chic's to see.

Tried the new drink, Dark Mocha Frappuccino. It's little bitter and sweet, just like my life, sweet and bitter at the same time. sigh....

The Brand new drink from Starbuck - Dark Mocha Frappuccino

I'm writing this blog while Starbucking from Jaya Three Two now. Only got few hours to enjoy myself cause I'll be attending a conference at Sunway Hotel tomorrow and it starts at 8.30am. haih what a life.........

Awesome Baskin Robbins 31% discount

Was at Baskin Robbins last on 31st May to catch the 31% discount. Its my first time at Baskin Robbins during its on 31st and it was sardine packed. I arrived at the Damansara Utama outlet at 9.00pm and got myself a number. But only managed to buy the ice-cream at about 10pm.

Damansara Utama Outlet
Baskin Robbins, go there on 31st and you will be entitle to 31% discount off the menu price
The crowd making a beeline to the counter.
Look at the amount of people. These only happens every 31st i guess.What's your flavour?
Spoilt with choice.
After deciding on your flavour, its time to decide on the SIZE.And here's the price for each of the different sizes available.

By the time I get near to the counter, its almost 10pm.

They only have this 7 times a year, so be sure you put a note on your calender. Tried Raspberry Cheese and its awesome. Raspberry Ice-Cream with little cube of cheese in it. If you like ice-cream and cheese, this is definitely a must try.

Happy trying. Coming up next would be 31st July. See You there.

Cost of Living to rise

As you are reading this, time is running out. Petrol price will rise from RM1.92 t0 RM2.70. Thats a drastic rise of RM0.78 or some 40% increase. Apart from that the power of electricity will rise by 18% for homes and 28% for businesses. Click here for more info

With the rise of petrol and electricity cost, the cost of living for an average Malaysian is going to be affected tremendously. Be ready to pay extra RM0.50 to RM1.00 for a plate of your favourite char kuey teow or roti canai at your favourite mamak.

So are you willing to pay that much for char kuey teow or roti canai? How are you planing to save?

Party @ Luna Bar

As mentioned in my earlier post, I went Luna Bar at 8pm sharp. Sadly to say, Malaysian are really bad with time, the organiser were no where to be seen, and I had to wait till about 8.45pm before the crowrd starts to arrive. At this point, the organiser is no where to be seen yet!! The organiser only arrived at about 9.40pm. The group of guys who came along with the organiser were force to pay RM35 cover charged(apparently, those who come before 9.30pm wont have to pay any cover charge).

Okay okay, I was just telling that story to melepaskan geram cause some people wants to be an organiser but dont take the initiative to do it properly. Anyway lets not go on with that. It was my first time at Luna Bar actually. It's a long story why this was my first.

Decided to pay inside, cost me about RM5 for the parking. But quite well maintain. So its okay.
While waiting for the lift at the car parkThe stairway to Luna The Menu Book
The view of Luna from the upper deck
A magnificent view of KL Tower from our chilling corner.

KLCC view from the BAR

Basically its a nice place to relax and chill, but food wise, there isnt really anything nice on the menu. So if you are planning to come here for a decent meal, you can forget it. The drink are pretty expensive and they suck. But its definelly nice place to date provided you bring your date for a decent meal before hand.
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