Got a free T-Shirt from the COOL Team

Today is what I call Monday blues because I had a great weekend and I'm not ready for work. But since I'm still slaving myself, I've got to pull myself together to report for duty. I love my company, cause they really know how to give us slave surprises and keep us excited all the time.

Today in conjuction with the launch of DIGI's CSR Programme which revolved around the topic Climate Change. This programme which was officially launch today and starting tomorrow, all DIGI staffs will be required to carpool in order to get a parking space within DIGI's HQ. Those who drives to work alone will have to parked their car at designated parking space outside of DIGI. This move is to reduce the number of cars on the road and ultimately reduce the ommission of CO2.

Anyway today the suprise I got was in the form of Free T-Shirt. Its a cool T-Shirt. Take a look:
Now here's a cool statement:" As the earth gets warmer, DIGI gets cooler"
Feel the Heat, Time to Change is tagline for this programme.
DIGI famous logo on the left sleeve, Always the smarter choice.

DIGI is not only a HAPPY TEAM, but also a cool team. So what are you waiting for now? If got what it takes, try your career with DIGI. Watch out for more posting on the climate change program soon.


Simon Seow said...

I watched the 11th Hour today. My company shown it during today's Employee Comm Session.

Shengcui said...

Hey, are Digi giving out any of those to non-staff??

Charlie said...

Simon: Oh, thats so cool. How was it ?

Shengcui: No lah, strictly for staff only. I also get one only lah.

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