In memory of a good friend.... Mr Chia Cheong Keat

This is just a short posting in memory of a good friend whom I refer to as Uncle though he isn't genetically related to me. Mr Chia Cheong Keat who is 5 years my senior passed away peacefully last week. He is a soft spoken, nice and helpful guy. When I received the news 3 days ago, I felt lost and sad that no words in the dictionary could well describe the feeling. He is after all a cheerful and energetic young man, who would have thought that fate would end our friendship in such an early stage. I regretted for not inviting him to the mini barbecue party which i organised at my place 2 weeks ago. Maybe if i did, at least I would get to see him one last time.

Actually my friends and I were shock when we got the news, cause he hide the news about his illness and I never got a chance to tell him how much I appreciate the friendship with him and most importantly to say goodbye. I will never forget all the good times we had together, may you rest in peace.

Life is so fragile, and death can haunt us any second, so appreciate everyone around you, especially your family and friends . If you want to say something or do something for them, don't procrastinate, cause you will never know when the final moment will come.

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Christine said...

My condolences to you.. Hope ur ok.. take care.ti

Anuj Kothari said...

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