Party @ Luna Bar

As mentioned in my earlier post, I went Luna Bar at 8pm sharp. Sadly to say, Malaysian are really bad with time, the organiser were no where to be seen, and I had to wait till about 8.45pm before the crowrd starts to arrive. At this point, the organiser is no where to be seen yet!! The organiser only arrived at about 9.40pm. The group of guys who came along with the organiser were force to pay RM35 cover charged(apparently, those who come before 9.30pm wont have to pay any cover charge).

Okay okay, I was just telling that story to melepaskan geram cause some people wants to be an organiser but dont take the initiative to do it properly. Anyway lets not go on with that. It was my first time at Luna Bar actually. It's a long story why this was my first.

Decided to pay inside, cost me about RM5 for the parking. But quite well maintain. So its okay.
While waiting for the lift at the car parkThe stairway to Luna The Menu Book
The view of Luna from the upper deck
A magnificent view of KL Tower from our chilling corner.

KLCC view from the BAR

Basically its a nice place to relax and chill, but food wise, there isnt really anything nice on the menu. So if you are planning to come here for a decent meal, you can forget it. The drink are pretty expensive and they suck. But its definelly nice place to date provided you bring your date for a decent meal before hand.


Baby's Boutique said...

i've never been to a bar nor a disco. wat is it like?

foongpc said...

Looks like a nice place to relax. But food and drinks lousy? Not sure it's a good idea to go there after all.

Charlie said...

baby's boutique: oh really? so good girl ah? well its a place thats dark and with light flashing around. and noisy music. next time when i go luna, i bring you along lah.

foongpc: erm yeah its a nice place to relax. only thing bad is the food menu. but its still a good place to go, provided you eat before hand.

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