Anything, Whatever and Dunno!!!

After a long day at work, I pick CP up from his house then proceeded to Cheryl's place before going to Mien Tien @ Taman Megah for dinner. The food was bad, but it was a good get together. We chat about various topic ranging about our personal life, love life, family, work, studies, and what not, gossips of cause. I had Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun while CP had Fried Chicken Rice. Cheryl on the other hand had Ice Kacang.

While chatting suddenly we came to the topic about how we sometimes answer anything or whatever when ever people ask us what we want. That's when I told them about the blog i read on nuffnang which writes about the recent launch of the two new product called Anything and Whatever. At first they both didn't believe me, but after trying to convince them, they finally gave in. As soon as we finish our dinner, we decided to drop by at 7-Eleven to get Anything and Whatever. I went right to the fridge area where all the drinks are stocked up but fail to find what i was looking for. CP suggested that we ask the cashier, which I oppose because I don't want to get that weird look from the cashier. Cheryl eye were pretty sharp, and she sported anything and whatever being place at the top corner of the fridge.

So I took out each of the can and start snapping away, while CP suggested that Cheryl do a few pose for me which she refuse. sigh.... Maybe she is scared that her friends would see her posing.

The next time people say Anything, get them this.

And get them this if they say Whatever!

Anything & Whatever, what a cool way to market these new drinks
Lets take a closer look.

According to nuffnang's blog “Anything” is carbonated and is made in six flavours: Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer. On the other hand “Whatever” is non-carbonated and is made in six flavours as iced tea: Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea. We decided to get a can of anything and whatever for each of us and it costs us RM1.80 for each can. I wonder what flavour does my can contain??? Cheryl gave a good suggestion that the manufacturer should add another product called Dunno!!! because that's what most Malaysian like to say too.
The 6 cans of drink that we bought, 3 cans of Anything and 3 can of Whatever

As Taman Megah was near to CP's place, I send him back first. Nothing much happen in between as it was a short ride. Drop him and then continue sending Cheryl home. Out of no where, Cheryl ask me: Why don't we go to OU to get movie tickets for tomorrow night? I was like, erm okay. And so we went OU. In case you are blur, OU basically means One Utama(OU). Park at the highest floor where the cinema(GSC) is located and went straight to the counter to get our tickets. And so we got our movie date tomorrow at 9.00pm. The last I watch a movie at the cinema was Iron Man. Damn that was pretty long.

We were given 3 pieces of GET SMART's magnet. Which I told the cashier it wasn't enough. The cashier took a stack and give it to me and told me that he is the boss. Cross finger they CCTV did not capture his actions.

Some random picture that we took at the car park on the way to take my car.

Got into my car, and send her home safely to her daddy's arm. Then proceeded to Old Town @ Uptown for a second session. Need to help my friend with his project.

**Important notice, this post doest endorsed the new beverage called anything and whatever and I shall not take responsibility if you attempt to try it. So try it at your own RISK!!! I'm just blogging for the fun of it as I find the manufacturer's marketing idea to be quite cool


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Simon Seow said...

I find Whatever is too sweet to my liking. Still prefer Justea.

Charlie said...

Jules: thanks for your kind interest. Kindly mail me your proposal and also some info on what your company does and the role your company will play.

Simon: erm okay, i've not tried it yet. Its still in my fridge.

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