Cost of Living to rise

As you are reading this, time is running out. Petrol price will rise from RM1.92 t0 RM2.70. Thats a drastic rise of RM0.78 or some 40% increase. Apart from that the power of electricity will rise by 18% for homes and 28% for businesses. Click here for more info

With the rise of petrol and electricity cost, the cost of living for an average Malaysian is going to be affected tremendously. Be ready to pay extra RM0.50 to RM1.00 for a plate of your favourite char kuey teow or roti canai at your favourite mamak.

So are you willing to pay that much for char kuey teow or roti canai? How are you planing to save?


Baby said...

eat at home or starve to death. cut entertaiment.

r.p said...

I will still ride to Johor to pump petrol also..

Still a lot cheaper than Singapore...haha.

Charlie said...

baby: surely must cut on entertainment already. food also must cut down. going on a diet. and cycling to work. lol

r.p: well you have an advantage there. i wish i had such advantage of earning sg dollar and spending ringgit. sigh....

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