DiGi iPhone Launch

For all those hardcore DiGi fans and iPhone Fanatics, the wait is finally over for you guys and gurls as DiGi will be officially launching iPhone commercially in an hour time. Yes that's right, you will now be able to sign up for iPhone with DiGi.

To mark the launch of iPhone, DiGi has yet again came up with a range of innovative plans called iDiGi. Since most of you already own an iPhone, or at least seen, heard or touches one before I shall not dive in on the features of the device. I shall instead compare the plans offered by DiGi with the previous iPhone monopoly, Maxis Bhd.

Over View of the Plans, more details can be obtain by Clicking Here

For entry level user you may want to consider the iDiGi 88 which basically requires the user to commit to a minimum usage of RM88 a month. This plan alone is RM12 cheaper than the nearest competitor Value 1 plan which is price at RM100/month. This plans also comes with 1GB of Data Usage, 200 SMS to all network and 20 MMS to all networks which is double of what you enjoy with Value 1. You also get 200 minutes worth of calls to all network. I shall let you do the math. Additional usage will be charged accordingly, 15 sen for calls, 10 sen for sms and 20 sen for MMS(applicable to all networks)

On top of that, additional usage above the given quota will not be charged, however speed will be throttle. This should be sufficient for beginner and people who doesn't surf much but still wants to look cool owner one of the hottest phone in on earth.

For intermediate user, iDiGi 138 will be the plan for you. Again this plan is RM17 cheaper compared to Value 2 plan. For this plan, you get 3GB worth of Data Usage(which is 2GB more than Value 2) , 400 SMS to all network and 40 MMS to all network. You will also get 450 minutes worth of calls. Additional usage will be charged accordingly, 12 sen for calls, 10 sen for SMS and 20 sen for MMS(applicable to all networks). The equation is pretty straight forward.

If iDiGi 138 isn't enough, then go to iDiGi 238, the highest range among the iDiGi plan which is RM12 cheaper compared to Value 3 which is charging you RM250/month. iDiGi gives you 1000 minutes worth of calls, 5GB worth of Data, 600 SMS to all networks and 60 MMS to all network. Additional usage will be charged accordingly, 10 sen for calls, 10 sen for SMSand 20 sen for MMS(applicable to all networks)

On top of that, you get an iPhone 3G 8MB absolutely FREE. If you prefer better models, you can also top up RM390 for 3GS 16GB(RM300 cheaper than the competitor) and RM890 for 3GS 31 MB(RM200 cheaper than the competitor)

If you still cant decide, why don't drop by at the DiGi iPhone Launch & Roadshow @ The Oval, 1Utama New Wing. The roadshow will start today till Sunday, 4th April 2010. Those who have prebooked your unit earlier, you will be able to collect your phone's there, however please check your email for collection time.

With such a bargain, what are you waiting for. It's time to switch over.

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial and I don't earn commision from any iPhone sales.

Energizer Night Race 2010

Not too sure what gotten into me, but I've been quite crazy about running lately. I don't mean running away from anyone but running in race. Honestly, I'm not a great runner but the love for running just began developing for no apparent reason. Anyway, last night I was at the Energizer Night Race 2010, the first ever race to be held at night.

Yee Meng, Oki Lai and Me

It's a pretty interesting event I must say because everyone is given an Energizer Headlight and is expected to run in the dark(well not the whole journey but most of it). We participated in the 10KM race which took place around major route in Cyberjaya.

Nicole Chye, Jane Teh, and Elena Pak

Jane Teh, Jason Lim(trying to be Ultraman) and Keith Chua

The team, Oki Lai, Elena, Yee Meng, Jane, Me, Nicholas, Nicole, Jason, and Keith

Photo Session with the Energizer Battery.

Everyone getting ready at the starting line. Look at all the headlights.

I'm glad to say that I've manage to complete the 10km race within 1 hour and 15 minutes, well within the allocated time of 1 hour and 30 minutes to qualify. For that, I earn myself a medal and a certificate. Will definitely look forward to next years night race.

If you miss the race this year, be sure you join the race next year. It a good experience.

My 2010 Birthday Bash @ The Library

Last week I throw a birthday bash for myself to celebrate my birthday for the second time since the first one last year. Since I've been hanging out at The Library @ The Curve lately, I decided why throw a party there. It's near my place and most people been there or at least heard about it.

I've actually decided on the place like 2 weeks before the actual party date as I 'd a tough time negotiating with the Management. Since I plan to have it on the 5th which is a Friday, they quoted me RM10k for minimum spending required to book the venue. Thanks for Selina, one of the event executive with Library, I manage to book the place without any minimum spending.

Anyway, here are the photos (not arrange in chronological order) and story:

My Cake

Someone must have been real nice to get me this cake cause I don't remember ordering a cake and I don't see it on my final bill. So I guess it must be one of my guest or maybe the management of Library who got me this cake. Who ever it is, thanks for the cake.

Now lets see who actually made it to my party this time around:

Sue Lynn aka BangsarBabe, me and Chermaine Poo

I must say that I'm pretty thankful to have 2 former miss Malaysia runner up attending my party. Next I've my friends from AIESEC.

Cecelia, Yee Yen and Victor.(Clockwise - Top Right)

Then there are my colleagues from DiGi Telecommunications.

Jessie, Joanne, Nicholas, Yee Meng and Emma (Left to Right)

Jessie, Me and Joanne

Vivienne the Celcom girl.

Anaz, Ms Anaz, Oki Lai and Jane

Thong Kai(in red), Joanne, Me, EuVeng and Selena.

Jane, Nicholas, Me and Oki Lai

Jane, Joanne, Nicholas, Me and Oki Lai


My Boss Mr Kevin Lee, DiGi's Head of Enterprise Sales

Frederick Lim, Me and Wilson Szeto(another Celcom guy)

Jane Teh

Yee Meng, Chun Hao, Me and Kevin Lee

Sue Lynn, Me, Wei Jien, Joshua and Chermaine


Joshua is a student and videographer that I got to know during a blogger Yee Sang gathering. Since he has all these sophisticated camera, I ask him to be my photographer in which he happily accepted. Thank Dude.

Jennifer's Friend, Jennifer and Me.

The Waiter

Joshua, Thong Kai, Me, Euveng and Selene

Rachel Saw

The Graveyard, thanks for Nicholas

This is how it actually taste like.

Not nice at all, but I'd to finish it because its a gift.

Joanne, Wilson and Me

Joanne Kow, my ex-boss.

Katrina So

Shaz(the radioDJ), Thong Kai, Me and EuVeng

Jessie pretending to help me finish the Flaming Lamborghini.

Kok Fai, Me, Justin's Friend, Justin and Justin's girlfriend

The DiGi Group Photo. (with some of their spouse included)

The group photo. Some people went missing though.

Overall, I would say that the party was a success as most people that I've invited actually turn up. I'm glad that most people like the food and the free flow of Hoegaarden.. We had a total of 4 barrels that night. Money well spend.

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