My 2010 Birthday Bash @ The Library

Last week I throw a birthday bash for myself to celebrate my birthday for the second time since the first one last year. Since I've been hanging out at The Library @ The Curve lately, I decided why throw a party there. It's near my place and most people been there or at least heard about it.

I've actually decided on the place like 2 weeks before the actual party date as I 'd a tough time negotiating with the Management. Since I plan to have it on the 5th which is a Friday, they quoted me RM10k for minimum spending required to book the venue. Thanks for Selina, one of the event executive with Library, I manage to book the place without any minimum spending.

Anyway, here are the photos (not arrange in chronological order) and story:

My Cake

Someone must have been real nice to get me this cake cause I don't remember ordering a cake and I don't see it on my final bill. So I guess it must be one of my guest or maybe the management of Library who got me this cake. Who ever it is, thanks for the cake.

Now lets see who actually made it to my party this time around:

Sue Lynn aka BangsarBabe, me and Chermaine Poo

I must say that I'm pretty thankful to have 2 former miss Malaysia runner up attending my party. Next I've my friends from AIESEC.

Cecelia, Yee Yen and Victor.(Clockwise - Top Right)

Then there are my colleagues from DiGi Telecommunications.

Jessie, Joanne, Nicholas, Yee Meng and Emma (Left to Right)

Jessie, Me and Joanne

Vivienne the Celcom girl.

Anaz, Ms Anaz, Oki Lai and Jane

Thong Kai(in red), Joanne, Me, EuVeng and Selena.

Jane, Nicholas, Me and Oki Lai

Jane, Joanne, Nicholas, Me and Oki Lai


My Boss Mr Kevin Lee, DiGi's Head of Enterprise Sales

Frederick Lim, Me and Wilson Szeto(another Celcom guy)

Jane Teh

Yee Meng, Chun Hao, Me and Kevin Lee

Sue Lynn, Me, Wei Jien, Joshua and Chermaine


Joshua is a student and videographer that I got to know during a blogger Yee Sang gathering. Since he has all these sophisticated camera, I ask him to be my photographer in which he happily accepted. Thank Dude.

Jennifer's Friend, Jennifer and Me.

The Waiter

Joshua, Thong Kai, Me, Euveng and Selene

Rachel Saw

The Graveyard, thanks for Nicholas

This is how it actually taste like.

Not nice at all, but I'd to finish it because its a gift.

Joanne, Wilson and Me

Joanne Kow, my ex-boss.

Katrina So

Shaz(the radioDJ), Thong Kai, Me and EuVeng

Jessie pretending to help me finish the Flaming Lamborghini.

Kok Fai, Me, Justin's Friend, Justin and Justin's girlfriend

The DiGi Group Photo. (with some of their spouse included)

The group photo. Some people went missing though.

Overall, I would say that the party was a success as most people that I've invited actually turn up. I'm glad that most people like the food and the free flow of Hoegaarden.. We had a total of 4 barrels that night. Money well spend.


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