Tony Fenandes Underwear

Being a typical blogger, I tend to check on my traffic and also how people actually end up reading my blog. I'm always facinated by the keywords searched which ultimately brings the visitor to my blog.

I've seen people searching for my name several time, but till today, I have no idea why these people would want to search for me? Maybe its my friends or loyal reader who is so lazy to remember the URL to this blog that they have to google it everytime they want to check for updates.

Anyway, the latest funny keyword is Dato Tony Fernandes Underwear(the founder and owner of AirAsia, Asia Largest Budget Airline). Its really hard to believe that people actually go to that extend. Maybe Tony can start a budget underwear shop. or maybe even auction his underwear for charity.

Snapshot of the result page on Yahoo.
Now I wonder when will people google for my undies?

Its now 1.05am, I need to work tomorrow at 8am and I am still here blogging. We have like less than 23 hours to 2009. Before I sign off, let me leave you with 2 question to ponder upon. Whats your new year resolution? and have you fulfill your 2008 resolutions? ..
Cheers & have a great new year.

Tokyo is for Sale !!!

2008 April 18: Well this as you can see from the date, this is a back dated post, a rather outdated one. As Cheryl was craving for Pan Cakes for ages, my best friend Chien Ping decided to give her a treat, and off we went hunting for the so called best pan cakes in town.

We ended up in Paddington House of Pancakes @ 1Utama. If my memory didnt fail me, we were there at about 9pm. A rather late dinner i would say because the driver was busy with something else and refuses to explain.

It was my first time at Paddington, the decor is rather simple, guess you dont really have to invest much on the setting when your food is good.

The Menu

The Menu again...

This is our driver.

I guess this was me trying to cover my face from Cheryl

Cheryl acting innocent. goshh...

403 from the Menu: Mushroom ommelette, tripple chipolates, mashed potatas & Sour Cream

703: Treassure Box

This is Tokyo priced at RM18.50 (before tax). Cant really recall the taste, but it was not bad.

After dinner, Chien Ping paid for dinner and reveal why he was late. This crazy guy actually locked his car key in the car while at the office. So he needed my help, to follow him to his office and drive his car home. Now it looks like I has to be his driver in return. damnnn all for RM18.50 at Paddington.

Anyway, thats what friends are for i guess. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend in deed.... Cheers =)

Horrific near death experience

It was about 1am when I was driving along Sprint Highway, it was raining heavily and I drove as usual through the smart tag lane. Right after the toll, i drove up the ramp leading to TTDI & Bandar Utama. Just as I was turn at the corner, suddenly I lost control of my car. I could feel that my car was uncontrollably moving towards the left and I acted quickly by turning the steering wheel a little to the right, and then my car sway towards the right and again, I quickly turn towards the left.

A little confuse??? ... well basically i was trying to regain control on my car but unfortunately I was unable to do so, and my car hit the cement barrier on the left and it continue to move for at least 0.5 km before the car come to a standstill. and my car was facing the barrier with the left door facing the on coming traffic. Fortunately the Kembara that was coming towards the direction managed to stop in time. Otherwise I might end up in the hospital now.

Anyway, at that very moment my car engine was still running and my heart was beating as fast as the engine. I was totally lost, one moment i was happily driving knowing that i will reach home soon and enjoy a good night sleep with the rain through out the night, and then now I am in an accident.

I regain consciousness and began to reverse my car and steer it back on track and slowly drive back home. I was surprise that the car was still able to move despite making a loud squeaking sound along the way. I reach home about 30 minute later, got down of my car, and inspect the damage. Guess what, the entire left front of my car is gone, literally gone. Till now I am still shock and traumatise. My heart felt a bit heavy thinking how much the damage is gonna cost me eventually.

Sigh, what a night to remember. Now I can really tell people that the year 2008 ended with a BIG BANG. yeah that right. I am damn traumatise now while writing this, my hands and legs are still shaking....

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to step into the famous Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant. I didn't not just step into the restaurant but I also dine in it. It was my very first time into this restaurant and I must say that its very elegant and classy. Both in term of interior design as well as the service. The decor were just luxurious, or at least they made it looks really luxurious.

Thanks to Bernard, one of my client for inviting me who invited me to dine at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant. It's his birthday actually, and I was invited to join him and his company staff for dinner. There were about 9 of us and we were usher into a private room with mirror all around to make the room look spacious. It has a karaoke system and also a private toilet in the room, just like those Karaoke Lounge that sprout around Klang Valley. Shall let the picture do the talking.

The Menu!!!

Lets have a closer look...

Here's the address and contact, in case wanna plan fora birthday party. Sorry that my head block the number, its 603 - 7960 4988.

This is the first dish. Forgot what its call, but it comes raw and we have the option of eating it raw or cook it in the hot boiling soup .

Chinese Birthday Dinner is never complete without the Roasted Pig Pork.

Just some random shot.

It's Shark Fins & Bird nest. Yes my first time tasting Shark Fins & Bird nest Cooked together.

A must have Chinese delicacy: Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Mushroom

Steam Fish

Fried Rice

"Pork fried with salt" that's the direct translation.

Tiger Prawnnnn, I'm lovin it.

Bet you never tried this before, Bird Nest Egg Tart. Yes they actually put Bird Nest in it.

Steam Milk in Coconut. One of the best dessert i had so far. But I still like the Bird Nest Egg Tart more. LOL

Don't really know how much the whole dinner cost cause its rude to ask people how much it cost when people is spending you dinner. But I have a glimpse at the menu earlier and from the dishes we had, it likely to cost at least RM1500 to RM2200 for 9 pax.
Overall, the place is luxurious, not the most luxurious but its where the rich and maybe even famous Chinese business owner love to dine in. The food is good, but if you ask me, its a little over price. But the service is excelent, they actually assign a dedicated waiter in the private room. So everytime we need something we just look at the waiter and ask. Dont even have to put up our hands and waived like crazy.

I wonder when will I have such opportunity to step into Ah Yat abalone Forum Restaurant again. If any of you are planning a birthday party there, be sure to invite me ya.
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